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    • Spent time this past weekend doing my annual club/bag cleaning. I wipe down my clubs after every shot. During my golf year, about every couple of months they get get a more thorough cleaning. All this cleaning helps with longevity.  This weekend's work involved cleaning grips, and buffing the the club heads. I use dish detergent, and a light scratch pad on the grips, which helps to regain some of the tackiness to them. Gets the accumulated oil, and grime off of them.  I buff the heads to regain the lost luster. Just making them shiny again. I put my groove cleaner to good work. I pay close attention to the soles, to see how perpendicular the scratch lines are to the club face. This gives me a little info on my impact position.  Cleaning my bag is an adventure in itself. Old, forgotten snack bars that made their way to bottom of the bag. That, and lost change, and forgotten trash. I found my favorite divot tool that I thought I lost at Bandon Dunes a few months ago.  Everything gets taken out, and cleaned. Trash gets thrown away. The compartments get vacuumed. The zippers get some very light (Vaseline) lube. I check all the seams, and connecting points for stitching repairs as needed. Strap connections get a thorough look see. Electronic stuff gets new batteries.  I also clean, and repair the 5 head covers I use. They tend to get a little dirty. I use puppet heads on my metal woods. The "Big Dog" (St.Bernard) cover required a little stitching.  Good thing my wife tought me how to stitch with out poking my fingers too many times. Proper tools makes this an easy chore.   The last thing I do is give the outside of the bag a good wipe down, with a light coating of Amor All. Then I set it out in the sun to dry off, followed by another wipe down.   Once the cleaning is all done, I do the restocking of clubs, tees, balls, divot tools,  ball marker coins, rags, shoes, gps, lazer, extra batteries,  blank score cards, and anything else I think I might need. One of the larger compartments stays empty for that spur of the moment stuff, that might require an ice block. Like others, I always seem to miss that "NO OUTSIDE COOLERS, FOOD, OR BEVERSGES ALLOWED" signage.    As I said previously. Clean tools, properly maintained, last longer. I'd also hate to think I lost a stroke or two, due to a slippery grip, or dirty club head. 
    • 1. Inconsistent pre shot routines 2. Chatting too much 3. Playing to quickly
    • I carry mainly so don’t want too much extra weight.  1 13xclubs 2 6xballs 3 2xgloves 4 Bag of tees 5 Pencil 6 Sharpie marker 7 Pitchmark repair tool and ball marker 8 Towel 9 Rules book 10 Spare card of the course 11 Waterproof jacket ( if the W forecast is really bad) 12 Umbrella (as above) 13 Drink 14 Snack        
    • Let it all out, folks. 1. Having made an approach shot that came to rest off the green, I do what most of us do. I park the cart, grab the putter and maybe a couple of clubs for the most likely next shot.  The problem is that when I guess wrong, I rarely then go back to the cart.  I will make do with what I brought. 2. At address, I often simply forget to go through the proper swing thoughts that I know I have to keep in mind.  The consequences are predictably awful. 3. Knowing full well that alcohol spoils my round, I can not turn down a beer or two.  And my friends love to bring them.  I even buy them at times. I am sure there are more.  What are yours?
    • If you are a beginner then what you have will probably do you to start with. If you decide you are going to continue golfing then a set of lessons from a good pro and some practice will be better value than any money spent on clubs.  If you are going to buy new then definitely get fitted. If you are buying second hand get a fitting first and then find a second hand set close to your recommended specs
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