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How Often Do You Get New Clubs?

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On 3/17/2019 at 9:42 PM, Cantankerish said:

Ladders, have you been fitted?  If so, how do you manage to get the correct club for your swing buying the way you do.

I'm just an old duffer and remember a time when a golfer would just consult friends, study the articles (now it would be Internet research) and have a trusted club pro or two give advice. @ladders11 HCP would indicate his method works for him, although I suppose there's always room for improvement by a fitting. There certainly might be in my case, but I simply like the shafts, feel, distance and ball flight of my old clubs. Best, -Marv

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I just bought a set of Cobra one-lengths. 24 degree Hybrid, 6-GW + a SW. I hit my 7 iron well and driver okay. I figure that if I can play every club like a 7 iron it might help. The bone spurs in my shoulder don't tolerate long practice sessions. Plus that short 24 degree hybrid might help with the bump and run chips. I hit them well on the Foresight. They'll be here in about 10 days. I'll let you know.

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For a few years I was playing with mizuno mx-17 irons. For no reason other than I just wanted to try something different, I swapped them out for a set of cobra fp irons, I actually purchased the cobra irons new on sale and just never thought about trying them.  This has been over 2 years ago. Now I'll probably keep playing with the cobra irons until another good deal on a set of irons comes along. 


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I have been playing since I was 12 or so.  My first set was a cut down/junior set and once I hit about 16 or so I moved on to normal sized sets.  I am onto my 3rd set since then.  Been playing around 30 years since then, so I guess one every 10 years or so, though no plans to replace my current set due to Vitamin M.

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You guys make me feel guilty. While I have hung on with the Ping G400 for 3 or so years, 3wood for almost 2, and wedges for more than 3 (sharpened a time or two), I haven’t kept a set of irons for 2 years. The allure of shiny blades is too much.

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I replace virtually everything about every 5-8 years. Usually the set makeup changes when I change things out. The soonest I've ever replaced an iron set is after about 3 years. Drivers as often as every 2, but I've used drivers for 6-7 years also. Putters....don't get me started 

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    • Its funny - as my left foot has not allowed me to walk, at least not yet, the course.  It all depends - if I am a new guest at a course and I playing with a regular there, they drive.  If I am hosting and they are the newbie I drive.  If I am playing with my son and 4yr old grandson, my son and I switch duties.  I like to drive but there are days when I would just as soon be the passenger.   As you can see I am extremely non-committal here.   
    • I'm not sure if comparing tennis purses to golf for the majors is a one to one equivalence, in tennis, both men and women play the same event at the same time at the majors, the Australian, French, Wimbledon and USO. You can't really differentiate who is bringing in the ticket sales. The women's finals and semi-finals are sandwiched between the men's semis and finals, so maybe they're getting some coattails ratings or maybe the men are getting coattail ratings from the women, who knows, it's hard to tell, I think most people watch the men's and women's finals because it's more people are watching the event. So I can see why the prize money for women's tennis is the same as the men's, but in golf, it's totally different.
    • I’m just going to echo the others at this point. The ratings aren’t there, the interest isn’t there, therefore the money isn’t there. The only way I see LPGA Tour events having the same purse has PGA Tour in the near future is if the PGA Tour subsidized them. They’re doing the same “job” but they’re producing different products. The difference in skill matters and that’s partly due to the physical differences between men and women. I’d pay $200 to watch an NHL team play but not a HS one, yet they play the same game.
    • Drive. I like driving the cart. It’s an adventure on a course you’ve never played. As a side note: I prefer walking when able. I understand cart rentals are the main source of revenue for a lot of courses. (Especially around here where everything is under $50 to play 18 holes with a cart). I like the walk though.
    • One thing about that, beyond the price, is that it doesn't read in percent, which is what the Aimpoint system uses.
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