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    • The movement just isn’t baked in yet. You should probably picture the sticks still being there when you take them away. The idea after all would be to make your stick  swings without the sticks being there.
    • I know this is an older post, but it hits home for me. I have some Rheumatoid arthritis that limits some of the things I can do. Every year I kept adding a higher-lofted hybrid and putting an iron in my garage. I now have everything from 3-hybrid to loft-wedge hybrid. I know that sounds strange, but they have really helped me be more consistent. They are SO easy to hit. The only shot they have trouble with is sitting up in heavier rough, where they can go right under the ball. I keep one iron wedge in my bag for that and chipping. I have old Nike SUMO Square 3-7 hybrids, and 8-LW hybrids from Thomas Golf (also square-heads). I have dropped from a 22-23 handicap to a 12-13 and have shot in the 30s several times (No 79s yet though). Does anyone else here play these clubs regularly?
    • You're passing on Kanye and Kim???
    • He’s probably more like the new Tiger Woods......
    • The question I've posed is somewhat simple: if he's so great on Thu/Fri, and not on Sat/Sun, is it mechanical? Why don't the mechanical issues appear on Thu/Fri? He had a very good 2017… which is well after he's been said (in a few hearsay-level posts) to have been "chasing distance." Is there any non-third-party evidence of this? After 2017? Do you expect him to just say "I'm in the weeds, completely lost"? Are his Thu/Fri rounds evidence of his "getting it back"? (Not that they're awesome, but they're better than average.) Nobody said it was, but the statement that he's below-average doesn't have a lot of merit. What are his goals? And why would switching to someone he hasn't known since he was 12 help him get to his goals much more quickly and/or easily? What do what other people do - including Tony Finau, who can't hold JS's jock when you compare careers - have to do with what Jordan needs to do? I could cite a number of people who switched things — caddies, equipment, coaches — and went into a slump. Played badly. Etc. Do you think JS has a sort of Stockholm Syndrome with CM or something? Look, they have plenty of force plate data, 3D data, video, etc. on JS from 2015 to 2017. If he wanted to get his old swing back, it would be a matter of: looking at those things. seeing if he can even physically do it. practicing that stuff. If Jordan was "chasing more distance" you'd think his clubhead speed would have gone up at the expense of accuracy. Here are his clubhead speed for driver stats from 2015 to 2020: 2015: 112.79 (97/190) 2016: 111.86 (108/188) 2017: 113.11 (108/194) 2018: 113.44 (104/194) 2019: 113.5 (109/192) 2020: N/A Sorry, I don't think a < 1 MPH clubhead speed improvement provides any support for the idea that he's chased distance.
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