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Finally Got My Loft/Lie Angles Checked and Was Surprised

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So I've been gaming a set of forged Mizuno MP-52s for the last 10 seasons and had been wondering how much the lof/lie angles may have changed through the years.  So...I finally got them checked before my Club Champion fitting this week.  I was torn on whether I expected them to have deviated much from the factory specs.

On one hand, I average between 40-50 rounds a year and consistently hit over 5,000 range balls during the season (always off grass), and that's not including pre-round warmup balls.  During our Chicago winters, I'll hit indoors maybe once a week, so factor in another 1,000 shots off mats.  Figure a good 20% of all those shots are with woods/hybrid, and another 20% with wedges, and that still leaves over 3,500/year shots with 4-PW.  

On the other hand, I have a pretty shallow AoA, so my clubs don't suffer a tremendous amount of impact against the ground or mats.

The results: 2 clubs were off by 1 full degree on lie angle (both flatter), and the rest were within 0.5*.  For loft angles, 1 club was 1* stronger, 3 were 0.5* stronger, and the rest were spot on to factory specs.

In fairness, I didn't have them checked when I first bought them, so I understand that manufacturing tolerances could have caused a little deviation from published specs.  That said, I was a bit surprised that the loft & lie specs have held up so well after 35,000+ shots.  I guess I can't blame any of my squirrely shots on club spec changes.


What kinds of results have players here gotten when getting specs checked?  I know there are guys on here who play way more than I do, so everyone's mileage will vary.

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Funny I was going to have them checked this weekend if I can get to the store.  I really wonder about two of my irons - the distance never quite matches the rest of the set.

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