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  1. Interesting.... When's the PGA show? Jan 22nd? from the PGA 2020 Merchandise Show website: FlightScope Mevo+ is a game-changing 3D Doppler Tracking Radar offering skills combines, golf course simulation, gamification and video capabilities in addition to its 15 accurate data parameters. Mevo+ gives golfers the versatility of indoor and outdoor practice and simulation capabilities with performance data they can trust for under $2,000.
  2. Today's round of golf was pretty special for me. For the first time in quite a while my wife, definately my better half, joined me for 18 holes. Just her, and her SC putter. A few months ago, she underwent brain sergury to remove a benign tumor. Her rehab was quite remarkable, and she has had no ill effects from the sergury, as of yet. One of the first things we did, at her request, after her sergury was, what I thought was an ill advised road trip. However she, and her surgeon convinced me it would be ok. Of course I took my golf clubs, and she took her cameras. They say doctors make the worst patients, and I kind of understand that now. Her being an orthopedic sergeon (retired) herself, she made sure the folks involved in the pre/post sergury were at the top of their game. They all pretty much knew each other anyways. As I understand it, the young doctor who removed the 20 something staples recieved quite an ear full. An ear full of education So this morning, just out of the blue, she tells me let's go golfing. That she would putt against my full game. What this competition amounts too is she drops a ball on the green, at a spot farthest from the cup, and putts from there. Her par is what the hole is. Basically it's my entire bag of clubs, against her, and one of my extra flat sticks SCameron should be proud. She won today's round by 3 strokes, which means I am on the hook for a dinner, and a show, of her choice, later on this week. I even broke 80. Obviously, even though a loser, I am a happy person. After almost 50 years of marriage I still have the woman of my dreams around who likes to golf. Perhaps next time out (a grudge rematch) she will add a few chips, and pitches to our competition. I'm pretty sure she will still win....😍
  3. since @gregsandiego has the argument that a single uses more course resources by hitting two balls I would argue his index of 30 causes him to use significantly more course resources than my 2.6
  4. I've never really agreed with that train of thought. If the course is near empty and you're not holding anybody up, what's wrong with hitting two balls? As far as the singles issue, a single shouldn't be given any more or less respect than anyone else. They shouldn't expect to fly thru the course simple because they're on their own but if there's room on the course, the group ahead shouldn't make that person wait. Just let him thru.
  5. Wow, what a crappy way to view a single. A single deserves just as much respect as anyone else out there on the course because they are a fellow golfer.
  6. This one doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes I grab my clubs and throw them on a cart and I'm gone in 15 seconds. Other times setting up a push cart, taking a phone call, waiting a little for a friend, etc. it might take me ten minutes from the time I pull in until I'm ready. I'm always fast on the golf course.
  7. Then there are those of us who enjoy the game all the more by playing as best we can and by the Rules. 😉
  8. Michigan Golf Journal December 2019 Golf news, travel, and golf information for Michigan golfers
  9. Obviously there is no most forgiving driver. No one even knows your current driver and what you don’t like about it. I mean I’ve had a few Ping drivers and feel they are pretty forgiving, but if your current driver is a Ping, that may not help you much. Things like swing speed, your typical miss, need to launch higher/lower, etc. As the video above shows, there is not that much difference over the past 5 years so you can find something used pretty easily for under $200. John
  10. So, yesterday I played my par-3s in even, par-5s in one under, and averaged 4.5 on par-4s ... and no sixes. Anywhere. Or worse. First time I've done that. Check it out, my scorecard from yesterday (Nov 16, 2019). f This was from the blue tees at Encino golf course in L.A.. The second line is where I put notes for later: G (GIR) or N (near-GIR). I on occasion make other notations (S: I hit sand, A: got to the green as planned but not in either category; F: messed up the hole) I don't do this during tournaments of course. Just saying it here because it's in the picture. In case the challenge has any such restrictions, I played blue tees which are 70.1 / 114 / 6574 yards. No mulligans, played with friends in a skins/modified fourball type casual round. I did accept a few very short conceded putts (none over about a foot). I believe it qualifies for the challenge. And I was fully aware of where I stood, score-wise and challenge wise, when I hit my second shot at #16. So I played the last 11 strokes knowing I had a good round going and a chance to finish the "no sixes" challenge, with a par-5 waiting for me at the end. I hit a good drive, a great 4-wood, and pitched on from 75 yards with a 9-iron (half swing). Almost made the putt for a 75 too 76 beats my previous best score of all time by one (that 77 had two sixes on it... but also three birdies). I get the feeling I'll have a bunch more good scores if I can produce more "no sixes" scorecards
  11. Rouge One is one of my favorites. I grew up with Star Wars. When I went to the first one, there were only 3 of us in the theater, my cousin, my sister and of course me. It was one of the most amazing movies I have ever experienced. Now when I watch the trailers for then The Rise of Skywalker I admit I get pretty emotional. They bring me back to that first one and watching it with my sister. Cancer took her from us 19 years ago, thus the emotions. How I wish I could watch this one with her. So, I get the next best thing. I am going to The Rise of Skywalker with my Sister's daughter and son, as well as with my kids. We all are really looking forward to it. I know there will be tears, sorta Goofy how a movie franchise can do that but we, my sister and I talked non stop about Star Wars as kids.
