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    • The only potential hole that I've seen in my purposed rule is that it will slow down play. I just disagree about what the spirit of the game is. Would fans move that rock for Ian Poulter, Kuchar, or Reed? Almost certainly not, so they shouldn't do it for Tiger. That situation is absolutely against the spirit of the game. "I'm a superstar so move that boulder for me because I messed up a shot!" Sitting on a tee box for 3 minutes without playing because you can't figure out the wind? Against the spirit of the game. Man up and play promptly, proudly, and with integrity. Don't whine cause you didn't get your way, and don't abuse the rules just cause you can. My rule has more equity than the current rule in this situation, and eliminates the grey area, and the guiding principal is honor in my mind. I think that the current rule is bad, and I purposed an alternative. No one said you had to like it. I've responded to what people have had to say about it, and if my responses weren't good enough then so be it. Is there a reason that we should stop discussing what could be changed, or how the current rules effect play? I thought it was a forum. 
    • Wow, four is plenty! Mine happened within 9 months of each other. First in 9/2017, second in 6/2018. No luck last year but will keep trying this season😉
    • Or, Bill, don't over-think it and just set up with the face a little open.
    • @Bonvivant, just stop. You're arbitrarily making up Rules based on what you think makes sense, and ignoring all of the holes people are poking into it. Furthermore, there's really no such thing as "the spirit of the rules." There's a thing called "the spirit of the game," and part of that is playing under the Rules, but the rules are basically all made up, so as long as you're following them, whatever they are, you're obeying the spirit of the game. It's not "against the spirit of the rules" for Tiger to have spectators move a large loose impediment (even if they move it the wrong direction), and it's not "against the spirit of the rules" (or the game) to take a drop from a shitty lie into a great lie because your back right heel is on a cart path. Nor is it bad of you, if you have a great lie, to opt not to take relief because you're on the same cart path. There are just Rules, and while the Rules are all somewhat arbitrary, they do follow some guiding principles, and they do strive to eliminate or minimize grey areas while maintaining equity, and your proposed rules for a situation you admit isn't that frequent are almost none of those things.
    • Day 28 - January 27, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Mirror work today as I was stuck at home most of the day doing computer stuff.
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