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Looking at new irons for next year and narrowed it down to either the Mizuno 919 forged or the Wilson Staff V6. Not hit either yet but love the look of them both.

Has anyone tried these or able to confirm if the Wilson quality is a lot less than Mizuno? I always thought Wilson were a budget make for supermarkets etc.

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Hit 'em both and see which you like and feel best with and about....no one can make that decision for you.

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Love them both but I got burned by Callaway and had several clubs break after a misfit. Are Wilson any less quality than Mizuno as I'm worried the same will happen.

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As @Osnola stated, only you will be able to make that determination after hitting each.   During my fitting, I hit both and didn't like either.   You're preference will be completely different.

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Pádraig Harrington plays Wilson Staff. I have never hit them myself but I also have not heard of anything bad about them. As compared to Mizuno, don't know. It is really up to you as stated above.

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    • Would be tough to golf in Michigan...
    • I grew up playing in the wind in the St. Louis area.  Qualifying for the high school golf team or the university team (scant miles from St. Louis) in the Spring was hell!  I am no longer there and I will no longer play in the wind.  Period.  Even when I play WGT I set the wind at "low". But I will play in the snow.
    • I get annoyed with the dewy 7 AM grass grabbing the face of my clubs when I chip.  I marvel at the wind owning my would-be solid strikes.  Shots with altitude changes make it hard for me to judge distance. Slope-infested greens, insane heat, fairways in need of some rain, foggy mornings, etc, all create challenges. Which ones do you hate to encounter? Which do you thrive in? What stories can I get from you about your experiences in difficult conditions? Do you consider these conditions part of the game? A fun additional challenge? Something to be avoided when you can?
    • Speaking of white spray paint... a few years ago I carried a can of paint in my bag and painted the upper earth/dirt portion of the 4th hole cup at my local course (using a pre-cut template so no paint got on the putting surface) to resemble how they paint the cups for PGA events.  My golfing friends are essentially non-observant and didn't know this was done... which gives the pros a bright white target to aim at. An advantage we mortals don't get. They all loved putting at that cup.  I'm sure the greenskeepers were a bit surprised the next morning.
    • Full disclosure this is my 1st set of clubs fit to my swing. Im fairly new to consistently playing golf but now after a few lessons and plenty of practice have a fairly consistent swing. So i had an iron/wedge fitting done yesterday outside on grass and landed on I210s w/ KBS stiff shafts (tried T100/200, CF19, Epic, JPX 919 and I500 same day). Both the DG 120 and Project X were sp8nning too much. The fitter also recommended the following: 1) -1/2" shaft length. This has to do more with a small adjustment on the lie angle. Tape showed me center but slight toe action. My miss is left and ball flight starts a little left. His recommendation was to choke down and all balls went straight. 2) 1 degree strong from standard loft.  7 iron would carry 168 with club head speed of 91 (if i remember correctly), ball speed 122 and 95 ft at apex.  This may have been an adjustment to lower spin with shorter shaft.... I'm thinking about ordering these clubs standard length and loft to feel them out. In case there is small improvemwnt to my swing vs cutting length. I'd also just choke the club to test on the course a while before cutting the shaft. Lastly, although these are cast clubs and not forged I've also heard they are a little hard to bend the lofts/lies. I would guess a good club shop could bend these 1 degree at some time later, correct?  I'm guessing if this is true, it has something to do with the metallurgy. Appreciate the feedback to help my decision!
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