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  1. I'm sympathetic to the idea that it would be nice if the people who could less easily afford golf could be given a discounted rate, but you should ask yourself who golf courses generally give discounted rates to, and why. The answer, from what I've experienced, are juniors and seniors. The reason for seniors is obvious: most golf course tee sheets are wider open when people are at work (morning and midday during the week), which is when seniors are more likely to be not working and out and about. The reasons for juniors are partially the same (in the summer, at least), but also because juniors have more of their lives in front of them, and if you can hook them young with low rates they're more likely to keep coming back. Now, ask yourself: do those reasons apply to college students? Definitely not for the first one. College students generally have classes midday during the week. The second is also not applicable because college students are transient. They're only going to be there for four years, and they're probably not going to be there during the summer, when they go home. So there's no real economic reason, from the course's perspective, to give them a discounted rate. I'll add three more points: Check out the club golf team. Mine had a deal with a (surprisingly nice) local course that let us get free range balls and play rounds for next to nothing. You didn't even have to play in the tournaments. And the university subsidized the team, so there were no dues. All of your points do actually show up somewhere in the golf world: cheaper private courses. Most private courses in the $1k-$5k yearly range offer significantly reduced rates for people in their teens, 20s, sometimes up to like 35. The reason, I'm assuming, is because they know people in that age range are less likely to be able to afford the full dues, but they want to keep the age range of their membership somewhat diverse. (Their reasons, thus, aren't really the altruistic ones you're arguing for.) If you're trying to use this as the basis for a thesis or something, that's an incorrect (albeit increasingly common) usage of the phrase "to beg the question." You're really looking for "to raise the question." Begging the question is a whole separate thing.
  2. Usually during the winter I join the Davison Athletic Club to use their 3 hitting bays but because of Covid-19, they aren't taking any new members. I had the opportunity to play Sugarbush 10/23. (Very nice and very challenging course) They are putting some big bucks into their club house, renovating the menu and adding 3 simulators. Since I didn't have a winter plan to stay active, I decided to ask about their winter membership. They have a winter membership from November 1st thru March 31st. Their winter membership cost $600 ($500 if paid by 10/31). At $30/hr it doesn't take long to recoup the cost. I decided this was a great deal to keep active and purchased the membership. I was/am looking forward to using the simulator to play the many courses but also the "range" to work on my swing. Yesterday they had their "renovations open house". I left a long hike with our Meet-up group early to make the open house and when I walked in they asked if I wanted to sign up to use the simulators and enter the give away drawing. Within minutes I was the proud winner of a "winter membership"! I now have two memberships. My golf partners live about 30 minutes away and decided they wouldn't use it enough to justify their drive. With my membership they can play whenever I play at no cost anyway. Go figure! I'm going to enjoy the winter using the simulators.
  3. https://backswing.com/interviews/erik-barzeski-golf-evolution/ I stumbled across that interview and thought I would share it.
  4. Here are approach shots for Erik, Bill, John, and Jonny on Hole #18 John, Bill, Jonny, Erik,
  5. Yes, that is him. According to post, he lives there. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHxr7fapstp/
  6. There are many many things in the world that are "unfair" in just this way. If you don't have enough money, you can't have dinner at the French Laundry, you can't purchase a penthouse in Manhattan, you can't drive a Bentley. Every one of these is available to the general public, all you have to do is pony up the cash. The responsibility of a business is to make money for the owners. If the course is full of golfers at the normal rate, why would they take less money for one of those precious spots on the tee sheet? I'm not opposed to offering a discount wherever the owner or management decides its appropriate, but its their choice. Lowered rates for younger players might be a positive thing for the long-term health of golf, but should individual businesses sacrifice financially right now?
  7. Today, three members were removed from the site. They were banned for multiple reasons, but in the simplest terms, they repeatedly made clear they didn't enjoy the moderation of the site or their often racist/misogynist/sexist/agist/etc. posts. Their memories of moderation (specifically of deleted posts) didn't align at all with reality, and often attempted to convince others of their distaste, many times unprompted. They sent rude emails to moderators, rude PMs. They also had plenty of coaching and warnings to guide them back, but resisted. We do not like to ban people and rarely do it. But their behavior added nothing to the site content and only agitated the rest of the membership. We apologize for letting them continue their behavior longer than they deserved.
