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    By 1badbadger · 01/22/2017 02:23 PM
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    • I have almost the same pict. Difference is I am on the other side of the pole. I golfed there a year or so ago. Nice place. Had a good time. 
    • Didn't Nike release the One Black with a black cover?  Did anyone ever try to play them?
    • I'd like to see the black on in play, just for fun...
    • That's awesome.
      (I have nothing else to add)
    • I worked for Bridgestone for over 9 years up until a few months ago.  
      The moisture sensors help when measuring how much roll-out a particular model has when the ground is soft vs. normal vs. hard, which can then be compared to the other models as well as competitor models.
      There is also a green right in front of the tee box which is laser leveled perfectly flat that is used for testing chip and pitch shots.  This eliminates undulations in the green from influencing how the ball reacts, which can then be compared to other models.  It's very cool.  The control room has so many computers and monitors and hi-tech electronics that if needed they could probably launch one of the space shuttles. 
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