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Aldila Shafts

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Hello, I am currently hitting an old Cleveland launcher that has a cut down green aldila nv 65 stiff shaft in it. I have hit this driver/shaft combo better than any other I’ve tried. I am wanting to upgrade to a Cobra F8 tour length driver and I am wondering what newer aldila shaft would work best for me based off the shaft in my current driver. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!


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Welcome to The Sand Trap. If you like the NV series, I would stick with that. I would also keep the same weight. Aldila has a bunch of shaft, but they are all slightly different. The NV series has a certain feel and is low to mid launch. If you like it, I would stay with it. They are still available.



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Aldila has updated the NV in a couple versions recently utilizing some of the new materials that are available. If you like the old green NV I would look at the 2KVX NV. I have seen some measurements and the quality of these shafts looks outstanding especially for a shaft under $150.

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I have the Orange 2KVX NV Stiff flex in my driver and I like it. My swing speed when I was fit for it was right around 100. Now I'm up a bit closer to 105-110 and it still feels fine.

I was a lower hitter with driver previously, and the higher launching shaft and a higher loft on the driver has helped me get the ball in the air more. 

I will probably retest on a launch monitor this year, but I think I might be getting a bit too high and too much spin now that I am hitting more up on the ball so I might need to switch to the Green model which is marketed as lower launch and lower spin.

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