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    • I'm moving shafts from left hand to right hand iron heads, I've left the grips on the shafts so I know how to line them up. But, do I need to turn the shaft 180 because I'm swinging in the opposite direction, I've read online that I do but wondering if someone else has done this and what was the result. I thank you for any advice you can give, cheers Colin from NZ....
    • He may very well be able to. Heck, @david_wedzik swung ~80 sitting in a chair. As you know, that doesn't mean he wouldn't generate more speed using more of his body to generate that speed. @Jim Venetos has always been invited to answer questions, and to share actual facts and theories and to engage in a discussion here. Thus far, he's chosen instead to do different things with his posts.
    • This is so indicative of the big picture.  When you can actually converse with someone so many misgivings fall by the wayside.    Human interaction can be so beautiful and redeeming.  Stepping off of soapbox now...
    • That's not really getting into it, though, because what "should" be is not what "is." Unfortunately. So what can we do to make sure what "should" be is closer to the reality? I don't know. I'm trying to start learning more by listening to people. Reading what I can. And taking a good hard look at the biases I certainly have, even if they're currently subconscious or whatever.
    • I just had about a half hour conversation on the phone with Jim himself. Very interesting and I wish someone more knowledgeable could’ve been present as I’m a poor representative for this discussion. That being said some main points that I gathered: 1. I was wrong about the ‘borderline flip’ and admitted to that. So I apologize for posting on his YouTube comments about that. 2. Jim admitted he was wrong in saying the spine doesn’t twist. He just believes the spine is subjected to unnecessary stress when performing the traditional ‘90* shoulder turn.’ 3. Jim wants amateurs to learn how to hit the ball with their lead side, with a shallow, circular and descending blow. He stated the weight shift performed by pros isn’t as much as people think it is. He believes the extra movements in arriving at the strike as described above is what causes so many amateurs to fail. 4. He said he has many students generating considerable power with this method including a +7 hcp who’s still an amateur but is making his way..... 5. Jim said he would post a video of his 118mph swing. I have to say he talked about his long drive competition and it was interesting. I’m inclined to believe he’s able to produce this speed. I don’t think he’s a freak of nature so being able to swing the club 118mph while keeping the lower body as still as he does..no or very minimal weight shift is impressive, and would make for a good discussion. I wish I was better equipped for such a discussion. And I wish Jim would come back here and engage with those of you who are so knowledgeable. I gave @Jim Venetos a hard time...and I apologize for that. I can get snappy as many here know..even when I’m wrong...lol.    But hey...it’s just golf and I love discussing damn near anything about it. Cheers.
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