  8. I can’t think of any other person who is remotely even close to being banned right now. These three, honestly, they probably should have just left on their own or been banned or more heavily warned months ago. The things they said were outrageous. I don’t care if someone calls me out for disagreeing. Others can see that. I hate when people make up their own facts about “deleted posts” and all manner of bullshit. The moderators get a real behind-the-scenes look at stuff. They see the emails we get after someone is rightfully warned. They see the nasty DMs. They see the occasional deleted post where someone goes off the rails… only to have them come back in a week after their warning punishment ends and go off on a rant, hold a grudge, and ignore the role they played in deserving the warning. Often, these individuals will find one other aggravated person on the site and then their views are simply emboldened. Rather than take responsibility for their own actions, they take this second person as “proof” of what a jerk I am 24/7, or @boogielicious, or @billchao, or whomever. They ignore the fact that hundreds or thousands of others either haven’t seen their post(s) or actually disagree with them, and see them as the jerk, or the one misbehaving, or whatever. I post a lot, and I’m the admin, so it’s also true that everyone assumes it’s me who’s given them a warning or whatever. It’s almost never me, because our rule is that we don’t give warnings when we’re involved in the discussion (if our involvement goes beyond “hey, settle down buddy”). Another moderator gives the warning, and they’re always autonomous - if they think the other moderator involved in the discussion is being a wimp, they’re free to say so and not give a warning. Lord knows I’ve disagreed plenty of times with @Vinsk, @David in FL, and others. They’re some of my favorite members, because they don’t take disagreement (on opinions) personally, and they’ll keep coming back at me with their opinions. I love that. What a boring place it would be if everyone just agreed on everything? It’d be an echo chamber. I’ve said more times than I can count that I love being told I’m “wrong” about something (factual) because I can instantly improve my knowledge if the other person can show me what they’re talking about. It doesn’t happen too often, but the times it does… I love it! This shit’s just golf, and yet, people take this shit FAR too seriously. I’ve put 72,000 posts on here in 16+ years, and yet… I don’t even take this shit all that seriously. I don’t think about the site much when I’m not on it. Unless you’re a perpetual pain in the ass, I don’t remember shit. I don’t hang on to shit. I mentioned two guys above, and I can’t remember the last thing(s) we’ve argued over. (That’s not entirely true - @Vinsk and I argued over football, which I don’t care about at all at the college level, but I did enjoy the sparring session using mostly @saevel25’s data/info.)
  9. CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even back and a 2 under 68 for the day. 30 putts. 15/18 GIR. Somehow managed to hang a great score while not having the best day driving. Only managed to hit 2 fairways all day. I’ll take the score and be happy for my first round under 70 and first under par!
  10. I found this quite interesting. Golfers don't see most of the stuff shown in the video. We only deal with the aftermath which happens to be one of the last parts of the process.
  11. Starting on January 3 (because that's the Sunday), my intent with this topic is to have those of us with SuperSpeed sticks (or those of us who can get them by then) to band together, fill out a spreadsheet together, and improve our speed over the winter. SuperSpeed can get boring, and this group will function like a gym buddy to keep us all motivated. Those of us who complete the challenge, I'll create a badge for us to wear proudly on our profile(s). I've created a sheet, so if you're interested, do a few things: Add yourself to the Google Sheet below. Just your name, and username, for now. Get your SuperSpeed sticks ready. Get them if you need them. Follow this topic by clicking the "Follow" thing in the top-right corner. Figure out how you're going to measure your speed. More on this coming in the second post. In later December I'll post the protocol videos for the first few weeks, along with how we'll measure for the spreadsheet. Google Sheets: Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free. Create a new spreadsheet and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. Use Sheets to edit Excel files. Free from Google. Speed Kills, fellas, so let's get some more of it.* You can get SuperSpeed sticks here: https://superspeedgolf.com/collections/all-products/products/superspeed-golf-training-system-for-men?aff=40. Yeah, that's an affiliate link, so if you buy that way I'll make enough to afford a single trip to Starbucks. Thank you. * Bryson's 15,000 calorie/day diet not included.
