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1952 to 1972 MacGregor Forged Iron Sets

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Hey!  I've been playing MacGregor Tourney irons for about 3 years now and don't know if ill ever change 8 irons. I love the feel of old blades. My question is, my set doesn't have the plastic piece that goes between club head and the shaft. Im pretty positive they came that way originally and I love the clean look of it. Ill stop being lazy and go take a picture of it to show.. my problem; i can't seem to find any info about them online. Im pretty sure they are some of the first tourney irons, and I got them at goodwill for $8.00 for the whole set! Any info would be great. (I can't seem to find any online that don't have the plastic piece or any kind of ridge near that part of the club)

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    • Depending on the OEM, different brands will have either matching lengths in steel and graphite or go with the 1/2 over with graphite. However when they match them for length, the SW is usually 3 or 4 points lighter with graphite. SW can be tricky because it's not just the head weight, it's the relation of the head to the shaft and grip while also factoring in the shaft length and balance point. This means that for every 1/2 change in length, you get a 3 SWP change (longer=heavier). Also for every 9 grams of shaft weight change, you get 1 SWP change (heavier=heavier). Since the average stock graphite shaft is around 30g lighter than the matching steel, 1/2 longer shafts balance things out at least on a swing weight scale.
    • My friend’s dad and step mom are covid deniers, and started to develop some symptoms a couple weeks ago. The step mom is having a tough time going through chemo so one of their daughters is having to take care of them. The daughter then started to get sick, got tested, and got a positive result for coronavirus.   Needless to say my friend is really pissed off. They had canceled thanksgiving over whether covid was real and election results. The dad and step mom still refuse to believe they have something other than a cold and won’t go get tested. I couldn’t imagine being my friend in this situation. 
    • Here are couple things I do with my group of friends when we go out to play. I'd love to hear yours as well! 1 Mulligan (drive) per front and back (although as we got better, we stopped "using" mulligans unless it's completely out of play. If it's in the fairway, you can move it to give yourself a better lie (lay?). *Don't be a donkey and push it forward.  If it's in the rough. No relief If there's rocks, you move it to the closest none rocky area. Whether it's bunker/rough/fairways. We're not pro's and we don't want to mess our clubs up.  If it goes into some weird bush type or under tree branches that makes it a pro level difficulty. Gentleman's agreement to give each other those 😛  What are your unofficial rules that you play with?
    • I'm putting new graphite shafts in my irons that had steel shafts in them.  I went on Golfworks website to get the standard lengths of iron shafts.  They have one set of lengths for steel shafts and another set of numbers for graphite.  All graphite measurements were .5 inches longer than the steel measurements.  I thought swing weight to be a basic principal of physics.  If the head is heavier in relation to the weight of the golf shaft, the swing weight goes up.  If graphite shafts are typically lighter than steel shafts wouldn't it stand to reason they'd at least be the same length.  There's also the overall weight of something that should be considered but that's not what "swing weight" is.  Am I missing something?  Why would standard graphite shafts length be a half an inch longer?
    • 12/04/20- putting pendulums at 80bpm I can tell that I’m not maintaining the rhythm as it appears initially my putter head is hitting the beats on my feet, but transitions to the ball.
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