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What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

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Primary Goal:

  • Reach single digit handicap
    • Improve accuracy from 150 yards and in - up to this point, I have relied upon a very "feels" based approach to alignment. I intend to address this thru lessons and hope to develop a more consistent, deliberate method of aligning to a target. I'm guessing this could save 2-3 (if not more) strokes per round. 
    • Fix issues off the tee - I developed a very ugly hook off the tee this year and still managed to keep the majority of scores where they have been (around a 14-15 handicap). Thru lessons and more video work I hope to address whatever new bad habits crept in over this past year. This will easily shave 2-4 strokes off. 
    • Improve on my course strategy by revisiting LSW and applying those principles during my round.

Secondary Goals: 

  • Break 80 - hopefully a natural consequence of working diligently on my primary goal. 
  • Develop a more reliable fade
    • I have become a drawer/hooker of the ball, which I am quite pleased with given my formative years as a slicer. However, now that it has become a problem (especially off the tee) I feel my game would benefit from an additional tool in the belt. I intend to work on this in my lesson plan and thru time spent at the range, but only as it serves to accomplish my main goal above. 
  • 9 holes no sixes
  • Play in 2 or more tournaments. 
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I joined my first ever golf club this week (Withington Golf Club in Manchester UK) so my goal is to get my handicap, reduce it, and play in some competitive tournaments. 

My goal this year is to finish 9 holes. I have popped in and out the past 3 years while I have been trying to rebuild my swing and stamina after breaking my back, heel and leg several years ago. It's

2019 GOAL IS JUST TO MAINTAIN AND BE GRATEFUL. After coming back to golf, taking instruction, practice and play, 2017 was shaping up. Then Sept. 2017 after two great rounds in S Carolina, RA attacked

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I guess my number 1 objective is to remain healthy....right now I am good and looking forward to 2019, but still have 2 months left in 2018.

Golf wise, i would really like to break 90 twice in the last 2 months of 2018 and shoot under 90, 6 times in 2019.

To accomplish this, I know I have to improve my putting.  But along with that, I need to improve my chipping game and get the ball closer to the hole leaving more opportunities for 1 putts and not 2 or 3 putts...also, I want to get to the point that I can average hitting 7 fairways per round off the tee.  Right now I hit about 3 fairways per round and probably hit 3 GIR...

If I can bogey all the holes except the par 5, and par the par 5, I believe I will break 90...

To improve these areas, i need to practice more.  I will commit to practice more and learn to control my distance on the pitching and chipping parts of the game giving me shorter first putts and getting the ball in the fairway.

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Over the last 3 months I have improved my putting (strokes gained is increasing), improved my wedge play inside of 50 yards, improved my driving distance and accuracy.  I would like to be ready in May to attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open.  Sort of a long time dream.  Gotta knock a stroke and a half off the ol' handicap.

If I can't do that I'd like to win the lottery and buy a set of PXG clubs.

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On 11/2/2018 at 5:39 PM, Vinsk said:

5. A bit of a bucket list here as well but: 

   a. Play Wine Valley golf course again in Washington with my new/improved swing.


Hey Doc... If you can  promise me an on-the-course annual physical checkup (minus the DRE) I could possibly meet you at Wine Valley.

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Just now, Double Mocha Man said:

Hey Doc... If you can  promise me an on-the-course annual physical checkup (minus the DRE) I could possibly meet you at Wine Valley.

LOL! Well when I start planning for it I'll let you know! Such a great course and love the environment there with the golf and wine.

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This is the first time I have taken golf seriously.  For the past 7 years I have only played in 1 or 2 scrambles a year.  Then my 6 year old daughter started taking lessons and wanting to go to the range and par 3's.  Played many great non scored times with her and about 20 times on real/non par 3's.  I have been using my wifes mixed 25 year old blade irons.  So here are my 2019 goals:

1. Enjoy as many fun sunny days with my kids on course, with no pressure for them.  

2. Get a real pair of irons.  P790's here I come.  Unless I find a killer deal on 770's I can't pass up first.

3. Get a real Handicap.  Most days on my local muni par of 70 I have been 82-86.  The goal is a 6 he.  I know that is aggressive, but we need goals. Scratch in 2020.