  12. I have now had this conversation with another person on another forum. I've said things like "the math bears this out." I was then criticized for not sharing the "math" and even "making it up" or just yelling "science!" like a COVID denier (or a mask denier, or whatever…). I haven't quantified the math because I don't know the exact math. We have something like 10x the number of golfers playing golf now than we did in the 1970s. This same person keeps saying that he thinks that Tiger's competition doesn't stack up to Jack's, and will say things like "there are fewer 1A players today." He'll list Seve, Watson, Floyd, Irwin, Trevino, Palmer, Player, and others as competitors to Jack, and will, if pushed, list only Phil, Ernie, and maybe Vijay as competitors to Tiger. He'll scoff at Michael Campbell beating Tiger in the 2005 U.S. Open at Pinehurst (and, I guess, ignore that Tiger beat Phil, Vijay, and Ernie?). He'll cite that Player (etc.) all have more majors than Ernie, Phil, and Vijay… and Dustin Johnson, and Jordan Spieth, etc.… while ignoring that those players also benefited from weak fields too. So, in an attempt to put "the math" into a visual form, I came up with this list. If we assume that all golfers are on a somewhat normal curve (a bell curve), this is the tippy top of the curve. The top whatever %. In Jack's day, it may be the top 0.003%. Today, it may be the top 0.0003%, as we saw about a ten-fold increase in the number of players from 1970 to 2005. At any rate, the top graph has 34 dots, with the red dot being Jack, and the bottom has 100 dots, or about triple the number. This is a cautious approach, as I genuinely think the real number of dots should be more than three-fold. The "probability of winning" goes from maybe 0.2% (1 in 500 events) on the left to something (non-linearly) higher on the right. The bottom graph illustrates how much more difficult it is to win in 2005 than in 1970. 3x as many players are squished into far less space. This reduces the chances of one of the top (two, five, ten…) guys winning in two ways: Tripling the number of players, even if the distribution was the same, would reduce everyone's chances by about 1/3. Shifting the players to the right (higher chances of winning, or reducing "1 in 500" to, say, "1 in 200" events) similarly reduces the chances of others winning. For example, if 10 players go from 0.2% to 0.5%, that 3% has to come from somewhere. This graph illustrates that not only are the top 100 players capable of winning the event that week (the real number is likely 200, and includes people who aren't even in the field, a few good Korn Ferry Tour players, etc.), but that those players at the top. To check the "math" I talked with Lou Stagner, someone who KNOWS the math. He and I had this conversation (click to see full-size): His tweet is this one: Later in the conversation, Lou said this: This is an example I always give. Imagine you invent a game when you are a kid. You and 19 of your friends play every day. 20 players total. You are the best at it of all your friends. The game catches on. And soon there are 100 players. Are you still the best? Then there are 200. You still the best? Then 500. Then 1000 Then 10,000 Are you still the best? Odds are not in your favor. I replied: Right. I've made this point… Imagine you field a football team of 50 from a town of 5,000. They play a football team from a town of 500,000. There are "decent" (way below 50%, but not 0%) odds that the starting QB from the town of 5,000 will be better than the QB from the town of 500,000. But there is basically no chance that the starting QB, RB, two WR, the kicker, a safety, a cornerback, and two linebackers from the town of 5,000 will be better than their counterparts from the town of 500,000. That the best ten (or nine) players from the small town will be better than the best nine/ten from the town of 500,000. It's effectively a 0% chance. So, the #1 player right now (Dustin Johnson) may not be better than Jack. That's not a guarantee. But the top 10 players are almost definitely better than the top 10 players of 1970. Lou, again, in response to that (in addition to liking my last post: Great example. I love it. Perfect. Tiger faces not only DEEPER, but STRONGER at every level. And yeah, Seve won his share of majors, as did Trevino and Watson and Palmer (their careers overlap with Jack's less than many realize) and Player, but they too were taking advantage of the shallow, weak fields. THIS is what the math shows, and there's almost NO chance that the best ten or even the best five players of 1970 were better than the best five or ten players of 2005, let alone for a period of several years, let alone for a decade, or a career. P.S. Here's a full-size link to the conversation: https://p197.p4.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/eDuwk5RY/conversation.jpg?v=091ffa1f177b2801866b7e32f2f14126. I forgot TST would resize the image to fit within a boundary.
  13. Anyone else enjoy the sight of BDC being driven back to the tee to reload as much as I do?
  14. Don't want to jinx it but in the last week have hit several shots that just sounded different, more flushed. Doing a better job of creating "tension" at address and in transition of "spreading the ground" and working through those hip joints. With Mario today, working on an important piece that I've been drilling in the gym and at home with breathing and corrective exercises. Keeping the scaps "down" allows the torso to tighten and the shoulders to connect and ride on top of the upper ribs. Basically it makes it easier to rotate on top of the pelvis. Also when that clubhead banks inward at 2, that's when those shoulders shrug and the rotation is just coming from the shoulders and not the ribs/spine. I think this is going to be more of something I train and not a cue. Going to stick with the "turn sternum" cue or "turn sternum all the way to the top" image.
