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    • Michael Lewis (Moneyball, The Big Short) has a new book on the response to the pandemic. This is kind of a mini-preview in a podcast episode. Big Short author Michael Lewis on the inside story of America’s failed Covid response | News | The Guardian The author and journalist Michael Lewis discusses reporting on a group of individuals who tried to alert the US government to the dangers of its...  
    • I have recently made a move into the world of Ping with a new Ping G410 driver and a set of G425 Irons. After 20 years of playing I got myself fitted and found I needed a 2 degree flat iron. Ping was easy to get fitted. I like the 410 driver with its 8 different adjustment hosle.  Hitting much longer and straighter. I would love to try more Ping clubs at a Demo day if I could find one.
    • Day 44 (5/18/21) - Played 18 today and shot 93; my best score in a while. I took 34 putts (about average) and 6 GIR and nGIR (which represents an improvement). My work on the range last week with the "Justin Rose Drill" and the slow motion swing work are starting to show results. Additionally, for most of my approach shots of 70-150 yards, I took one more club than I thought I needed and made a less than full swing, which resulted in a significant improvement to my accuracy and directly resulted in 2-GIR. 
    • If you are still looking for playing partners, or if someone currently lined up isn't able to make it, I would love to have the chance to join you for your round! Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to get to know me a bit more, or if you have any questions/details that need to be reviewed.
    • I am really enjoying that this season there is some legitimate competition to Mercedes. It's clear that both Verstappen is incredibly talented and the Red Bull is incredibly difficult to drive well, but at least this year there is somebody besides Hamilton/Bottas who is legitimately competing for wins each week and the overall title. I'll readily admit I'm not much of a Lewis Hamilton fan simply because it gets boring watching the same guy win for so long, but I'm really enjoying seeing him get the chance to properly display his talent again in a way that hasn't really happened since 2018. Wire-to-wire victories are impressive, of course, but admittedly not much fun to watch especially when nobody else even has a chance. Seeing him race on more equal footing is fantastic because it gives better perspective on just how good he really is as a driver. That said, I'm still strongly anticipating next season's regulation changes. I was so disappointed when they were postponed another year, but now that more teams have long-term certainty (McLaren, Aston Martin, Red Bull/Alpha Tauri, Williams, basically everybody other than Haas is in their best financial position ever compared to the last 3-5 years) it will be even better since hopefully we aren't at risk of seeing teams bail entirely if they don't have a good design philosophy from the get-go. If the increased ground effect helps cars follow and race one another, as predicted by simulations, it will be fantastic even if the pecking order largely remains the same (unlikely).
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