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My Swing (mz975d)

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I've been Playing Golf for: most of my life

My current handicap index or average score is: 1.4

Hey everyone,

I am starting this thread primarily with the intention of updating my goals from the 'My 2019 Goals' thread.  This is a cool way for me to document progress and share with all of you my progress on the 2019 goals.  I read the instructions and it said to post continuing replies or updates to that thread here.


My goals are to excel in competition in 2019.   I was one of those club-in-hand-at-2 individuals.  My father gave me a cut down 8 iron from the 50s.  I've quit a few times since then.  The last time i Quit was in 2013.  I didn't touch my clubs for about 5 years.  I picked them back up (my 2010 710 AP2s) in March of 2018.   I invested in an equipment overhaul and finally got equipment that suits me.  

A close family friend of mine has a golf studio with a trackman in it.  He introduced me to that technology a few months ago and since then i have been working in and out of the studio with him on wedges and irons; mainly distance control.   As i write this I hold a 1.4 index, but i feel confident that it will drop in the coming months.  

I am doing something to work on my game every day.  Whether it be a short wedge session or 18 holes.  Just something to keep sharp.  I am lucky to have this opportunity to work on my game at this point in my life (I am 34) As cliche as it sounds,  It is a lifelong dream of mine to play at a high level and I am finally taking it seriously.  The most important aspect regarding my practice, and everyone else practice for that matter is the Quality of the practice,  not the duration.  Practice should always have a direction and a goal for the session. I get a lot more done that way.  Every practice session begins with putting and ends with wedges.  I am heading into 2019 with more confidence than Ive ever had.  I have many tournaments and qualifiers on the docket for 2019.  I am glad I got the chance to share my story with TST and  I look forward to sharing my experiences with all you guys. 

  Thats obviously the original goal post above.   Basically to get my game down to the point where consistently my worst day is a 75 and when Im on its sub 70.    Not quite there yet but very close!!

Today I went and played 9 holes.  (i actually played 12 holes because i missed a short putt on 9 for par and had a sour taste in my mouth so I wanted to close on a happy note if possible haha.)

The goal for today was to hone in my longer clubs.  what i mean by hone in is to get my shot dispersion tighter.    My ball flight is always a falling or sliding to the left, little fades.   so i tend to play it as such.     6 iron down I have a lovely amount of control.  I haven't quite worked with the longer clubs yet on that,   So that was one thing today.   missed a few that were too far left for my liking.   Its coming along,  its about trusting that i am square and letting it fly.   Which leads me to the next thing i was working on...

...ALIGNMENT.   for a few rounds I was thinking i was square.. but i was in fact a hair closed with my feet,  which compromised shot quality for sure.    when this happens my shot results are never what i would like them to be... i might get away with it sometimes but its rarely a solid strike.    when I'm square I'm loving life out there.   Again,  made progress on that today but still not automatic.  But close.

Thats basically the main course of my practice today.   But always working on distance with the wedges, having a lot of fun with that.     I eventually want to count on the fact that i will have 3 kick ins per round at anytime,  Iron or wedge.     Putting was just fine... right where it needs to be.         

......I plan to update this with tournament progress and overall progression....   But I'm very easily distracted.


***I will be back to edit this and post a little clip of my swing a little later tonight,  After all that is the main point of this thread.    I just have to go have dinner I am super late for meeting a friend!  










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 This is my first try embedding a video I hope it works. and I APOLOGIZE up front for the flickering of the lights.  


So Hopefully the video and these comments are visible.

Heres the swing.   This was a couple weeks ago.    Wasn't one of my 'on point' swings although contact was solid.  During this session I  was working on getting a little more rotation as opposed to that little push move and a little more extension through the downswing. Specifically the rotation of my Lead arm.  I'd like to see that turn over a bit more with a touch more extension.      However, on this particular swing I do NOT get the ideal right arm rotation (Lead arm) or extension.    It was late and i was tired..  Since this clip I have improved on this move on more regular basis.  Takes a while to get it to be automatic on course...  

I also tend to swing harder indoors so I am a little bit out of sync here. 

I don't have a big hip turn in my swing and i am totally ok with this.  I generate plenty of swing speed and power as is.     I have been working on swinging around 75-80% of full power... I find that's where i get maximum efficiency.    

So there's a little jist of the swing.  Ill try and get some more swing clips on here in the future.  Thanks for reading and for letting me share with all of you on this forum.       Happy Holidays.


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Note: This thread is 952 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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