  15. Working hard towards 170 ball speed.
  16. Been re-reading the book...last night I was on page 89 where Erik discusses the Gate drill and Double Gate drill. The idea came to me that my grandson's small play football goal would make a perfect gate for hitting the practice balls through. So this morning I got out there with the 4h, the football "gate" goal, some "double gate" tees and a few of the hard foam practice balls. What a perfect visual to work on ball striking and early flight....Later today, I used the same base setup to help my grandson on getting his chip shots with his 9iron flying through the goal...again about 20' out. Nothing like seeing the smile on a 4yr old when they hit it pure....Here's a pic of the goal....
  17. I was watching the Golf Channel years ago. A guy called in and said "I've been pulling my putz a lot lately". The hosts refrained from laughing but I did not. I figured the correct answer was "As long as you are discreet about it and don't hold up play...enjoy yourself". But seriously...I pull putts when I peek. If my head turns during the stroke the putt goes left of where I intended it to. My solution is to focus on the line, and the pace, rather than previewing the result.
  18. More of the same stuff today. Hit it solidly. Extended the left knee earlier in these swings.
  19. 3 points
    There are several things which take almost no talent to do correctly, and if you can do them, you can become a better golfer and stay a better golfer. These things should be touchstones of a sort, things you check on constantly, but again which take no (or at least not much) actual skill to achieve. These are things even beginners can do. These lists are off the top of my head. Tier 1: No Real Talent Grip the club properly - in the base of the fingers, with the right number of knuckles showing for your swing. Set up properly - weight over the right part of your feet, arms hanging almost vertically, ball position forward of center. Learn the ball flight laws. You only have to learn them once. Learn that bad shots happen, and don't require a change to what you're doing or attempting to do. Change your grips when they get worn, slick, hard. Get a video camera, alignment sticks, and a few other training aids. You don't have to spend a lot of money here. Use decent clubs. Your muscle back 2-iron is probably not helping you much. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Your skin and your eyes are important. Tier 2: Minimal Talent Grip the club firmly while remaining athletically "loose" with the rest of your body. Tension in the wrong places can be a killer. Loose muscles are fast muscles. Learn what "start line" and curve your ball has on any given shot. You'll be miles ahead of the game when it comes to solving problems with your swing for the rest of your life. Practice effectively. It doesn't matter if you practice for 10 minutes or 10 hours a week, if you can practice effectively, you'll squeeze as much out of that time as you can. Nobody practices perfectly, but 90% effective is better than 30% effective. Nobody hits perfect shots when practicing, either, but you can make changes when practicing properly. Learn the Shades of Grey and your Shot Zones. Play quickly. Play without fear - golf is just a game we play. Tier 3: Some Talent Learn to putt with a backswing and downswing that are about the same size. If your ball goes too short and you feel you have to make a huge stroke, just swing it faster, but keep the through and backswing lengths the same. Learn to hit a chip shot with some forward shaft lean and without throwing the trail wrist. I'm amazed at how few people can do this, even if they're just hitting a shot onto a range with no real target, solely trying to "do" this motion. Learn how to make partial swings, particularly with wedges. Learn how to have a "B" swing for days when things are not going well. Develop a ball flight — it's okay if it changes as you continue to improve — and apply the bullet point in the section above to play it. I allotted myself 15 minutes to write this post and come up with what I could come up with, and that's it. Please add your own in the comments below.
  20. So I am playing a course tomorrow that I have not played before, and looking at the layout, I decided to create my first yardage book, just to see if I could. All I used was Google Earth, PowerPoint, a printer, scissors, laminating sheets, hole punch, and binder rings. Did not turn out too bad for my first attempt. Now that Covid has me staying at home all the time, I have plenty of free time to tinker around. Let me know what you guys think. I only laminated the front and back cover so I can leave the rest to write notes.
