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    • My family has been aware of racism more than most.   We live in a predominately white higher middle class area.   My kids endured excessive racism at school, on the bus and even within their friends group.   We idly stood by not knowing what to do.   I did speak to the high school principal calling him out once but it only made me feel better.     Looking back it was my responsibility to protect my children from everything, including racism.    There, I failed.   When I was younger I thought that everyone had the same opportunity to achieve their level of success.   As I aged and watched my children grow,  I realized that was a "privileged" view.  That was an "All lives matter" view.  I was afforded the opportunity to any job I chose and college education.   That is not available to everyone everywhere.   I realize that it is everyone's responsibility to stamp out racism.     That in of itself is not what BLM is all about.    I'm a trusting person.  I live next door to a city police commander and a state police officer.   They are my friends.    Regardless of their occupation, skin color, race or creed, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt but that is not what BLM is all about.   I can understand the BLM movement.  I was never told to be afraid of the police when I was growing up but have seen first hand racism in our local community from the police department.    Black children are taught to distrust police and have a certain behavior around the police because they are fearful for their lives.    That is the injustice that drives BLM.   Look at the disproportionate number of police shootings per race.   That is not a coincidence.    Just today on national TV new, a young black girl asked a police office if he was going to hurt her.   Thinking that was a possibility at such a young age is sad but a real fear.  Is it a taught behavior, sure, but justified.  
    • It's pretty solid. I gave him a 7. Most Tour players would probably come in at around a 3 to a 5.
    • I'm moving shafts from left hand to right hand iron heads, I've left the grips on the shafts so I know how to line them up. But, do I need to turn the shaft 180 because I'm swinging in the opposite direction, I've read online that I do but wondering if someone else has done this and what was the result. I thank you for any advice you can give, cheers Colin from NZ....
    • He may very well be able to. Heck, @david_wedzik swung ~80 sitting in a chair. As you know, that doesn't mean he wouldn't generate more speed using more of his body to generate that speed. @Jim Venetos has always been invited to answer questions, and to share actual facts and theories and to engage in a discussion here. Thus far, he's chosen instead to do different things with his posts.
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