A. Practice putting 1/2 times a week.  Winter basement putting 3 times a week for 10 minutes a minimum. 

B. Back yard chipping, basement too during winter.

C. Bucket of balls once a week

D. Try to get on course once a week.  Between may and September (Wisconsin here)

4. Enter a few stroke play tournaments. 

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Started playing this year so i am currently working on my swing.

Goals for 2019:

1. Play a round a week

2. Reduce handicap from 24 to 14. Will achieve this by lots of practice, I intend to hit the range every other day and the gym when i am not at range.

3. Improve short game. 150 yards in, I need to be attacking the flag to a point i don't 2 putt 50% of the time.

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My goals for 2019

  1. Reduce/eliminate fat shots with irons and wedges by working on priority piece of lower hands at A6 and more open hips/shoulders at A7. Work with slower swings, mapping and mirror work over the winter to reinforce the feels for this. Right elbow should stay bent and be down and a bit out front at A6. Set up a net to hit foam balls at my gym to be able to do daily work.
  2. improve tempo and focus with repeats of set up, backswing and follow through. I need to eliminate rushing my swing, which leads to poor shots.
  3. Continue to improve flexibility in the shoulders and hips with focus on my swing finish. Accomplish this with Yoga and stretching routines daily if possible.
  4. Continue with golf specific workouts for core speed and strength.
  5. Work on pitching technique and sand shots to improve in this area. Sand has been a weakness in 2018. Film set up and swing and send into Evolvr. Review instructional videos on this site.
  6. Play more. Goal is for 50+ rounds this year.
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  1. Increase clubhead speed using SuperSpeed system and swing speed radar. Initial goal is +5 MPH, which is roughly 5%
  2. Increase my scrambling from 32% to 40%. I have already started working on this by practicing chipping, especially bump and runs and using lower lofted clubs around the green instead of grabbing my 60 degree at all times. I have been doing this at a local course's practice area 1-2x a week. Will resume this once the weather/daylight breaks in the spring. 
    • Already am seeing positive results from my practice, which mainly consists of seeing how many times I can get up and down out of 10 and playing a game described in LSW. 32% was my scrambling % for all of 2018, but over my last 5 rounds my scrambling is at 41%
  3. Decrease my handicap from 9.5 to 7
    • A combination of increased driver distance, increased scrambling % (which will also result in lower putts per round), and buying a driving range membership and practicing properly in the spring should help my handicap drop
  4. Assuming there will be a 2019 Newport Cup and the selection process starts soon, I want to complete the full application process of applying, making the videos, etc.
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Newport Cup Year
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  1. Play more golf, first a foremost.
  2. Get a fresh handicap by posting all rounds (played under the rules of golf, of course) instead of just tournament rounds. I've got too many old scores under my handicap number for it to be relevant.
  3. Finally replace the 10 gram weight in my putter that's been stuck for 2 years with the 15 gram I've had in my desk waiting for when I eventually get it out. Haven't noticed it when putting but it bugs me nonetheless since the old is red and the replacement is green to match the rest of how I painted the putter.
  4. Audition for the 2019 Newport Cup! I had a blast in 2017 and am hoping to make a repeat experience to help show the blue team what's what.
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My goals are fairly straight forward:

1: Less time on the driving range; more time playing on the courses

2: Developing consistency throughout the bag

3: Relaxing prior to the swing; less trying to to hit it as hard as possible

4: Better follow through no matter a short, mid, or full length swing

5: Play gold rather than proving I can play golf

6: Keep hitting the little ball before I hit the big ball!

So, after my return to golf this past year, I have met most of last years goals.  I just need to now practice to improve my flaws as they are made manifest. And  continue to have fun!!


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1. Breaking 90 constantly. 

