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    • Yes, this is good. And they're going about it the right way, while still respecting your privacy and not draining your battery. Apple's information on this: Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing - Apple and Google Contact Tracing makes it possible to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. And… How to turn on/off COVID-19 contact tracing on iPhone - 9to5Mac This step by step guide with screenshots covers how to turn on/off COVID-19 contact tracing on iPhone in the iOS system settings.  
    • First, I'll say this. I can't say for certain I've never said "you rotate round your spine" or anything like it. I probably have. I could probably find me saying this here on TST in a few minutes. But still, there's a context to those types of comments. The context is usually someone rotating their shoulders in a way that's not "around their spine" or whose head is moving around a bunch or something. That said, I don't feel particularly bad nit-picking at this video a little bit, because of two things: Jim makes the fatal mistake of lumping "traditional swing" people into one giant bucket. It's dumb to do this, for many, many reasons. Jim gets basic facts wrong. Yeah. Bingo. Basic facts here. The spine DOES rotate. It twists. It also extends and flexes, in 360°. You can also, as a doctor, see that any time anyone does something like play at the PGA Tour level, that their bodies take a bit of a beating. Any sport. Look at the ankles of an old basketball player. The bodies (and minds) of an old football player. The knees of a catcher. The shoulder or elbow of an old pitcher. The backs of a high-level golfer. That's what it takes to perform at that high of a level. I am as yet unaware of anyone who has done the @Jim Venetos swing and played on the PGA Tour at all, let alone for a long time like many of the game's best. Like Tiger or Rory or Day. So it appears as though the choice for them might be between the following options: Play on the PGA Tour, at a high level, winning a major or more… Play the Jim Venetos swing, maybe don't injure your back as badly (I'm convinced Jason Day would get injured flossing), and never make it past, what, a Texas mini tour? Almost nobody is going to choose B if A is a real possibility. They'll risk some injury. Jim also ignores the golfers who have long careers without much injury issue. Jack's back was mostly okay - his hips gave out, IIRC. Fred Couples had a famously balky back but played and contented at Augusta into his 50s. Tom Watson nearly won the British Open at 59. Etc. Also, I didn't care for the part where he said PGA Tour players would be "better" if they got rid of traditional instruction or something. I skimmed that part, but c'mon @Jim Venetos, that's a hell of a claim. If the JV swing was better, we'd have people out there winning majors with it and staying super healthy, no? JV has been teaching this for 30 years or so, hasn't he? Also, mostly in fun, JV says "your left arm" and "your right arm connect to the club." But, they don't either. Your fingers connect. Maybe even your hands. If your arms are "connecting" to the club, you're doing something wrong. Or you're using an arm-lock putter. And then he says your left shoulder is the center of the swing (I think). Well, your left shoulder isn't that far from your spine, and it's definitely not "connected" to the club, so…
    • So the course either needs to tell groups to use up 2 hours to play their front nine, or not have a tee time at 9:30 on B.  That's cutting it too close, probably in the name of revenue.
    • Played Whispering Woods today and birdied #3. Hit a good drive on the left side of the fairway, then a 3W that just missed the green right. Pitched it to 10" for a tap-in.
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