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  1. I have always been one to not let anything bother me when golfing. Bad/good shots, slower/ faster players, weather, noises, and anything else you might think of. i just hit the ball. Go find it, and hit it again. Well, today I was happily taken out of my golfing wheel house. Had a good round going. I was heeding my caddie's advice. Had a 4 shot lead on the rest of group. The few bucks that were at stake, were almost in my pocket. Things were just going good. My phone starts vibrating, which I ignored at first. After the third call, I answered. It was my Granddaughter. She wanted to know when we would be returning home. I told her I was not sure, and asked why. She told me we had to go shopping for a set of golf clubs. (??????) Huh? She then told me she joined her (freshman) highschool golf team. First day of school, and she's on the golf team. This was a total surprise for me to hear. A total shocker Since I was on a golf course myself, we cut our phone call short, to be continued in about 6 holes. For the next 6 holes my game went to crap. It dropped so bad, my caddy even noticed my play deteriorating. He finally asked "bad news?" I explained what was going on, and that I was one happy Grandpa. He smiled, patted me on the back, and said lets finish this. As it turned out, on the last green, my bag man gave me a good read, which helped preserve a one stroke win for us. As for my Granddaughter, she had been doing tryouts, on the sly, with a set of my previously owned clubs. Her parents knew about it, but she wanted to wait and see if she made the team before telling me. Today after school, there was a golf meeting, and she was told she was one of 3 freshman girls on their team. Although I had introduced all 6 of our Grandkids to golf, none really showed much interest to continue on with the game. Like I said, this was a shocker. Even Grandma was cought by surprise. Fortunately, there is no rush to get home to go club shopping. Their practices don't start for a while, and their league play a month or so after that. She told me she needs everything but a putter. That, she likes the putter she is using. This was funny, because a while back she told me "that for a $300 putter, this thing does not make many putts". To top it off, last month she tried out, and won a spot with the freshman cheerleading squad. She will have a full plate, with classes, and sports. Yeah, I am a happy Grandpa.
  2. As someone that had the pleasure of knowing Lee on the golf course at LaCosta as a pro caddy and being with him as we he worked his way around the golf course....i can assure the entire golfing public....if Lee Trevino tells you it's raining...you can get an umbrella....This man has integrity...honesty...commitment...talent...and is a true human being...it doesn't come any better than...Super Mex...God bless you Lee.....and thanks for the memories....
  3. robbie

    Pace Problem

    I've always found that rattling the ball up to their ankles while they're putting is most effective. Followed by a cheery apology of course. That works in Scotland where golf is a working-class/blue-collar game. I'm not sure how it would work in a posh English or US country club where the secretary is a retired Colonel!
  4. Youre allowed relief for "unusual playing conditions" now and causal water. Like if you take your stance and water or mud bubbles around your feet. I was playing in a tournament over the summer and a rules official have me relief in the fairway from a burnt out area. That normally would have been outlined in white, but i think its kind of a blanket thing now. So they dont really bother outlining poor course conditions anymore.
  5. I happen to know more than I should about MacGregor forged irons of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. I probably own 18 sets of these vintage beauties. If you have questions about this era of golf, I may be able to help get some answers. I have studied and still use as a reference the Jim Kaplan MacGregor and Wilson golf history catalogs.
  6. Read the chip/pitch from the landing spot on and factor in a bounce or two. You can practice this by tossing the ball to the landing spot and watching the break. Then chip/pitch to that spot.
  7. Finally broke 40 on this course. View this round on GAME GOLF
  8. I play tees based on total yardages not color. GHIN takes care of the rest
  9. I joke that I've had a good round if I just don't fall out of the cart... Having gone through some injuries and surgeries a couple years ago, my goals are simple. Get in better physical shape so I can continue to play golf without pain. Work harder in my backyard practice area to groove my swing and improve my ball striking. Regain the abilities I lost following those injuries and surgeries to lower my scores back into the consistent mid to high 70s. Eventually shoot my age... That one might be more of a 2020 goal...