  21. I am not a psychologist but I have encountered enough, on television and in print, to offer an opinion on the subject. Wearing a white belt can indicate several things...or not. It really depends on the circumstances surrounding the individual. 1) It could be a part of a uniform. The guy cops on television shows based in the tropics often wear white belts and might, without really thinking about it, wear the same belts when they hit the links. 2) The white belt could be a gift. As such...one might feel obligated to wear it once in a while. 3) One may have grown up when wearing white belts was normal (along with white shoes) and thus think nothing of it. 4) It may be one of the few belts one owns. I own two...one tan and one red. If I owned a white belt I would probably wear it from time to time. 5) Or it could be a twisted cry for help. Although it would be more efficient to simply ask for help...we do not always think clearly when distressed. 6) Lastly...it is possible that some people like white belts. There is, after all, no accounting for taste.
  22. Giving TRUE shoes another try, these feels pretty good. I like how my left foot is given more freedom to pronate on the backswing. First couple swings are focusing more on the foot torque and creating as much tension as possible at 1 (glutes, core, feet) and keeping it during the swing. Spreading the ground on the backswing and downswing, hips can't get spinny if I maintain that stability. Hit some really solid shots working on that today. Then the last two swings are more on the play feel of turning the sternum.
  23. Well, that didn't take very long, all I had to do was buy a new Driver. Just picked up the G410. Speed has been improving week by week though. Nice to see every ball at 160+ even with some off center hits.
  24. One more thing. Is it also "unfair" that 40-year-olds have to pay a mortgage payment, save money for their kids to go to college and/or their own retirement? Is it "unfair" that a 40-year-old will have to provide food, clothing, housing, vehicles, insurance, utilities, etc... for their families? Is it "unfair" that if a college student hits a bump in the financial road he/she can move back in with his/her folks, but a 40-year-old needs to maintain a financial cushion and/or savings to keep his/her family off the streets? Is it "unfair" that many 40-year-olds make sacrifices (both financial and other sacrifices) far greater than giving up golf to provide for their families? Is it "unfair" that many 40-year-olds are really hurting financially right now thanks to a world wide pandemic. Is it "unfair" that they lose sleep every night worrying about how they are going to provide for their families? Okay, I realize that I'm a little off the rails here. I'm just suggesting that you consider things deeply before you throw around words like "unfair". I would also argue that the 40-year-old and the college student each have the same "opportunities" to make money. They've just chosen to "invest" their time, talent, and treasures in different ways. (But that's probably a deeper discussion for another day.) I really like @DaveP043's comment.
  25. I’ve got two words for you: they’re. 😉
  26. Day 1 Finally back doing the golf thing. Without going into a lot of detail, I lost strength in the legs for almost any activity, including standing and balance. After impressive work done by my primary care physician. cardiologist, and great physical therapists, all is in order for doing "golf activities". First re-pairs were adding a stent to a blocked artery and doing a LOT of physical therapy. THEN it was decided to put a Watchman in me and all has been cleared in terms of activity. So far I can chip and putt and lightly swing my Orange Whip®. So I did a little of each. Results were "OK" for now. All showed severe rust; but, I expected that. I was chipping into a net and was happy with the feel. Orange Thing was mainly simple shoulder to shoulder. Just past my feet so not a full swing. I involved some foot activity. Putting was 10 minutes on my indoor mat. Great to be back!
  27. Banned! Too much sucking up. But seriously, though, thanks. A few people can cloud the perception by and of many. The vast majority of people here are great members. Great members that we enjoy helping, talking with, playing golf with. They don't even point out every time we end sentences with prepositions.
  28. I’m a 6 right now. I’ve had the same rounds. Normally it’s when I am absolutely lost on the course. Can’t drive, can’t chip, can’t putt, can’t put a solid swing on a ball. Can’t even make a bogey on those days. It happens to people of all handicaps but some folks feel like when they get to a certain level that they are immune to it. They are not. You will have those rounds. I’ll have those rounds. Nothing to worry about. Normally if I have one of those rounds I go back out the next day.... and shoot a 76.
