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    • Even in a friendly I put mine in the hole unless I'm maxed out, which I usually don't get to. I mean, that is the point after all. I tell the guys I'm with do what you want. 
    • There is a difference between what is right and what is acceptable, obviously.  but, play golf however you want to play golf.   it's your game.  do with it what you wish.    I'm a pretty social golfer and typically just go along with what the group does.   That said, I never take a putt that I'm not given.  If i don't hear the words "thats good", I'm putting.   but normally, anything inside the leather is given (unless its matchplay and the hole is on the line or something.)     And, with that, I don't really feel bad about it.    I played 5 rounds of tournament play this summer and didn't miss a single putt inside 3 ft.   so, when someone gives me a 2 footer, i don't feel like I'm stealing a stroke or anything,   
    • Exactly. My observation from this season is that if you rush / get careless on the less than 2' putts, you will miss 1-2 per round. What shouldn't be lost on this point is that the most common way to get careless is to miss by 2' and then decide to finish but rush things because you are putting out of order. This leads you to mark from 2' much more often, which adds 15 seconds to that person's play of the hole. I mainly played with players whose handicaps ranged from 3-13, so better than average golfers.   For yucks this morning I pressed start on my stopwatch: Walked 5 steps across the room Put a ball on the floor to simulate putting down my ball behind a mark Moved back a step into a squat to simulate looking at the line for a count of three Addressed the ball Quick practice stroke Simulate a putt Took a step forward to simulate picking up the ball from the hole Then stepped away 5 steps (to get out of the next player) and pressed stop. Took 29 seconds and it felt rushed. Putting out, especially in tournament type play, is slow. I don't like it when my other group "gives" putts from four feet. Still looking for an answer.  
    • Augusta is really not that difficult.  or, at least not to be put on a pedestal of difficult courses.  43 players played the tournament under par last year, and it typically takes double digits under par to win.   from a difficulty standpoint, is usually pretty similar to The Payers Championship at Sawgrass. Obviously not easy, but we're not exactly talking about a Winged Foot, or Carnoustie, or  Shinnecock here. 
    • I agree.   Sure, but changing the shaft is not going to result in some earth-shattering good play.  It's a shaft.  I can go out and play reasonably well with a friend's clubs, rental clubs, or even my wife's clubs.  I think most people can do that since golf is about the person's skill, not equipment (not to say that equipment doesn't have some effect on play to some degree).   I think you missed my jargon--I used it not to mean "expert."  I used it in a derogatory fashion, i.e., people who get all in a fuss about shafts as it it really matters at the end of the day.  See Mark Crossfield and others who have completed blind testing with different shafts.
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