  10. GREAT ADVICE FROM EVERYONE! I have RA. My hands are kind of gnarly, with swollen joints, knots on joints, etc. I have had to go to a higher level of pain management. I see an ortho/hand specialist. INFREQUENT injections really help. Also a Rheumatologist. I take two meds to slow down the progression. One, Meloxicam, is a heavy duty Ibuprophen that really works. Plus as @DrMJGsaid, two gloves. I have used the Bionic and then just regular gloves as the treatments began to work. Low impact exercises like aerobics in a pool are good. FINALLY MY BEST ADVICE...Don't play around with osteo or rheumatoid arthritis if it is starting to affect your life.. It is progressive and can be crippling (esp in hands, knees, rotator cuffs). See a specialist if at all possible. I think doctors on the site will confirm this. Sorry for the rant...I spent from October 2017 to May 2018 seeing doctors and in physical therapy with this stuff. (But I leave Tuesday for Michigan to attend my military unit reunion and will play 2 rounds of golf. YAY!) Best, -Marv
  11. Are you spending more time in the gym and less time on the range due to your fitness goals? Have you increased muscle mass in a way that interferes with your normal swing? Or maybe your muscle growth has changed your kinesthetic sense in your golf swing? What kind of lifts are you doing? I'm just throwing some things out there because I truly don't know. I started working out again this year and it has positively affected my golf game (specifically, I'm swinging a little faster due to increased core strength). But my workouts don't compete for practice time because I work out at a time when I can't practice anyway.
  12. I begin each round with a new ball. If it survives the round, and is generally scuff free, it goes into the bottom of the bag. If I lose a ball, I pull a 1-round ball from that stash and continue. Scuffed balls come out of play completely and go into the shag bag. I could certainly play a single ball for multiple rounds quite a bit, but I enjoy the ritual of pulling, and marking a new ball at the beginning of a new round. With all the hopes, aspirations, and possibilities that it represents As it is, I’ve reached a sort of equilibrium where the one new ball each round keeps a good supply of quality replacement balls available even by culling the scuffed ones.
  13. While there may be many grip styles used by the best players in the world, there are certain commonalities of a functional golf grip and I wanted to put this thread together to help illustrate what those are. If you found this thread by searching for information on the golf grip, welcome to our site, we have plenty of other great information HERE and make sure to JOIN, it's free! For any regular users of the site, hope this helps your game or confirms what you are currently doing with your grip. Some pics to highlight some common mistakes Lead hand Big NO in the left pic, grip in the palm. Right pic, heel pad on top, grip in the fingers, it will automatically feel more secure. General idea of how it should look Anatomical snuffbox. If you shot a nail directly through the top of the wrist (in that little indentation underneath your thumb - the anatomical snuffbox) the nail should come out directly through the bottom of your wrist and into the center of the grip. Most poor grips would have the nail come out the bottom of the wrist and miss the grip on the left side. This would indicate the wrist joint not sitting on top of the grip. This is an important aspect of the grip because the incorrect position would assist in early club head throw away on the downswing, basically the wrist joint can't support the downward force of the club. Two sides of the spectrum here. Too weak in the left pic, note the left hand isn't turned enough and the "nail" would be coming out of the left side of the grip. In the right pic, grip is too strong, left hand is rotated too much, lots of cup (dorsi flexion) in the lead wrist. This next bit is more of a variation than a commonality, but I think it's beneficial and probably something new even for experienced golfers. Left pic, short lead thumb, right pic, long lead thumb. Make it easy on yourself and go with the long lead thumb. Greatly assists in the mobility of the wrist hinge on the backswing and downswing. Trail Hand The placement of the trigger finger pressure point (first pad of your index finger just above the knuckle) is important. Too far under can cause the club face to appear too "closed", face aiming towards the sky at the top of the backswing. Too far on top can cause the face to rotate too far underplane on the takeaway. Left pic, pressure point is "on top". Right pic is ideal, pressure point on the side or aft side of the grip. Left pic, pressure point is "under", ideal on the right. Another common mistake in the left pic, right thumb is running down the middle of the grip. A more functional position on the right, just the upper right "tip" of the thumb is in contact with the grip. Left pic position can contribute more to "casting" or losing leverage at too fast a rate. The curvature of the rear hand fits into the base of the lead thumb. Other than looking at your hand position, how do you know if your grip is in the palm of the lead hand? Take a look at some of these clues. Left pic, the "V" of the rear hand is pointing at my sternum, should be aimed more towards my rear shoulder. In the right pic I haven't "loaded" my wrists enough, shaft angle is also too shallow. The shaft would be pointing outside the ball. Since there is a lack of structure to the grip, the shaft "collapses" and gets close to my rear shoulder at the top of the backswing. From there I will have to uncock my wrist angles rapidly to get the club back down to the ball. Golfers will also have a pattern of the location of the wear spot on their glove, under the heel pad, into the palm like the example below. The thumb can also get "shredded" pretty quickly due to the lack of stability in the hand.