  29. As the moderator here I will say a few facts and a few opinions: We almost never delete posts. Fewer than 10/month that aren't spam. And when we do, they're often something like four a time, where a member posts something, a moderator replies, the member replies again, and so does the moderator. After a time, all the posts - since they're off topic - may be removed. We have three levels of moderation, basically: Level 1: Verbal warning in the topic. Usually short, since it's off-topic, and done by a moderator or occasionally just by another member who knows what's acceptable? Level 2: An actual warning, with points. Level 3: An actual warning, with points (often more points than level 2), and deletion of the post. In other words, non-spam posts aren't deleted without notification. Turns out, people who are jerks just like to tell their side of the story, and hang their hat on "my post was deleted!" and leave out "… because I was being an insensitive ass" or "… because I continued to break a forum rule." Opinions cannot be "right" or "wrong." You can disagree with them, but far too many people these days take disagreements personally. The moderation team here has all met. They've played golf with a number of the members here. They've had disagreements with a number of the members here… just like they have had with their friends, their family, and other people they love. Stop trying to look for ways to be offended or pissed. You have your opinions, others have theirs. Text has no tone to it. Read everything as if the voice in your head is smiling as they say it. Give others the benefit of the doubt, or at least ask if they're having a go at you, because they almost never are. "He who lives in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." If you've never had a bad day, you can be critical of others when they may be having one. No, you've had bad days yourself, so you understand what I'm saying here? Thought so. Stop forming immutable opinions of people and then reading everything through those glasses. People are not their first impression. And if you've made 356 posts, and one crosses the line and you get moderated, well that was 1 out of 356. Keep it in perspective. Moderation is almost not needed (outside of spam) if everyone simply follows a few basic ideas: Talk about the topic. Don't be a jerk. Don't assume others are being jerks. It's really pretty simple.
  30. Because Tiger. Watching the online stream, couldn't help a few take a few screenshots. These are for you, @colin007:
  31. Several nit-picky points: No such thing as casual water anymore. Temporary water doesn't have to be a "puddle." You have to have virtual certainty it's in the area with temporary water. Like a credible witness could say "I saw it splash in this area of wet mud right here." You don't have to dig through the mud to find it. I don't think spectators can get up on that side of #3 very well, but they could have certainly directed everyone to a smaller area to search.
  32. As long as I hear ‘ and another birdie for Tiger’ I don’t need any crowds. 😃
  33. Posting for future practices.
  34. Lee Elder to serve as honorary starter at 2021 Masters Lee Elder, the first Black golfer to compete in the Masters, will be an honorary starter for the 2021 tournament. Additionally, Augusta National will fund the start-up of a women's golf program at nearby Paine College, an...
  35. Updated swings. Hit these really solid. Dynamic loft is coming down 👍 Working on: - More stability in the setup (more torque with the feet), neutral neck. Goal is to keep the torque feeling during the whole swing. - Loading well into my right glute to shore up the right leg/foot on the backswing and give myself room on the downswing. - Starting the pivot by moving the sternum and keep it moving throughout the entire backswing. Reason why I have that tape on my shirt to track the sternum movement. When I've been practicing I've been doing a 32 ball drill I learned from an instructor who gets deep into the neuroscience. Goes like this. Make about 3-4 rehearsals on the motion you want, repeat the cue to yourself, then hit a ball focusing on the cue. Ask yourself if you that's what you wanted, basically did you get close to repeating the feel. Jot down yes or no in a journal (I use Notes on my phone). If you didn't do it, then make 3-4 more rehearsal moves and anchor those that feel. Repeat three more times. With the next four balls do the rehearsals, repeat the cue but when you hit the shot, just hit the shot. Again, check in with yourself and evaluate if you did it and jot it down. Then repeat the process three more times, so in total you're doing four sets of four reps doing your best to repeat the motion you want followed by four sets of four in play mode. Goal is to get to the high 20's or into the 30's which shows you're creating those new neural pathways. Goal is to not react to the result/shot and just evaluate how well you did the motion. More simple the cue the better and I'm told from guys that have gotten results that external cues are better than internal ones. Basically used my cue as a mantra when I was in a pressure situation when I won this tournament.
  36. Is this what you are referring to! this is the Rife Golf IMO Trainer. I know nothing about it other than it is similar to your description.
  37. This was such a big problem for me and part of it was what @Piz suggested. I switched to left hand low to putt. It's not for everyone but works for me. I practice what @Vinsk suggests, it pays dividends, highly recommended.
  38. Some notes from hitting the ball decently well this past weekend in Virginia. Backswing 1. Start swing with right hip back. 2. Add a small bit hinge and height with arms. Downswing 1. Turn and get right side through. 2. Straighten left leg sooner, get a bit more extension. 3. Try to hit the ball left. Overall things turned out well. If I didn't do the downswing well enough I would hit slight pushes right and fat some of my irons. When I did the downswing stuff better, the ball flight is pretty neutral, maybe slight pulls from time to time.
