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Two Hybrids, No Fairway Woods?

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12 hours ago, ladders11 said:

What about getting a 4-wood and cutting the shaft down close to the same length as a hybrid?

In other words, if you were to hit two clubs from the same line (e.g. both Titleist or both Ping G):

  • one being a 17° 4-wood cut down by 2" to 40.5" with a little lead tape added to the head
  • the other being a 17° 2-hybrid hybrid that comes 40.5" standard

What would be the expected differences? 

Not advisable, woods come 42-43" for a reason and hybrids around 40.5" inch for a reason.  It has to do with the delicate balance of shaft to head weight ratio, total weight of the club and swingweight.

You can get away with 1/4-1/2 inch shortening at the most, but 2 inches is 12 swingweights, which would really mess up a club.


If you really don't like woods or long-shafted clubs, sure why not 2 hybrids, as long as you find the 17° gives you enough distance gap over the 20°.

I am more confident with hybrids than woods, but I still carry a 4-wood and try to get better at it because it is simply the best club for its distance.




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Here's a follow-up suggestion. Get the 4W and learn how to use it. To learn, move up one set of tee boxes and use the 4W off tee instead of a driver. If you hit 14 drives with it and maybe three or four more shots from the fairway, you'll get the feel of it.

And as GOATee cautioned, don't go wild trimming shafts. Trimming back a 4W a half inch to 42.5" is a good idea for control, but more than that throws the club all out of balance. If you order from factory you can get one made with a shorter shaft and tweaked to recapture swingweight. If you get a used one, a good clubsmith can trim it and tweak the swingweight.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Hybrids are shorter but generally more accurate than woods.  So see which on you need more in the trade-off.  Distance or accuracy.  And then pick your clubs accordingly.  I currently have a Driver and then a 4 Hybrid in my bag, and then irons from 5 downwards.  I do miss the gap between my 200 yard hybrid and driver, but am adjusting and playing OK so far.  Don't pick a club because it is expected.  Pick it because it works for your game

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Note: This thread is 922 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • This is misinformation. The head speed is fairly proportional to club length. There is a reason why Bryson was toying with very long drivers, and it's the same reason that a 7i head speed is less than driver head speed from the same golfer. You are completely right to be worried about distance loss when going with something shorter, and decreasing loft is a potential answer. The only way to know what your distance will be with a given club is to test it. I will say that with similar strike quality, your guess seems close (26 degree with longer shaft and 22 with shorter should yield similar results), but the only way to know for sure is to try it.
    • Had to get working again. Video isn’t the best spot. Main point of work is to get rid of the lean into the ball, because it causes imbalance and other issues. Not sure why I thought of it this way, but my feel was to simply jump/post my left leg around impact. To go with this, I am continuing the work of flattening my take away. Going to try and work hard this winter (although I have kid #2 due in a month so who knows). Putting, I started by changing my grip to get away from the last stroke. I grabbed a meter long level to use as guide for creating more arc in the putt. I definitely was pushing out as I brought the club back. So, arc both ways and fine tuning the aim. I’ve always noticed that when I use the line of the ball, that I feel it’s aimed way left. Thus, could be a source of the push that has been happening occasionally. So trust the line and arc it. Definitely need to practice but initial results are positive. 
    • I play vokey SM8 wedges and Wilson C300 forged irons. Love my clubs and wouldn't change a thing about them.  I hit alot of balls. Probably about 200 range balls and 170 play balls per week.  I sharpen my grooves every 8 weeks but I imagine the excessive amount of hard range balls will wear the clubs out over time.  When is it time to get new clubs? 
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    • I haven't played the back nine at Whispering Woods more than eight times this year.
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