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2019 Masters Tournament

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What a man... Greatest golfer of all time. I feel honored living at this time. 

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I can't believe it. After watching so many tournaments and majors since 2008. It's unreal. And it's The Masters. Doubly unreal.

And what a leadeboard to beat!

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What a tournament. Excitement from start to finish. And they beat the storm. Incredible. 

Too bad he won get the jacket among the fans. Would be more fitting than in a cabin. 

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    • 40+ putts in a round will do quite a bit of damage to your handicap. And that 29 is my official hcp as of last year.  This should drop significantly this year, I expect the low 20s to high 10s, maybe even lower now that every round will be reported (until last year pretty much only tournament rounds counted over here) - my garmin golf hcp is 20,4. So when I’m driving it well (staying in bounds and out of hazards) I score in the low 90s and when not it’s over 100.    And since I will work on my putting thoroughly through the winter I hope to be breaking 90 consistently this year (didn’t manage to do that yet, but I did score 40 on the back nine of a very long course). 
    • We really aren't talking about that here though. We are on a golf forum here. Most people are actively trying to improve (mostly score or strike-centric practice or focus), so it isn't like these are people that have never hit a ball before. Most of the time, more distance equals lower scores in golf. To carry a true (not vanity or sandbag) handicap of ~20 but driving the ball 270 yards means that you are 50-70 yards above the average golfer at that handicap. That means that if our clubs are identical, you would be hitting a wedge into a green that I would have a 3-4 iron into. If we are playing even scores from there, you shouldn't be on golf forums talking about your swing speed and drives. You should be at an instructor figuring out WTF is killing your scores. I'm using "you" as a catch all for the "I drive it 280 yard" guy.
    • Idiot#1: One of my first few games as a newbie so I didn’t know much (but enough to know this guy was an idiot). He’d swear, threw down his club and hit a provisional on every single tee shot. He called mulligan at least once on each hole. Now I was too busy with my own game that I didn’t keep track of his shots, but at the end of every hole, he’d announce “I call par on this hole”. Right. Idiot#2: Guy I played with at a resort course downed 6 beers within the first 3 holes, then started having to relieve himself every few strokes. I thought it was rude of him to do that and was about to walk off because I didn’t want to play with a drunk. A marshall came up right at that moment to remove the guy - turned out the guy flashed the group behind us when he relieved himself out in the open. He didn’t even care to find a tree/bush.  Idiot#3: Ran into someone I know at the club but haven’t seen in a long time. We chatted about our golf game and what we have accomplished. After telling him I got a hole in one a few weeks earlier, he proceeded to give me a bear hug. One so big that I felt my back popped. My back was feeling odd for a few days afterwards and I ended having to see my doctor, who then sent me to a chiropractor. That’s when I found out a couple of ribs were off alignment. I was out for 10 days because of this. Boy was I pissed! I think this might be more an a$$hole than an idiot.  Idiot#4: Random guy behind me came by in the middle of the round and handed me a sleeve of balls. I told him it is not mine, he said just keep it. I don’t play Nike balls so I gave it away to the guys infront of me at the turn. At the end of the round, I ran into the guys infront at the proshop and one of them said “I called but you didn’t answer”. I was like “Huh?” It turned out the guy who gave me the balls had his number slipped into the box and the guys infront thought I did that. I don’t know who the idiot is in this case...
    • Im 20 minutes from my course now with the snowbirds in town tying up the place. There is another course roughly the same distance north of me, but I don't like really like it. I'm to lazy to drive over to Orlando and play, although I should. 
    • Swing speed doesn't mean anything (unless you don't have it, then you are capped to how well you can play). Hand a driver to a professional baseball player or hockey player (or any great athlete) who has never played golf before and they'll likely have a very high swing speed despite not being a good golfer.
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