  12. Rogue One doesn't get a lot of love, but I really like that one. Have rewatched it a couple of times.
  13. My hole in ones were my most, luckiest shots I ever hit. I suppose my "1 in a million" shot was on an island 150 yard par three. I hit my tee shot short, into the the water. I dropped for a three, and holed that shot for a 1 in a million par. Over the years, I have seen all kinds of both good, and bad weird shots. Probably could write a short book on them all. I saw a guy hit what appeared to be a poor, pushed shot on a 520+/- yard, par 5. The ball hit the concrete cart path, and because of the curbing, stayed on the cart path, with the ball rolling to with in 20, or so yards of the green. He then pitched the ball into the hole for a 3 under 2 on that hole. Another time, I took a good friend golfing. He had never golfed before. Hadn't ever touched a club that I knew of. The day before our round, I gave him a few pointers to help him out a little.. On the very first hole he ever played, he makes a hole in one. It was witnessed by two other golfers, besides myself. He went on to shoot something in the 140s iirc. I don't think he ever went golfing again.
  14. For me, this is a no-brainer. Give me the 2 eagles per year for the rest of my life. It would just lead to lower scores.
  15. Definitely hole out from the fairway twice a year for the rest of my life. An eagle on a par four is -2. A hole in one is -2. Two awesome shots/year would be something to look forward to forever.😃
  16. Have you not been paying attention? Wisconsin has allowed three freaking points in the first half TOTAL over six games. They have 4 shut outs over 6 games...and have only allowed 29 points in 6 games! Their defense has scored as many touchdowns over six games is they have allowed all of their opponents to score! And they have a Heisman Trophy candidate running back. I understand that the SEC thinks that the sun rises and sets on their ass, but all you have to do is look at what happened to Georgia today to understand that that ain’t so!
  17. Thank you for the nice words. I think there is a lot of agreement there. I can play fairly well if I set out to do so and keep my concentration. (But hey, it is just a game) Retired Old Man
  18. Sounds like they have inflated egos. If you want to get them to be realistic, make sure they give you the 13 strokes between yours and theirs. I bet they balk at that idea. I bet they say they drive the ball 300 yards on average too.
  19. Here's a brief video on golf pitching technique. Over the years this thread has gotten a LOT of updates, so I encourage you to read through this thread before commenting. However, one thing that hasn't changed is our belief in how this simple technique can save strokes and make pitching easier and even fun. This technique broadens the margin of error by using bounce or "glide" on the club, while allowing you to properly use speed to help control distance, get the ball out of tough lies, and get the ball closer to the hole. It is, by far, the best pitching technique out there, and is exhibited by the best PGA Tour players. There are plenty of testaments to its functionality throughout this thread (and site), so please enjoy, and thank you for watching.
  20. I’d go with this. You’re at a point where it’s one of the highest improving curve. Don’t be too convinced it’s the clubs that are making your improvements. If you’re making swing changes/progress you’ll probably see some variation in your ball striking so don’t attribute too much of it to the clubs you’re using. That being said the driver is an important club and you have to feel comfortable with it. There are great deals on older models out there. Cheers!
  21. Had a great first lesson last night. My pro instructor Fred is great. Takeaways from the lesson were 1) further tweaking to my grip; 2) focus on in to out swing plane - goal is to have the ball curving left to help overcome my tendency to slice the ball; and 3) hands closer to the body and left arm straight on the backswing. I was having a really hard time applying the new tips while at the same time forgetting my old bad habits and could not get clean iron shots which was frustrating to say the least but, as Fred told me, to be expected when learning something new. After the lesson I spent some time hitting a couple of balls and was hitting the driver great. At this point, I feel very comfortable with the driver and am shifting my focus to practicing my irons. This morning I had the pleasure of hitting the driving range before work (early bird special 🙂) and I had a great session (AND A LOT OF FREE BALLS!!! Definitely recommend going to the driving range in the morning as a lot of people don't have time to finish their buckets before their tee times and are kind enough to leave the balls behind for anyone who wants them). I finally began hitting my irons pure towards the end of the session while applying my takeaways from last night's session and I left feeling very optimistic!
