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    • We ought to know, by now, that pandemics are pretty low on god's priority list.  
    • Day 75 (6/18/21) - Played 9 tonight with my 9-hole league and had my best 9 of the year, shooting a 41 (7 over the par 34). I had 3 pars and a birdie and if I hadn't had a triple on 16 due to an unplayable, could have broken 40. 
    • George Wright is just about my favorite course anywhere. @boogielicious, @billchao, and I played Keney Park last summer.  I've also played Torrey South, Wintonbury Hills, Montauk Downs, and Triggs Memorial. The latter two could use the TLC that Keney Park got. 
    • Indeed. I stand corrected. Thanks. I knew about this 4 strokes maximum in the pre-2019 rules, but with this ruling of two strokes per hole for 5 holes for using the wrong ball, I would imagine (and apparently, I did imagine) that the same would apply to too many clubs. I see that's not the case, and now I am even more confused. Why or why not? What's the difference? In both cases, improper equipment is being used (and most likely not consciously in both cases): why penalize one case with 2 strokes per hole until corrected, but only for a maximum of 2 two holes in the case of too many clubs?  SMH...
    • I don't know. I thought he was saying that VH had a wardrobe malfunction with his pants 😁.
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