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    • I don't necessarily mind if people don't "introduce" themselves per se, but it is grating occasionally to have members come on and immediately post a Member Swing topic and nothing else. Or to post a topic without searching and finding five other topics that are basically the same.
    • Charleston is a brilliant city, and there's good golf in all directions.  The one thing that worries me about Myrtle Beach and Charleston and other coastal areas is the potential for hurricanes.  I might be overestimating those dangers, but I think I'll feel better if I'm inland a little ways.
    • I've read the first two installments of the interview.  I think what Chamblee did poorly was to lump "instructors" into one big incompetent basket, and to suggest that Youtube and social media are an appropriate proving ground for "good" teaching.  When talking about Victor Hovland he says Is he saying that the teaching available on Youtube is now the right way to learn golf?  If so, he's ignoring a TON of very poor instruction that's available right next to some good stuff.   This sounds as if he's claiming that one instructor has provided the (incorrect) basis for "all teachers" and that Youtube somehow exposed the flaws in what "all teachers" were saying.  I don't have any doubt that there are a number of instructors who have had followers, schools of thought, and that some of those schools of thought were based on principles that have been proven wrong by real data.  But to suggest that "all teachers" have been exposed by social media is silly. In my mind, Chamblee deserves significant criticism for overgeneralizing in all these comments, and for holding up the fractured world of Youtube and social media as a positive authority on golf instruction. And about the rankings: None of the teachers listed are among the top 50 in the world?  I do agree that those lists are based to a significant degree on exposure, on having your teaching available and promoted and noticed.  I don't know enough about the folks on the list to say that someone does or does not deserve to be considered "top 50", but its inconceivable to me that not a single one deserves to be on the list.  Perhaps there is a better way to determine who deserves to be on the list, some type of metrics to be considered, but in the end its going to be a matter of opinion. In the second part of the interview, where he talks more of individual players and individual teachers, I don't have big issues.  Spieth hasn't improved, and its fair to consider whether that's his fault, or his teacher's fault, or some kind of combination.  It was interesting to me that BC chose to talk about Spieth as part of his response to a question about Rickie Fowler.  
    • Friend of mine moved to Charleston, South Carolina and loves it, he is really into golf and boating, (fishing). Haven't been there yet myself, may be a little hot in the summer, don't know. But if you are on the coast maybe not so bad. He had a new house build for less then what he sold his house for in New York.
    • My driver! I don't understand, I go to the range and hit it well but when I play on grass, like I did yesterday, it fails me. Had to resort to my 3W for most of the game. Putting also suffered but that is because of lack of playing lately. But it was good to get out.
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