  22. Installed Pure grips on my clubs and they are still in "like new" condition after 250 rounds. Feel great, excellent gripping hold when playing. Many NP Cup members wrote reviews after having their clubs gripped at the Pure facility in Phoenix. Pure Grips Review They can be purchased at - Pure Grips They are well worth a few bucks more....
  23. PURE grips look interesting. I still remember the review @iacas did on them like 10 years ago. Its about time for me to regrip my clubs, but I don't know if the additional cost for the PURE grips is worth it. I can get Golf Pride Tour Wraps (the grips I have now) for about $5.00 a grip. PURE Grips are going to run me about about $9.00. Anyone that uses them have an opinion? Are they worth the extra cost?
  24. Wrong. It is. Not 100% but far, far from 0% too.
  25. "Better players hit it better", on that we agree. For any given swing speed, center contact with properly aligned swing path and clubface will produce the maximum distance. Better players make that proper contact more often, so they generally get close to the maximum potential distance. Ergo, a better player will hit it further, on average, than a poorer player with the same swing speed. Better players have better mechanics, they do things to maximize their swing speed while still getting proper contact. That doesn't mean SOME poorer players don't get high swing speeds, but IN GENERAL a player with better mechanics will produce higher swing speeds. Higher swing speeds coupled with consistently better contact will result in more distance. Nobody has ever argued that there aren't exceptions to the general trend. I haven't seen the data for the correlations between driver distance and handicap, but I imagine there's plenty of scatter. Your baseball players are part of that scatter.
  26. Many people misunderstand statistics, I know I'm no expert. But statistics are taken from a broad population of golfers, and can identify trends. In general, better players (lower handicaps) hit the ball further than less accomplished players. I'm a 4 handicap right now, and I do hit the ball further than most 12 handicaps I know. But not all. There are exceptions to every generalization, we're all different. But statistical trends hold true for a big percentage of players. When a 15 tells me he hits it over 300 yards, I'm more skeptical than if a 5 tells me the same thing. They might both be correct, but the 15 is MUCH further from the norm than the 5 is. The problem, as I see it, is that we initially tend to lump individuals into statistical categories. When we learn more about the individual, we often learn about the ways that they differ from the statistical norm.
  27. What exactly is the story here? Player got upset he wasn't given relief and vented? I don't blame him a bit. I like Patrick. A lot. I think the only "problem" with Reed is he SAYS what others are THINKING. This upsets the same people who complain about the players who give the same canned, rehearsed answers over and over.
  28. For me, I can finally start swinging the clubs again. I haven't been able to play since last August. Since then, two surgeries and a few injections and therapy. But I finally feel well enough to start practicing again. I should be able to hit balls in the next week. You don't realize how much you miss golf until you can't play it.
  29. If they're lazy, they don't do the aeration at all. Since they've done it twice in a short time period, I'd guess that there's a specific issue that they're trying to address. In our area, this is prime grass-growing weather, so this is a good time to plant new seed, and a good time for greens to heal. If its me, I'd ask about it, hoping to learn something.
  30. Great advice. Take the 100 shooter and focus solely on putting, transforming that player into a PGA Tour caliber putter and you'll have someone who shoots 95 with 30 putts per round. Good luck breaking 90.
  31. If I am playing as a single walker, and the course takes my money, I don't worry about other groups on the course. First off I am never in hurry. If the group in front slows me down, it's no big deal. I can wait. If someone wants to play through, or join me, that's not a problem either. The idea that allowing other golfers to dictate, or manipulate my game just never crosses my mind. I am out there for fun and relaxation. No one is going to ruin that for me.
  32. Time on course? Really? That's hilarious. If I'm waiting behind people I'm going to finish my round in the same amount of time if I play 2 balls or 1. Heck I have played two balls and still had to wait. You are paying for a tee slot on the course. Whether there is 1 or 4 of you in the tee slot you get the same exact amount of time to play. I've even been told by the person in the clubhouse "it's going to be a bit slow out there, you may want to play two balls" more than once when checking in as a single. And if the course is wide open taking more time is hurting nobody. Never once called any names, that's also a strange thing to say. Hate may be strong but I don't mean it in the literal sense either, just some of what you have said in this thread seems like you have some serious dislike for singles. Which I can't understand.
  33. If the single is playing two balls in order to keep their pace slowed down in order to not run up on the group in front, especially knowing there isn't room to play through, it makes just as much sense also. I don't get the hate or attitude of people like @gregsandiego have towards singles on the course. Singles are typically the more dedicated of golfers because we will still go play if we don't have a group to go with.
  34. I've seen a lot of superintendents with a faithful dog that has free reign on the golf course, and I know some golf courses use dogs to chase away the geese… so I'm not sure the pesticides are a big issue, or the super's dogs wouldn't be out there. Heck, the super has a dog at Chautauqua Golf Club.
