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How - Hurricane Assistance for Small Town Golf Course?

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Hello. I'm Jeff. I've never? posted here but I feel that this, being a like-minded group, is the spot to get ideas about how I/we might continue on.

I live in Port St. Joe, FL (my home is actually just a few miles East of Mexico Beach). And I play golf. And our course is hurting. It was never a great course; shaggy greens, weeds, unkempt bunkers, etc. But it WAS a golf course. The only one available. None of this supersede's the fundamental damage brought to individuals, and never can.

It about the future.

And, fundamentally it's about time; if we can't clear all the trees (all sizes of southern and 'slash' pines) and debris within the next few weeks we feel the course will grow over. Our town of a few thousand residents, and small membership (less than 100), would never be able to recover from that. The few full-time employees are out of a job until we can get players on the course too. We're working this problem but it's about coming up with the funds to hire licensed people to remove all this (the clubhouse has only minor damage). The estimates vary, greatly, and all are well beyond the budget.

So, being an 'older guy' I'm not hip on all the newer ways of fund-raising, via the internet. Email is my limit lately. Any ideas that might help us reach out for donations would be greatly appreciated.

Again, I hope you understand, that I understand, that there are bigger things to worry about in the immediate future. I'd just like to see people have something to look forward to after they put their lives back together.



Golfer, Port St. Joe golf course

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Don't see a way to edit the post but...I just did a quick look at "Go Fund Me". Anyone have any experience with this?



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Go Fund Me certainly may help. As you said you’ll just have to see. Have you tapped any local resources? Social media may bring you better results. I know you said you’re not real hip on fund raising but you could just place flyers around your town, maybe call your local news station for any help? Post flyers around popular spots, put an ad in your local news journal if any...Just some ideas.

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