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Need Putter Advice

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Thanks in advance for any advice.   I started playing again after a long layoff (had twins) and my old clubs seem to be ok for now until my swing improves enough to warrant investing in anything new.  Problem is my old Ping Anser is just not cutting it.  I don't have any feel for it and it does not seem weighted very well.  I am on a huge budget (the twins) and want to find something that I can use for the season (I would rather spend on playing than equipment).   Does anyone have any advice for finding a used putter (preferable a mallet) that won't break the budget?   I assume for all the reading I should be looking at Globalgolf, 3 ball and maybe play it again.  Thanks and love the forums here.

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I might suggest you look for a used Odessey Two Ball putter. I used one for a short while in a pinch, and found to be a decent tool for putting. 

On the other hand, you might be better off just giving that Ping Anser putter more time in your hands. After a long layoff, you might have re-learn it's uniqueness. 

I always wanted to try the Anser putter, after seeing alot folks enjoying success with one. Just never got around to it. 

Btw, congrats on the twin. I have twin grandkids myself. A boy, and a girl. They are something. 




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You could also spend five bucks on a roll of lead tape and play around with the weighting. You might wind up with your ideal putter (slathered with lead tape but handsome is as handsome does), or you might figure out what you really want in your next putter. 

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I have twin girls, what a blessing!

ebay is another good resource and there are tons of good putters there.   For years I used a $10 Nicklaus blade putter from 1967.  Lasted a long time and great putter. 

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On 2/14/2019 at 6:59 PM, Patch said:

I might suggest you look for a used Odessey Two Ball putter.

I have one and like it.   I'm sure there are some on Ebay.

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No way I could buy a putter online without trying it out first. 

Maybe go to a local golf shop and try out some putters to find one you like. They might have used ones 

at  the shop you might like. If you find one you like then you can look for used or a good deal online.

Is your current putter face balanced or toe hang? It may be the opposite of what you need therefore it doesnt feel right to you.

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