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    • Nobody has said that. Often those weren’t the protesters. They were people taking advantage of a situation and were not connected to the protests except to use them as a cover or an excuse.
    • I see and value everyone equally. People are people, skin color is nothing to me. Just how I was raised and what my faith teaches. With that, I somewhat naively have the knee-jerk reaction that ALM like others have said. I’m not coming from any bad place with that, it’s honestly how I feel and so I think we ought to be careful by saying anyone who responds ALM is racist....I certainly am not.  Having that said, I do think I have been sheltered from racism throughout my life with the exception of a few guys I knew in college and so I haven’t seen much of it personally in my 43 years...not in my social circles which include many good black and hispanic friends, but also understand my anecdotal experience doesn’t constitute reality and so I’m learning and understanding more about where we are as a country as time passes and seeing that I have been sheltered.   That aside, I’m not sure where the logic of destroying property of innocent people/business and showing complete disregard for the law and rights of others is somehow justified and, in the minds of those committing these crimes, should result in improvement/advancements in race relations and the rights of blacks. It’s counterproductive and totally illogical.
    • I had dinner at my parents this evening and we had a discussion about this with my aunt. I was kinda surprised that my parents had a very open minded view on this. I thought it was good to talk about this issue, and how most of us has turned a blind eye to this. Its too easy to just go along with one's life and try to be ignorant of the world around oneself.  Over the past week, I have been doing my best to expand my insight on this. I've been listening to podcasts from different points of view and started reading a wider range of material. Trying to finally get a clearer picture on the situation. I'm trying not to just go into intellectual mode when I read something. It's easy to just start compartmentalizing everything and loose the empathy for the situation. There needs to be some honest self examination. You don't have to come to the conclusion that you are racist, that isn't the goal. It's about trying to see if anything you are doing is just another drop in the bucket that is creating this systemic issue.   
    • Day 97 - worked on my swing again today with just the 6 iron. The whole practice felt crappy and I filmed it. Nothing felt right and contact wasn’t great. But the video actually looked like I was changing the picture a bit to where I want it. So I guess I was doing it right surprisingly.
    • I’m a 5’ 10” white male, 190 lbs with short to medium length brown hair. I am 60 years old but could pass for much younger. I literally fit the description of many, many people who’ve committed crimes. But I have never been cornered by the police because I “fit the description “. No police officer has ever pulled out a gun on me. The retired Chief of Police in my city Is a friend of mine for crying out loud. I have never worried about this scenario.   Tim Duncan, the 6’ 10” world famous basketball player somehow did 15 miles from me. This is what BLM is all about. They assumed he was dangerous because he was black. If he wasn’t calm and collected, they could have over-reacted and killed him. And they would have gotten away with it.    I marched with a peaceful demonstration in my city with people of every ethnic background on Thursday with my god kids, both adopted from Korea. The mayor spoke, who is a friend of mine. He is also white but understands the problem. It was a moving rally. Our police force was there doing their jobs and being respectful. I was proud of them and the high school kids who organized the rally. I hope something good comes from all of this.   I abhor racism. I also scoff at those people who don’t think there is a problem. It is a huge problem.  Tim Duncan speaks candidly on harrowing experience, race and police relations – Crescent City Sports Life was good in suburban Boston, Massachusetts for Tim Duncan. Until it wasn’t so good anymore.  
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