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Golf League Handicap

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Just looking for suggestions on handicapping our 9 hole golf league. What is the best system for keeping it fair and competitive? Currently we get 80% of our GHIN for the 9 holes. I’ve noticed the sandbaggers benefit and the better, honest players get screwed. I was wondering if the Callaway system would make it more fair? Please help. Sandbaggers are bad for golf. You know who you are!

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Do you have records from previous years?  You could do a separate calculation for "league only" scores, perhaps use the lower of official USGA handicap and the league-only index.   You could also check to be sure that the league scores get posted to Ghin, and find a way to penalize those who choose not to post properly.


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Club Rat: our format is 2 man team. Each has their adjusted GHIN and low team adjusted score is recorded for that hole. Win the hole=1 point. Team with highest points at end of season wins some cash. 

No real records from previous years. Too many teams come and go each year. 

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I do the handicapping for my 9 hole league and it seems fair enough. Out of their most previous 8 league only scores I will average their lowest 5 for handicap.

If starting out new. I take straight average weeks 1-4, week 5&6 would be Average of low 3 scores, week 7&8 average low 4 scores, then 9 and after low 5 of most previous 8.

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Use the 80% rule like you suggest, but keep track of scores in your league as well. Then once you have the data, use the lower of the two.  Any sandbaggers would only have an advantage for the short term.

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