  35. Face balanced, toe hang… it doesn't matter much. Perhaps you just aim your putter to the left.
  36. I know a guy who does not have any PGA/USGA/Whatever teaching credentials. He has his garage set up with all the latest swing training equipment. All kinds of electronic stuff. He uses his garage so that he does not interfere with resident course teaching pros. When it comes time for actual range sessions, he just sits and watches his student hit balls, and takes notes. Once the range session is done, he and the student go back to his garage, and go over what the instructor saw, and noted. The fact that he lives very near the driving range makes for very little time lost. He is a young man in his early 20s who I watched grow up, and has a day job. Golf is a hobby for him, and he is very good at the game/sport. I pass this info along to help with the OP's problem of teaching on some other instructor's turf.
  37. Fair enough to offer your opinion. Just don't pretend it's a fact. YOU think the 58-60˚ is very difficult to hit consistently. I never found that to be true. I got my 60˚ when I was probably a 13-14. It was instantly and BY FAR my best greenside club. As I've gotten better I've gone back to mixing it up more and taking shots around the green both with my 54˚ and 60˚, but the 60˚ is still my go to club more often than not. I don't get the oh so careful with the 60˚ advice. If you take a fat swing and clump the ball 10 yards, it's still gonna be a fat ugly clumper with a PW or GW, no? Maybe it'll go a bit further, but it's still not gonna be the shot you want. And a thin shot is a thin shot. I feel like the only added danger is actually exactly when the ball is sitting up, cause then with a 60˚ it's easier to basically whiff and slide the club totally under the ball and just sort of fluff the ball up with the grass a yard or two.
  38. They'll throw rocks at you when you start taking their money!
  39. I look in front of the ball to wear I want my divot. Bobby Clampett's, "The Impact Zone" describes this in detail. I think it helps me shift my weight forward more consistently.
  40. the point is that if your right hand and left hand are not 'palms facing' then you'll have an issue keeping the club on plane. If your right hand is in a stronger position than your left the club will not hinge correctly shutting the face and pulling the shaft inside your hands eventually this will end up being across the line but also pointed more towards the sky.
  41. Nothing against it. In fact, the Precept Lady was a pretty popular ball, especially for older men with slower swings but many didn't like hitting a ladies ball so they came out with the Precept Laddie... pretty much the same ball.
  42. If you have a really strong grip, you would actually need a some cupping to get he face square. If you have a really strong grip plus a flat left wrist at the top, the clubface will likely be really closed.
  43. We could win what? Golf, as a sport, probably has some of the least athletic people playing it on a regular basis (bowling notwithstanding). If the "average" high handicapper plays other sport as poorly as they play golf, I can see why they've quit all other sports and now focus on golf. People are joining clubs, entering tournaments, and playing for money by using a handicapping system that rewards terrible play - as long as it's consistent. I've played with some very unathletic "golfers" (people with no coordination of any kind) in the past 20+ years who honestly believe that with the right equipment and enough range balls they'll excel. Golf isn't any harder than tennis, hockey, or any number of other sports, but a lot of us sure do suck. Why don't more rec hockey players copy the style of Mario Lemieux? Because . . . we . . . suck!!
  44. Thats funny... I have also just started looking a bit ahead or the ball too! It really helped my consistency.
  45. I have to really concentrate to hit good iron shots. In my head I am telling myself to aim in front of the ball to ensure that I hit down on the ball. It works for me and has really improved my iron striking.
  46. I have had chronic problems with this for several years. My doc said cortisone a bad idea. He feels this is one of the reasons there are so many torn tendons in pro sports these days. The doc helped me develop my routine. Ice before and after play or practice, wrist, forearm and elbow. Stretching several times a day, simple and only takes moments, strengthening off season. I believe limiting knock down and stinger type shots helps. Sawing off your follow through adds stress. I hit more draws and emphasize a full relaxed release when it starts coming back. I do feel graphite has helped also, less vibration and less weight. My doc advised complete rest for only one week, no golf but other activity to help maintain muscle tone.
  47. I had tennis elbow in both elbows, even though I don't play tennis. It is a little different than golf elbow because of which tendon is inflamed but the symptoms are similar. My orthopedic guy who happens to also be a avid golfer treated mine and both are in good shape now. You won't believe what he did and even he said it sounds like voodoo but it appears to work. He stuck a needle multiple times into my elbow and just poked it around. He said it was a variation of injecting your own blood into the elbow to help it heal. The sticks cause it to bleed inside and this is supposed to help the healing. He was almost hesitant to suggest it but he knew I wanted to play. I said what the hell, lets try it, he did it and it worked.
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