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Unknown Penalties  

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  1. 1. Read the first post, and answer this: Do you support the lack of any additional penalty strokes for penalties "unknown" to players, despite their responsibility to know, follow, and apply the Rules of Golf?

    • Yes, the USGA/R&A are right to reward ignorance and dishonesty.
    • No, players are responsible for knowing the Rules of Golf, and are now being incentivized to be ignorant and/or dishonest.

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8 minutes ago, Puttin4Dough said:

There's a reason the USGA adopted the rule...it's because the rules can become wildly obscure. Plus, there are know-nothings who can affect another players score with incorrect interpretations.

Yes, the Rules can be "wildly obscure," but when all you have to do is ask the Committee before signing your card, that alone is an incredibly poor reason for the adoption of the Rule. So poor, in fact, that it's almost certainly not "the reason" why they changed this Rule.

And I don't know what "incorrect interpretations" has to do with it.

8 minutes ago, Puttin4Dough said:

While you might think folks will cheat for their own advantage....I've played with folks in competitions that literally make up the rules to cheat another player to their advantage.  Case in point.  I played in a tourney where my ball landed near a prickly bush.  I was told I had to play it despite getting impaled by thorns.  I told the OP that wrapping a towel around my thigh was legal,  he said it was not.  He knew better, but he was testing me to see if I knew the rules.  It goes both ways.

I'm not sure what this has to do with the topic either. The scenario right there occurred before the 2019 Rules were in effect, and they wouldn't change the outcome of that situation, either. So…?

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Off topic still but I couldn't resist:

On 12/26/2018 at 12:49 PM, Puttin4Dough said:

Really not off-topic.  I'm pointing out that tour players have access to spotters and personal caddie's which could be viewed as an unfair advantage compared to the average golfer.  I take a 2 stroke lost ball while the spotter finds their ball.  i miss a slight break on a green that they don't.  And caddies are like having a golf instructor during every round.  Thus, the allowance for unintentional rule mishaps for the average golfer equal out some of the advantages tour players enjoy.




The question is "Why do you feel that you should have the same advantage as the pros do?"  This is a rationalization that doesn't fit in the rules, or into the game, as far as I can figure it.  Even with the new changes, the rules are still based on "equity".  Equity is essentially fairness within the set of players who are in a specific competition.  All of the players in a given competition are subjected to the same level of potential advantage or disadvantage from spectators to officials, or the lack thereof.  I can't imagine anything that could be more equitable, and it's eminently fair.  Any possible advantage applies equally to all players in a competition.  

What I don't see is why it makes a particle of difference that they lose fewer balls due to the added number of spotters and spectators.  That changes nothing in respect to the fairness of a given competition.  The rules for play are exactly the same in my club comps as they are on Tour, with the possible exception of a few tournament specific local rules necessitated by Tour broadcast and gallery conditions.  Seems quite proper to me.



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1 hour ago, Puttin4Dough said:

I know the drill.

No you don't. It's not piling on - it's rebutting your bad ideas…

…which are still off topic for this particular thread.

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For 25 years, I refereed soccer at levels from true beginner to collegiate.  I often heard "I did not know that was a rule."  I would usually reply, "now you do". I then applied the  called for correction. As I moved up levels, people knew the rules, but disagreed with my interpretations, not the rules. 

Much is the same in golf for all the years I have played; I often did not know the rule. And, as such needed to understand the application. I also understood that lack of knowing what I should have known did not mean the penalty would not be applied.

 @iacas,  when I once asked if I properly gave myself a two stroke penalty, he replied I should have taken 4, and, in tournament play would have been DQ'd. Many TSTers joked if I waited until 2019, I could have be saved by saying, "gee, I did not know that was a rule" it  saved me the additional 2 strokes.  I thought they were kidding me. In no other sport I know would lack of knowing the rule would ANY resulting penalty not be applied.

So I agree with @iacas, it is an absurd change.

And, learn the rules and don't act like a 5 year old when it is applied to you!

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