  14. There's nothing wrong with that exact statement. Putting also matters, and working on short game and putting is the easiest and quickest way to lower your scores because it's a slower and more controlled swing. That still doesn't mean it's more important than the long game, but that improving in that area is easier.
  15. My typically vital approach shot after an unimportant yet awful drive.
  16. Because you were able to pick the best one? That says nothing about the importance of driving. Try playing a scramble with the worst drive on every hole and see if you still think driving is unimportant. Driving sets up approach shots. You're not going to be very good at approach shots if you're constantly punching out of the woods or hitting from 200 yards out.
  17. Eliminate all the errant drives. Eliminate all the approaches that miss the green. Eliminate all the chips that end up outside of 10 feet. and you'll save strokes. The pros hit longer drives into better positions, and hit their approach shots into much better and closer places, and if they miss the green with an approach shot, they often chip the ball very close to the pin. These are the reasons the pros have way fewer putts. not because they drain way more 20 footers than you. Drive for dough, approach for dough.
  18. Well said. This may not be a swing for all, but at least for a few of us it is heaven sent. Even if you do lose distance (I didn't) and your friends look at you oddly (mine did), the total ease of mastering this swing (or an adaptation) makes it all worthwhile. Scoff if you must, but I remain one happy golfer.
  19. @Baba, we've never said it's not "a" way to hit a golf ball. We've said it's limiting and puts you under an artificially low ceiling. I'm glad you've found something that works for you, and that you're happy playing golf. You should post more than once every two years in only this topic.
  20. I play driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, 5-pw, 52, 56, 60 and putter. My 3h is the same loft as my iron sets 4i so it actually works out as a nice gap. I don’t often hit the 60 but when I need it I’m glad I have it. I can’t think of a situation where I’d need another wedge; I’m just not talented enough around the greens for it to be beneficial for me. My 5w is without doubt my favourite club and the one I’m most confident with. My 3w off the deck is inconsistent and the 5w helps me advance the ball safely on par 5’s. I’ll also hit it off the tee on short par 4’s.
  21. I don't even try driver on the 1st two holes anymore unless I've had time to warm up sufficiently. It ends in disaster. I go with my 4 or 5 iron off the tee. I'm in the middle in the short grass with a 7 iron approach. Once things get loosened up then I go to driver. And yes, tired muscles can cause a slice.
  22. Can be a common mistake for golfers to slide their hips back and/or not turn them enough on the backswing. The rear hip has to keep "cranking" back, helps sequence the arms with the torso turn and sets up a lot of good pieces to achieve Key#2 (weight forward at impact). To do this the lead knee has to increase in flex and rotate inwards a bit as the rear leg decreases in flex. Note that due to this "knee linkage" each player's hips are level at A1 (address) and their rear hip is higher than their lead hip at A4 (top of the backswing). You'll also notice that each player has their rear hip pocket reach the center line. If you wanted to check these alignments for yourself but it's a pain in the butt (pun intended) to film a posterior view, you can check it like this. At A1 the rear hip joint is over the rear foot and at A4 it will be inside the rear heel (half a ball to a ball).
  23. Just buffed up, lengthened a half inch and regripped a set of MT Tourney. Going to take them out today
  24. I like playing alone. It is what you make of it.
  25. hi @ChetlovesMer thanks for your reply. Yes I have played with 3 sets to date. The Spalding, Adamsgolf Idea A-something (which I kind of loved for the reason the flight was quite great but I wasn't a fan of how they sat on the ground with the huge head - it affected my grip somewhat). Lastly, I hit a few shots with some Mizuno blades and absolutely loved the sound and feedback they gave me but they are quite punishing on bad strokes. Given that I have been thinking of taking a risk and getting some blades as I see they are what low handicappers use, but i'm not sure how wise that would be and whether one can grow into them ---- and lastly, if that is provides the shortest route to getting real good.
  26. That’s not what I said. And I’m not sure why when I say putting more effort into the short game will allow me to gain a couple strokes people come to the conclusion I think that alone will get me down to single digits. I don’t disagree with you as much as you think I do. I just believe that my skills should remain closer than they have been in the past. I also believe that for some of us the ceiling is a bit lower for getting good at the full swing. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t apply the 65/20/15 rule when the skills are in line, only that I have a pretty good handle on how much it will help.
