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2019 Snell Balls - MTB Black, MTB-X, Both White and Yellow

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10 minutes ago, DeadMan said:

Jeez, I still have some of the old MTBs, before they split into red and black. Better start losing balls so I can use these!

Send 'em to Virginia, I can take care of them for ya.

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33 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

A little hint from the comments section.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 6.09.03 PM.png

I'm pretty sure they're changing the painting techniques on the Red so they don't look like TopFlites.

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New Bedford, MA - Snell Golf, the leader in the direct-to-consumer golf ball market, with previously awarded commendations by Golf Digest and MGS, announces today an expanded product line of their MTB golf balls. The release of a new model, MTB-X, and additional models being offered in Optic Yellow, are born from the company’s tradition of having a consumer first business model to produce golf balls “MADE FOR YOU”.

“In 2018, customer feedback of our MTB RED model led us to a new design target. We felt we could provide high spin for approach shots while lowering driver spin and maximizing distance off the tee. The new MTB-X model has accomplished both of those goals and has added the elite feel & durability of a cast urethane cover” says Dean Snell, owner and CEO. “Players who enjoyed the MTB RED model will find MTB-X to be very long, extremely durable, and offer improved aerodynamics for strong performance in windy conditions”.

“We have also evolved all of our MTB lineup to be available in Optic Yellow, bringing a new visual alternative for golfers of all levels. Our customers have asked and we are happy to be able to deliver.”

For 2019, the MTB-X model will replace Snell’s MTB RED model (2018) and offer players an easy to differentiate pair: MTB BLACK for players looking for soft feel and medium iron spin and the new MTB-X for a firmer feel and higher iron spin. Both models offer low driver spin, exceptional distance, and high performance around the green. These models will be also offered in a one dozen “MTB Test Pack”, featuring two sleeves of each MTB model and a fitting guide to help players choose which model works best for their game. 

All 2019 MTB golf ball models will be offered in white and optic yellow. Pricing for the MTB models will start at $32.99 for ONE DOZEN and offer a new, volume based pricing structure reducing costs to $27.99/dz for a 5 dozen value pack. All orders include FREE SHIPPING. In addition, orders of 5 dozen or less will be delivered with FREE 2-day shipping, providing industry leading delivery times.

New models will be available online at SnellGolf.com for pre-order on February 18th with shipments scheduled for early April.


MTB Black_Yellow andBlackBoxandballs.jpgMTB X_YellowandBlackBoxandballs.jpg




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  • iacas changed the title to 2019 Snell Balls - MTB Black, MTB-X, Both White and Yellow
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3 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

Off topic, but they're closing out the Reds, $57 for 2 dozen.

Which are still great balls and, even in the video done by MGS, shows a very, very small difference in performance.

They're the balls my daughter used — and loved — all of last year.

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