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    • Sand And 2ft of weeds to the right. Sand and a forest to the left and not much in between. Then all kinds of nasty traps around the green. Simple don't miss.
    • @jsgolfer had a flop shot he executed well from about 20yd on a direct line from the camera behind @DeadMan. There is a pic somewhere.  It landed softly in a similar spot to where your bunker shot did, in fact. 
      Like you said you expected, it rolled out a ways down that slope.
      Again the camera doesn’t quite show the undulation as dramatically as real life.
    • Hole 7 maybe. I think this was the tee shot I hooked but cleared the trees and ended up 50yds out or so. 
    • Yup, that looks like me.
    • I think it's because the perspective of the photo with the shadows makes it look like they're chipping from an elevation above than the surface of the green. In reality they were about level with the edge of the green, and then it sloped away from them towards the bunker from there. 
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