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    • In my case, no. Definitely not an absolute formula for everyone.  Some like me need to go the other way. I've been working with @iacas for months to reduce it. I agree with other posters. 
    • Day 282: Played 18 again this morning. Driver wasn’t as good, but short game was better. Played with three older guys, two in their 80s and one in his 70s. I walked, they rode carts,  we finished in 3:15. We were behind four women, 3 in carts and one walking. They never held us up. So there goes the old people are slow theory.
    • There is no one size fits all.  Look at the LDA.  Some of the weirdest swings you will ever see.  And then you look at the PGA tour and you see different swings as well, though not as extreme as the LDA. The key is consistency and being able to generate club head speed.  Don't try bending your trail arm unless you are either going to go back to the old swing if it doesn't work, or are willing to put in the effort to ingrain a bent trail arm swing.  Muscle memory is an amazing thing and without the hard work, you will have inconsistency.
    • I would have to say not making it onto the PGA tour would hurt more.  Theoretically, you have more opportunities at the majors because you are in the tour, have come second in the major and probably have the game to do well enough to qualify for future majors if necessary.
    • They should put a warning on that video. I got scar tissue just from watching it a few times. Yikes.
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