  27. It's really easy for everyone to dismiss Jim's methodology. Here's what I have been through. I play to around 10-12. Whenever I play a tournament I play to 18+ I struggle with atleast 1 triple and a couple of double bogeys every round. In my mind I am way better than I play but lack consistency. Am good at chipping and have really improved my putting using an unconventional method. What I figured was my long distance wood/iron play completely lacked consistency. And as the round came to close I would get worse. Also I would every now and then hit weak fades with my woods, lack consistency with my hybrids. Could never hit a 3,4,5 irons. But was good with my 8,9,pw. Lastly I would have many swing thoughts which by the time came to hitting the ball I would lose steam. Out of desperation to get rid of my over the top swing I came across jims YouTube video. I tried it at the practice range gave me almost the same distance as my normal swing but with a little more consistency on the first day itself. I took it to the course. I found the same distance with a huge jump in consistency and ball striking. My fault was I still would fall back to my old method for a few shots. Over the years have come to realise that no matter who the coach is some of the things will work for you and some will not. I still use my old method for driving but from a 3 wood to a pitching wedge I find Jims method great and a lot less strenuous on my hip and back. Over a month am very impressed with the distances. It's increased by an iron. More than the distance I find from a habitual slicer have been able to hit the ball straight. I get approximately 160 yards carry with my 7. I've never hit my 3 wood so consistently as do now. I do not use his methods for chipping or for putting. What I am trying to say is whoever you maybe and if you been struggling this is worth a shot. The golf swing is very complicated for most of us. The weight shift, the timing , the tempo, the positions etc. If this method works for you you'll end of thanking Jim, if it doesn't you can always go back to your normal Swing. I am going to work on Jim's swing till I know what's a keeper and what's not, as of now am just surprising alot of my friends with my shot making.
  28. If the debate is about the advantage of being a long hitter vs a short hitter, I have no argument. But if this debate includes higher cappers and how to make choices on the course, I can only discuss my game. The fact is, swinging for maximum distance does bring about more penalties (for me). I don't think you have to hit every other shot into the woods to lose more strokes than the longer club needed on the second shot resulting from shorter drives kept in play. I don't disagree with the fairway vs rough argument. I wouldn't be surprised if I hit just as many pars from tee shots into the rough as I do from fairways hit. But for some of us high cappers, keeping the ball in play is a very real challenge. It seems at least as important to my score as the need to use as short of a club as possible on the following shot.
  29. I have three as well: The Ocean Course at Kiawah, Mission Inn-El Campeon (near Orlando) and Musgrove Mill (near Spartanburg, SC).
  30. For me, the tee shot is everything. Getting it in the fairway sends my chances of making par way up. I hit my irons much better from short grass than from the rough. When I hit my irons better I hit more greens or miss by an amount that gives me easier up-and-downs.
  31. Rogue X yielded more distance and more accuracy? What was the question?
  32. So I've played with 990's for 16 years and I finally decided to upgrade. I bought 990B's in great shape on ebay. The are even more blade like but have an incredible sweet spot. They feel more solid because of extra material behind the sweet spot. The ball travels lower, which is the reason I got them. I like the extra bounce on the 990Bs. I think that is why phil mickelson gamed them on tour. I dropped the same neon green paint-fill in them, and I'm not going to sharpen the grooves to keep the ball flying lower. People that play blades comment on how good they look. Paint-fill can make them pop, but a bad looking club head design will never get compliments from blade players. After I hit them a few times, people ask to look at them. They feel like forged clubs but they are bulletproof. Just like the 990's. I never got different shafts like I wanted with the 990's, but my 990B's have the same S300's and the club head is so good, that I don't even want different shafts. If new shafts change the feel, I would be upset. These clubs are still on ebay and they are worth it. I bought a bunch of forged 6 irons to try and couldn't pass on lower hitting/wuth higher bounce 990's, so I went with the 990B's. I have a bunch of forged mizuno and titleist blades, and I still think the 990 & 990B feel and play better with more forgiveness than blades. I know a lot about the dci titleist 990 /B family. If you have any questions just post them.
