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    • Welcome to The Sand Trap! Always glad to see new users, and especially new players. I like this. When I got back into golf last year, I did the exact same thing. More loft for newer players isn't likely to hurt much until you start making really good contact with the ball. I like this too. Definitely don't want a 3 or 4 wood, though a 5 might be the sweet spot. 7s are more rare, but I think this is a good idea.   Your experience with a LW is far different from the norm. Most people struggle with LW (myself included). The 6 iron is a good idea, and I agree that it should be your longest iron. If I were doing this myself, I would probably take 6, 8, gap wedge (52 degree), but when making partial sets, it really is a personal preference. This! Overall, I think you have the right idea, but I wouldn't limit yourself for long. Once you start seeing improvement in distance, a full set will be really nice, and you can find some great deals on full sets.
    • I already went a gripped a club and saw you were right (as always 🙄). I feel like the grip is in my fingers when I take the club in the air, but when I place it on the ground, it becomes “palmy.” I’ll keep working on it
    • Hello and welcome to TST. It’s difficult to give you solid advice without knowing anything about you regarding age, height, physical ability, etc. That being said what kind of budget do you have for clubs? I’m asking because it’s very easy to obtain a nice set of used clubs and very cheap at that. Being brand new to the game it would really benefit you to get a few lessons. It’s a good time to do it before you start ingraining bad habits. If lessons aren’t in your immediate plans then I would suggest you search eBay, 2ndswing golf, Callaway pre-owned, Golf Galaxy, TGW, for a beginning set of clubs. The clubs you stated are ok for a start. But if you’re looking to play you really need other options included to get you around a course.    You can even post a video of your swing here in the ‘Members Swing’ thread and get some excellent free advice. So welcome again to TST and welcome to golf! Cheers.
    • Yes. Very much so. Fingers too parallel to the grip.
    • I went back and rewatched the video and I may have have the Mevo further away than 6ft...I would intuitively think that would decrease the numbers rather than increase them, but I’m no physicist. Again, I’ll look at the set up today. I appreciate your feedback as it’s not something I would’ve bothered to check being a one-time anomaly, but moving forward, you’ve planted the seed for problem solving.  
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