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    • Here’s what I think in this issue: You and I and probably many, many others aren’t seeing a distance loss because our ‘conventional’ swings suck. With the JV method I arrive at impact with an in to out path and a SF much closer to 1.5 pretty damn consistently. According to my Mevo I was anywhere from 5-7 mph slower on SS with the JV swing but my strike was simply better. My conventional swing, which is lousy, would usually be out to in and steep. So even when I flushed it, it would be a slight fade and a large divot. JV swing was a much shallower divot and slightly in to out with a higher SF (smash factor).    If @iacas or any other sound golfer were  to do the JV they would, I believe, lose some speed on their swing yet their strike quality would remain the same thus...no point. With the JV swing there’s no question for me I’m able to produce quality strikes much more consistently than the conventional method. And by conventional I’m really saying I make a weight shift and try to arrive at impact with my hips and shoulders open to the target line. My strikes are simply poorer. The video about hitting up JV states [ conventional method has you start balanced at 50/50 ( not really) and that’s wrong. One side is the dominating side, the left. The right only plays a supporting role so why start with it having 50% involvement from the start? He says ‘ How can you hit through your lead side if you’re told to clear your lead side at impact? With the JV method you’re lead side remains steady and therefore you hit through it like you’re supposed to. Now I can’t explain how this is wrong. But from that statement I don’t think Jim is accurately understanding the physics/mechanics of how pros ‘post up’ on their lead side. I dunno...but I think is the type of stuff Jim needs to explain better and show some numbers to make his argument.
    • The JV method looks to me like a drill I have done call the "Pre-set Weight" drill. It works to get you to shift your weight forward during the downswing. I did this a few years ago when I had that issue. But I do recall that it really limited the length of the backswing and the rotation of the hips. It also was uncomfortable to do for very long. I cannot see making it my normal swing. It was a good drill for that one issue and I don't have weight forward issues anymore. In fact, I almost have too much weight going forward. My swing path became very in to out and hooks were common. You need to rotate your hips and torso to get your arms moving faster and get your path in the right place. They all work in unison. Working independently can create other issues.. I am working on that now with my instructor. If you have flexibility limitations, a shorter backswing can really help. Players like Tony Finau and John Rahm have short backswings generate a ton of power.  
    • So a co-worker of mine got a new job, and Friday was his last day. I was bummed to see him go because he was the only person at work as crazy about Golf as I was (he was about a 10 handicap) and fun to talk to about the game. He is in his late 50s and is well traveled in the game of golf. He has played just about every big name course public or private except Augusta. Anyway he brought me a parting gift...a Pine Valley golf bag!! He played there in 2013 (had some great on course pictures). I have found my new walking bag:)
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