2. Mastering key #2

3. Mastering key #3

4. Mastering key #1

5. Getting my official hcp under 20

6. Getting a new bag, cart, driver and 3 wood, maybe even fitted

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My goals for 2019 are:

get handicap down to 18 or better b y doing the following

improve driving distance and accuracy

stay away from OB and water 

average 36 putts per round

I'm waiting for my copy of LSW, should arrive today. I'm sure that will help as well

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Biggest obstacle in 2018 was mental mistakes and not accepting my swing is good enough and always tinkering with the swing.

My goal for 2019 is simple: (i) STOP tinkering with the swing!!!; and (2) think around the course especially when in trouble spots.

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I am new here so my 2019 goals

1. Get lessons at the START of the season.

2. Get my scores in the 80’s by working on my game from 100 yards and in. Wedges and real putter practice.   

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I'm at a crossroads with golf right now. Without getting into details, the last 2-3 months or so were a disaster as far as my golf game until just recently when things turned around. I'm heading up to Long Island for the Holidays on Monday, and I'm not sure if I even want to bring my clubs with me. I think I need a break to assess what I want from this game going forward. I'm not sure if I'm burnt out, or having just recently coming out of the worst "slump" I've ever had will give me the incentive to put in the work needed to make sure I'll never go through what I just did again. I'm fortunate to live in a community where I have access to a great practice area, instruction, and beautiful courses. These things allow me the chance to be as good as I can be at this game. Right now though my #1 goal in 2019 is to find out if I really care enough to put in the work. If not, I don't see the point in continuing to play any sport in which I'm not improving, or worse, going backward due to lack of effort.

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    • I suck, but I won $30 off my buddies so successful day I guess. I struck the ball really well all day but I had trouble finding fairways (5/14 just 1/7 on the front) this led to a ton of tree trouble that I didn't do a good job of managing. Had 10 GIR but only 2 birdies should have had more I had probably 6 looks under 8' and a few more under 15' but had some yippy strokes and didn't make much of anything all day. I was 0/7! on par saving putts my short game was pretty awful.   
    • Haven't decided if I'm going to let it count yet, but I got birdies on 1, 7 (definitely not counting this one as it was on a provisional green and played a lot shorter than normal) and 13 on my homecourse on Saturday. It was from the the red tees. I'll let it count, but with red number for now. Will hopefully be replaced with black/yellow numbers later this summer.  Missed a 12 feet eagle-putt on 1 (460 yard par 5) and sunk a 2 feet tap-in birdie on 13 (350 yard par 4) 
    • I'm with you. I pretty much don't think about it while hitting my full shots. But I always seem think about it when I'm lining up a birdie putt. I'm like "Ooo, this would be a nice one to cross off." or sometimes I just remember that I've already got this one.  The last two times I've played I've had reasonably good chances at birdie on number 7. Which at my course is a 170 +/- 10 or so par 3 over water. It's a tough hole because it's back in the corner or the golf property and kind of secluded from the wind. That is until your ball gets up in the air. Anyway, I've never birdied it. I've had two shots at it lately with putts of around 7-8 feet. 
    • Played 18 holes from the yellows (6210 yards, par 72, rating 72,7, slope 147) and was all over the place.  Shot 92 and had some excellent stretches of holes and some really bad ones. On holes 9 to 14 i made 5 pars and 1 double, only hitting 2 fairways, 1 green and only using 8 putts on that 6 hole stretch. It was looking like a good mid 80s round till after hole 15. +8 on the last 3 holes of the day is just a very, very sad way to end a round.   Shot of the day was my tee shot on hole 4, a 192 yard par 3. With a slight breeze in the back I hit a 7i to 8 feet past the hole. It landed a foot past the hole and it looked so good I stopped breathing while the ball was in the air. Missed the birdieputt, but still a great hole.  4/13 fairways, 2/18 greens! and 30! putts. A strange round of golf.
    • The most important thing in table tennis is a rubber, so yes, I agree with that
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