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My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

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Today’s Session 4-24-21


  1. Cup lead wrist in backswing
  2. Flow into a steady trail leg (let’s actually sway back today)
  3. Steady head: do not let it go down and ahead (toward FO camera)

7i Swings

I know it’s a little flippy at impact. That is totally ok for now.

Not duck-hooking is way more important right now. I’d rather be able to close the face in downswing.

Goal 1: Cup lead wrist 


This looks good. I hope I’m on my way to ridding the duck-hooks

Goal 2: Flow into steady trail leg  

  • Ive been struggling with this piece lately
  • I felt that when I swayed 2”, the weight got outside my trail foot and I couldn’t keep that trail thigh steady
  • So I adjusted my setup a tad to get the trail leg wider at setup.

Well what do you know? Actually did it today! Hopefully the slight setup change will continue to work.

Goal 3: Steady head in backswing. Trail heel stays planted

Success! This was at pretty good speed also.

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Here we go. These are the pictures from 10-27-18. Made a lot of changes. Most of it was very natural for me and it mostly how I used to swing. There’s a chance progress will fast...probably best that

NOTES FROM TODAYS LESSON PART ONE: BACKSWING STUFF Main Problems: 1. I was over-doing my back leg/hip pivot. My hip is so far to my lead side-I could not bump it toward the target

Posting photos from my lesson today. Worked on bowing my wrist in transition and throughout the downswing. My biggest goal is to bow  the wrist in transition while maintaining my lead arm depth. 

Posted Images

Today’s Session 5-17-21

I had to gear up for a pretty big tournament (for me), so I’ve been playing and working on striping the ball. I hit the ball very well FWIW.

Now back to drills and structure.


  1. Flow (sway) into trail hip
  2. Turn into trail hip (internal rotation)
  3. Steady head (does not go down and forward in downswing)
  4. Let the arms swing wide
  5. Dont care about downswing today

6i DTL


  • I thought I flowed and turned into trail hip
  • head went a little forward


I know the top it cut off, but it was the best swing...so oh well.

I already started to sway forward and crunch into my lead foot here

  • the trail heel came up at this point, but is that ok at this point in the swing?
  • swing might’ve been a tad long, but I thought the structure seems ok. Prob not that bad.
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6 minutes ago, iacas said:

Tournament details?

We even have topics for that.


Started with a 5 putt, but turned it around. I’ll find the topic for the better details lol

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