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The Italian Job & Hidden Golf Course Le Fronde - Turin

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A brief story about my golf adventure during a business trip to visit an Italian carmaker in Turin.
Even though it is unlikely that you plan a golf trip to this course I wanted to share and keep a record of my story and a few photos.

It has been about 40 minutes and the second taxi driver was about to give up on my plan and wanted to drop me off at the hotel again.
“I don’t know no course here mister” he said. My phone’s battery died and one minute later we saw a narrow path leading up to a gate.
“Could you try that route please? Our last try, ok?” I said - it was 11:00 am sharp and we read Le Fronde Golf Club on it.


We had an extra day at the end of our business trip and the other colleagues traveling with me chose to visit Milan.
I had found a golf course on the map near Turin but no staff on the phone at the club spoke English – I tried my luck without booking.
For work I travel internationally over 60% of the year and I usually bring my golf shoes, gloves and golf clothes to most business trips where I rent the clubs.

The grandmother at the reception immediately greeted me with a big warm smile and spoke to the taxi driver who was super relieved.
She served him a homemade lemonade and they agreed that he will pick me up by 3pm.
I had arrived at what appears to be a local golf course in a village where tourists usually don’t frequent.
It was surrounded by beautiful mountains, hills and similarly looking family houses and a few Etruscan landmarks.

It was September, 95°F and near 12:00 noon when I hit my first tee shot and first orange golf ball ever.

I believe that I was the only player and at past noon the temperatures felt like over 100°F, but I was happy and relaxed.
The TaylorMade set they gave me was very nice and the grips seem to have been recently replaced.


Here are a few more pictures of the course.
I’m not a selfie, Instagram or food picture guy so I only took a few pictures when I was resting or enjoying the view.



This at the driving range where a family had just arrived after lunch:

The hospitality:
After I showered and went to the clubhouse the grandmother had prepared a warm sandwich made with Italian ciabatta.
She also gave me a fresh lemonade drink and fruits.

I realized that the clubhouse has a swimming pool and I was desperate to swim in it, but I didn’t want to overstay my welcome.
Perhaps I would have interrupted the peace of the local members who were reading books by the pool side.

As I paid about $50 for 18 holes, par 5, she said that the meal and the club rental were on the house.
To return the friendly offer I bought a golf shirt and gloves from her shop.
Even then the shop employee, who appeared to be her family member, gave me a pack of Le Fonte branded golf balls as a free gift.
We only communicated in gestures and with smiles, and this was one of my best golf experiences even though I played alone.


The same taxi driver was already there and he picked me up before 3pm.

My score was 94.

This is their website. It is only in Italian.

Campo da golf, Golf club, associazione sportiva dilettantistica

- End - 





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Very cool, glad you got a round in. I always cringe the moment the taxi driver responds in confusion and has no idea there’s even a golf course nearby. 

Happy Travels!

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On 5/9/2019 at 9:57 PM, Alberto Fossati said:

You are right. This course is not very known around.... I'm Italian, I live there around but never played there.

Hey Alberto - what a coincidence that you live around there. Nice to meet you in this forum and thank you for your comment.

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Great story. Sometimes you just bump into good stuff. 

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On 5/25/2019 at 4:06 AM, FLOG4 said:

Great story. Sometimes you just bump into good stuff. 

Thank you! 

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I played there in 1980 ! 

I was camped up the road with a few lads who as well as keen hackers were football fans and we had driven to Italy to see England in the European Championships . Getting tear gassed by the Italian police at the first game v Belgium  wasn't great and my Father who was also with us decided to ditch the football and  turn it into a golf trip .

As with Naves account my great memory of Le Fronde was the friendliness of the people . We played three rounds there and were even invited to play in a competition at the weekend  for free where we fielded an England team in a texas scramble . 

The memory (It was some years ago) that I have of the course was the dramatic change in elevation on some of the holes . Great fun and fond memories of the people of Le Fronde .

Shame I couldn't say the same about the tear gas happy Italian police. 

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That is an amazing story @dogburger and such a coincidence that you played there, too. From tear gas to three rounds of golf and finally to a weekend competition - happy ending.

Nice to meet you in this forum.


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    • Particularly when that slow group is a couple of serious A-holes.
    • Not really a good option when the teesheet is packed.  They would have to let every group behind them play through. That's why I ask how many of y'all have marshaled a tough course on a busy day . . . . you will hear every excuse in the book.  One of my favorites was a cigar-smoking, smart-talking older guy who had 3 young bucks in his group.  They had held up a 2-some all day, and at the third visit from me, on the 12th tee, he read me the riot-act with some choice, colorful words, saying it was the course's fault for allowing 2-somes to play.  He said he paid twice what they paid, so he was playing the way he wanted. I went back and talked to the 2-some, a husband and wife, and told them they would have to go around that foursome. Not long later I saw them at their car.  They were not upset, but they quit and came in because they did not want to upset the 4-some. See, that's when  I'd like to be able to pull out my tablet and see if they wanted to re-play at a discount. BTW, some 2-somes, often couples, won't book unless we block the other two slots at their tee time.     Wow!  Never heard of that, no-hole-skipping rule. & funny how some slow groups speed up when you play through.
    • Not sure about the other two, but I'm not technically allowed to do that. Mind you, nobody would have caught me if I did. One of the many rules we sign off on with a City of Dayton, OH privilege pass includes not skipping holes. For better or worse, I tend to be rule follower. I suppose given the layout of the course and my being on foot, it would have been a bit awkward anyway. We make the move, they speed up and we hit the next tee at the same time.
    • My instructor tells me that the more golf I play, the more I need to take lessons, not just to get better, but to make sure I don’t develop any bad habits unknowingly. I play 4-5 rounds a week and see my instructor every other week for swing checks. I have bad days on the course and will get frustrated - I usually stop golfing and see my pro right away instead of trying to figure it out myself.  Do you have anyone you are working with? I find it beneficial to have lessons regularly. I see it like a car tuneup - car is running fine but you still get an oil change/service regularly just to make sure things are doing well. Same thing with golf.
    • It was 75° the day before yesterday, and it's 10° now. Why didn't you guys skip a hole and go around the ball-shaggers?
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