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    • Lesson on 12-8-19 I came into the previous lesson about a month ago with a ton of forward shaft lean at impact. You can see what we tried in the previous posts. But I struggled with it/ didn’t do the unhinging right/ caused worse problems. So we went back to bowing the wrist and staying deep at P5.  I worked on this a ton last year, so this shouldn’t be a problem. This is also how I like to swing. It’s not everyday the coach tells you to to swing how you want. I’ll take it! But as soon as I started doing this...all the forward shaft lean came back. Still this is more important, so I must do this first. Moving on to the fun part, fixing shaft lean. Basically I must explode up with my lead side: leg, hip, shoulder My lead shoulder wants to go too far forward and around, it must go up. It feels like it starts going up right after I bow my wrist in transition. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t feel like I’m leaning back at all through impact, just up.
    • I recommend doing full body workouts. Maybe some extra emphasis on lower back, glutes, hips, abdominal, and thighs. If you don't work out often, then just doing an entry level program would be good. 
    • Okay yeah I see what you are saying and yes I do have problems with a consistent low point. Or consistent anything lol.  I also like the stuff by George Gankas and I try to follow the armpits, knee caps, ball of feet setup position.  Anyways I hate how the straight leg looks so I am going to toy around with trying to keep it flexed. I'll also see how it affects my low point consistency.  Thanks for checking it out again!
    • Comparing OSU versus Clemson Roster (247 Recruit Ratings) Biggest Matchups 1. Clemson's WR versus OSU's DB/S 2. OSU's DE versus Clemson's OL Maybe an unrecognized advantage, OSU's backups are really really good. There looks to be a step down in talent in Clemson's backups. 
    • I think @rehmwa was referring to a @chile quote, not me. Anyway yea, I'm also interested to see what the Aussie crowds do with this 😄. And piggy backing on what others have said, coupled with his history and the act itself, it really is about all the stupid ways he's decided to cover this up in the aftermath. And then yesterday, he decides to turn himself into this victim/hero/star-of-his-own-revenge-tragedy by saying that what Cam Smith said about it was "personal." Really? I mean, I guess he's in Australia at the moment so he can contact Mel Gibson and ask him optimal revenge strategies to use this week. Definitely a solid resource. Maybe Braveheart revenge will be more effective, I dunno. But as an American I guess I can do some mental gymnastics and make this personal along with him. Let's teach them internationals some manners, Patrick!!! 
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