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Callaway Golf today officially announced their new Big Bertha Irons and Big Bertha Hybrids, which are available nationwide on January 18, 2019, and available for pre-order starting November 30th. Both are designed with advanced technologies to deliver long distance and easy launch.

Big Bertha Irons


Callaway is calling these their easiest to hit distance iron. They feature a new technology called the Suspended Energy Core, which they say is the engine of the Big Bertha Irons. Per Callaway:


It starts with a Metal Injection Molded (MIM’d) Tungsten Floating Weight suspended within our proprietary urethane microsphere material. Suspending the floating weight allows us to position the Center of Gravity deeper using a 3-piece iron construction. Now we can create higher launch while allowing a thinner, faster Face Cup construction. That combination promotes distance-enhancing launch conditions we’ve never been able to achieve before in an iron that’s also extremely easy to hit.

The Big Bertha Irons also feature the 360 Face Cup which combined with the Suspended Energy Core produce higher ball speeds and longer distance than the Big Bertha OS Irons.

A stock set is 4-AW. MSRP will be $1,200 for steel and $1,300 for graphite.

Big Bertha Hybrids


Callaway's new hybrids will feature their Jailbreak technology with adjustability for the first time in a hybrid with a new OptiFit Hosel system. Per Callaway:


The synergy of Jailbreak and Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes a level of power never thought possible in a hybrid. And to make it super-easy to launch, we’ve introduced an entirely new OptiFit Hosel System that’s shorter and lighter, allowing us to fully optimize the Center of Gravity. A new progressive shape makes it easy to hit, and new premium Recoil shafts add to an appealing design that’s worthy of being called Big Bertha.

The Big Bertha Hybrids are progressively shaped to be both appealing and forgiving, and are packed with high MOI technology.

Hybrids are available 3H-8H. MSRP will be $269.99 per club.

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$270 per hybrid and $12-1300 for SGI irons which are meant for entry level and or senior golfers. The pricing of golf equipment is out of control. Way to grow the game Callaway... 

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Note: This thread is 951 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Here you go. A better Google view of the course.
    • I had studied the numbers a lot a while ago and  do know most of us (including me) definitely think they get closer than they do more often. And there is no doubt this was a great day for Taylor. I don't think he missed a green on the second shot except once. That is not a typical day. And close is a very unspecific term I should know better than to use. All relative. Close for me is anywhere on the green, sadly and that is what I need to work on. Same with putting...I love watching guys who routinely ship it 5' past the hole from 10' out get upset because "I should have made that. Practically a gimme"...uh, no it wasn't...statistically, it isn't a gimme for the best players in the world, that guy it is a low percentage attempt. Intellectually i know that but do sometimes forget it in the moment.   At the same time, I definitely need to work on my approaches. Per Strokes gained, they are my weakest area...just not accurate from there at a level that matches the rest of my game. Putting, despite declining, is the strongest at -.02, approaches at -.45. Seems like low-hanging fruit lol. I have no illusions I will stick it tour close but would be nice to find the green from 150 and in instead of my current average of 3.6/round. Seems...bad. But I like checking in to see where I need to put the 65% time. 
    • Ohio - Best Courses You Can Play 1. Manakiki, Willoughby (c) 2. Fowler’s Mill (Lake & River), Chesterland (m) 3. The Virtues, Nashport (m) - Played 4. Boulder Creek, Streetsboro (m) - Played 5. Sleepy Hollow, Brecksville (c) - Played 6. Stonelick Hills, Batavia (m) 7. The Quarry, Canton (m) - Played 8. Little Mountain, Painesville (m) 9. Cooks Creek, South Bloomfield (m) - Played 10. EagleSticks, Zanesville (m) - Played I need to played the last remaining 4 courses. Especially when 3 out of 4 are with in a 1-1.5 hour drive of me. Stonelick is almost the furthest you can get away from Akron in Ohio.   
    • Grade: B+ Likes: Simple, good drill that I use fairly often. Clear audio, picture. Good use of Tour players (well, at least one) to show this. Dislikes: I didn't love the explanation if you were struggling to get the drill right. He just kept telling you about the drill, and how it would improve contact. Could have used some slow-mo, but it would have shown him fighting off the wrists a bit more, I think. Would have loved to show advanced versions, like where you can manipulate the path a bit by how much the arms come off the chest, etc.
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