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    By iacas · 07/04/2017 08:01 PM
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    • That's like saying, don't stick your finger in the fan.  Sometimes common sense is simply no match for temptation!
    • Oh wow, that isn't a bunker he's in.  Or at least it wasn't before he got to the course.
      Also the filename says Sylvester but it looks more like Tom.
    • I imagine that's exactly why poorer golfers leave more putts short.  Protecting against the 3-putt.
    • I do the same thing. I make sure I get that par. Especially if my putting is shaky that day.
      The only thing worse than missing a 7 foot birdie putt is turning that GIR into a bogie.
    • Is there a statistic on putts that are too long?
      I do not leave putts short because I am a poor golfer who doesn't know any better.  I leave putts short because I'm a poor golfer and know that manning up and going for the hole is almost guaranteed to cause my ball to not just go past the hole, but to go past the hole so much that the second shot will be longer than the first.
      Hopefully that's not a common trait.
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