  39. 3 points

    From the album: 2020 Royal New Kent and (Bedford Springs) Outing

    This photo even includes our event organizer, who managed to arrive ten whole minutes before the first tee times were set to head out. 🙂

    © 2020, Erik J. Barzeski

  40. I know I know, there is an excel spreadsheet but I like to write things down on paper...I joined this new club in June and have been keeping track of all my pars and birdies. My goal was to par every hole at least once, which I completed already. My season ends at the end of November (weather permitting) so there is not much time left to finish the birdie challenge. I think I will eventually birdie #3,7,10 if I have more time, but doubt #20,21,23 will ever happen. My home course is Paako Ridge and it has 27 holes. Depending on the combination of 9s, here’s the yardage/rating/slope that I play (from the forward tees): Course 1&2 5755/72.6/139 Course 2&3 5886/72.9/141 Course 1&3 5937/73.3/140 I am really happy with what I have accomplished in the last 5 months!
  41. Just purchased the following for post surgery golf being that I am a USAF Veteran I thought they would be appropriate.
  42. Today’s Session 10-27-20 GOALS: Internal rotation of trail hip Wider, shorter backswing (if goal 1 gets easier) Swings (with 8 iron today) Goal 1: Trail legs This looks like success to me. Trail knee is facing pretty straight (FO). Goal 2: Wide arms, shorter backswing I was not able to try this too much today. Goal 1 still took too much mental effort. I will be able to work on shortening backswing soon. I must get the club to go more “around” and less “up”. This path causes shanks for me. Takeaway must be more “low and away” Arm action seems wide enough. Just have to not hinge wrists up so fast. Also my head is not twisting and kinking as bad. I’m not thinking about it, but it is doing better.
  43. Here's my first (final?) stab at groupings: Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:00: @iacas @Slim_Pivot @Divot Master Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:10: @Hardspoon @Hardspoon's genetic near-equivalent @saevel25 Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:00: @DaveP043 @DaveP043's better half @saevel25 @Divot Master Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:10 @iacas @woodzie264 @Hardspoon @billchao Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:20 @GolfLug Wife of @GolfLug (non-playing) @davechen Offspring of @davechen I've invited a guest, but he's unlikely to be able to play. However, if he's able to play, then CBS and FOX are going to flex @billchao to the 9:20 group. This is also true if the non-playing person (wife of @GolfLug) opts not to see the sights.
  44. Does anyone doubt that being more fit improves your golf? In my experience, serious golfers will work out for golf. The rest… will not.
  45. I resolved my pitching/chipping struggles. I have had a lot of low point issues and flinching with this, going all the way back to 2017 when I took the game back up again. Spent about and hour hitting chips off the fringe at a course nearby. Felt like I was only rolling the club inside instead of taking it up. Cleaned up my contact sooooooo much more. I'm still losing more shots to the full swing but this should clean up some smaller issues. In my last regular full round I shot an 82 and had 3 three putts and 3 shots lost to chucked or bladed pitches. Only one of the three putts was really due to a bad iron shot, but of course, all of the pitches were. An improved pitching motion will help me make more pars on those nGIR shots as well. So the priority continues to be the full swing, but I can't hit every green so cleaning the pitching up and also figuring out my putting motion(I had reverted back to some old habits on it) should help save me 3-6 strokes a round as well.
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    • 2 worst things in the world: 1.  Hitting an approach shot into the wind on a 470 yard par 4 hole. 2. Being downwind to somebody else's bad choice in music.
    • Few posters to forums admit to playing music on the course.  Those that do universally state that they play the music very low so no one further than 10 feet or so away from their cart can hear the music. My experience is that there typically are several groups with music playing loud enough for me to hear from a good distance away.  Generally the noise doesn't bother me but I have come to the conclusion that music players either don't post to forums or they are unaware how sound travels.
    • I do agree.  And they mentioned on their live stream this morning that they got a decent bump in subscribers over the weekend, likely due to the SkyTrak video.  So more of this type of content could be on its way, and maybe they'll be more willing to go out of their way to create it.  My point was only that this video wasn't meant to be anything other than comparing SkyTrak to GC Quad as opposed to a comprehensive look at all home launch monitors. 
    • I understand that, @bweiss711, but I also think you’d agree they’re branching out more and I think they monetize their videos. I also think they should have hit more than about three shots. 🙂
    • Put together a vintage set for some rounds with the kids and some par three courses.

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