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    • Welcome to the best site for anything golf!
    • I believe this may be the case. In any rate, if you're putting the golf ball in your pants or vest pocket you are not doing so to intentionally change the playing characteristics of the golf ball. The only possible way for it to go that far is if you had hand warmers or ice cubes in the same pocket as the ball to try and heat it up/cool it down. Even in such outlandish circumstances, you would need to be deliberately heating the golf ball and intend to change its playing characteristics to be penalized. Penalties only come into play when you deliberately alter the performance characteristics of the golf ball. This means you have to intentionally try to change the way the ball plays. It's not something you can accidentally do, because it's impossible to do something deliberately if it's an accident. So the short answer is no, you will not be penalized for any conventional method of storing, transporting, or carrying your golf balls.
    • My buddy and I played last week at an old haunt that has new carts. The new carts have GPS with a touch screen, blue tooth speakers, but no USB port to charge my phone. We were paired with a twosome, the younger of the two looked early 20's, and was clearly a scratch golfer. Despite little warmup, I played well, had several drives in the 240 range (average around 220), a string of 4 pars, followed by a bird, had made a change to how I grip the putter, and shot an 84, which included a bonehead triple on the 10th. I think I was inspired by playing with someone so good. My buddy drove the cart. There are 'no cart' zones, like the parking lot, tees, being too close to the green, and various spots behind the greens or in the weeds. This is where the cart just stops, and will ONLY go slowly backwards until you are out of the forbidden zone. He was not playing well, and did not have many GIR's, if any. Cart trouble on every hole. 5th hole, he knocks it over the elevated green, into a small valley between our green and the 17th. Takes the cart there, and now he's stuck, and can't figure out how to get going again. Trying to back up a small hill to a maintenance road, he looked like someone trying to back their new boat into the lake, only to jackknife the trailer over and over again. Funny to watch, but I a little embarassed by the whole thing. I don't think the other twosome was too happy either. By the time he made it back, the 4-some behind us was on the our tee, where we hadn't teed off yet. We swapped the clubs on the cart after that, and I drove for the rest of the day.   
    • Last 4 rounds have been pretty decent. 85, 83, 80, & 79. The 79 was at my very familiar home course. The other three at various courses around the area.  My putting has been saving me a few strokes. Those being 32, 30, 30, & 28. The round of 28 involved 5 one putts for either par, or bogey.  Birdies are scarce, and when I do get one, I usually ruin it with a double bogey. I did card a 3 on a par 5, which was uplifting.  No 6s on the score cards, but a few too many 5s which could've/should've been 4s. Practice the rest of this week, and will play again next Monday, weather permitting. 
    • The NLU guys do a good job, and this was a particularly riveting episode (lots of their recent ones are). Love to hear real stuff, and to get it from someone that has that much experience, and no dog in the fight anymore, was particularly grand.
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