  33. In my experience with it, and being on the machine, and seeing others do it, it's almost tough to swing really poorly. You have to do some weird things like intentionally move your head in a weird way, etc. to swing poorly. The club moves, so your grip moves, so your hands move, which moves your arms, and obviously that pulls on your shoulder, which moves your torso… The farther you get from the grip the more likely the "pull" from the prior segment is less likely to be effective, but the "pull" is pretty strong and so long as you have some basic understanding of how to stand and to keep your head kind of down toward a fake ball, it's pretty good. And that's for pretty close to beginners. @SavvySwede why didn't you try it out at the PGA Show?
  34. Surprisingly that isn't true. I've lived here since 1973 and I've played in shorts in every month of the year. Not every year, but outside of the mountains, Colorado has a pleasantly temperate climate. I'll gladly take it over Missouri in midsummer. Or during a March sleet storm. I've experienced both.
  35. Why do you want to hit the ball more center of your stance? All of my irons are basically close to my left heel, no need to put in center.. if you had said that you have to put them in the back of your stance then that would be an issue because it would probably mean you are flipping pretty badly at the ball and losing major distance while not making good contact.
  36. ....Looks like you really have only one option - play it like a series of three par-3s. I would probably play it like this: 1) Slice 5-wood or hybrid into the pond off the tee. 3rd shot takes you about 200 yards off the tee. 2) Skull next shot into the stream/run-off. 6th shot puts you in the rough just behind a tree on the left side. Yup, you played for a slice/fade, but you sort of pulled it instead. 3) Your attempt at the hero shot around the bush fails so badly that you are now in the short grass, 145 yards from the center of the green. 4) 8th shot is nice. Awesome - you're on the green! (barely) 5) Leave your put 25' short, then amazingly sink the next putt for your 10. 6) Walk off the hole not knowing if you added up the score right --- you just know that your chance at a sub-bogey round of golf is done. Crap.
  37. Robster 7

    Pace Problem

    The worst thing they ever did was make golf 18 holes. It should've been 12 holes. That way the divorce courts would've been a lot less busy the last 30 yrs or so!;-)
  38. I have forward shaft lean at set-up guy. I have tried the left cupped wrist/handle at zipper way but it never felt quite right.
  39. Anyone reading this thread should probably wait until the green clears since most members of this forum can apparently drive it 300+ consistently.
  40. This is a great guide to helping you through it, puts it more into layman's terms http://3jack.blogspot.com/2009/09/3jacks-translation-of-tgm-part-1b.html This is from Erik's Golf Terminology link in his signature, basically the "highlights" or the terms we use 98% of the time Motions Basic Motion = "Chip" = Clubhead goes two feet back and two feet through (kinda like a chip) Acquired Motion = "Pitch" = Clubhead taken back until the right forearm is parallel with the ground and then parallel with the ground again on the follow through ("9-3"). Total Motion = Full golf swing. Accumulators in the Golf Swing 1: A bent right elbow 2: Leading (top) wrist cock 3: Angle between shaft and lead forearm (expressed as rotation about that lead forearm) 4: Angle between lead arm and shoulders Each accumulator has a corresponding pressure point. Pressure Points in the Golf Swing 1: The heel of the bottom hand where it touches the top hand or grip 2: The last three fingers of the top hand 3: The first joint of the bottom hand index finger where it touches the grip 4: Lead armpit (or where the lead arm touches the chest) 5: Trailing armpit* * MORAD people add this one. There's no corresponding accumulator but it lets them talk about the trailing elbow separating (or not) from the chest. Shaft and Elbow Plane In a one-plane swing the head and hands will follow or stay between two lines: the shaft plane and the elbow plane. Both can be seen here in green and red . Hands follow the shaft plane until the right elbow begins folding, at which point they move up to the elbow plane. Impact is somewhere between the two and the clubhead and hands should exit the far side of the body
  41. Generally the more you have your hands in front the ball, the more likely you are to hit push draws.
  42. No he didn't get "lucky" and sorry but you are wrong Watch Rory make a swing. Clearly, you can see the shaft of the club leaning toward his target and I see no "cup" in his left wrist at address. Rory makes one the most fundamental sound as close to perfect as perfect gets swings on tour. Watch Phil at address, once again his shaft is leaning forward at address.
  43. My quick thought is that you are not using enough grip solvent. I know some people use Mineral Spirits, but have always had better luck with true grip solvent. They slip right on without issue.
  44. With the driver, at address, I tilt my right shoulder a bit lower than my left creating about 5-10* spine angle tilt. I tried this earlier w/ irons (not as great of a tilt but still a tilt) and seemed to be hitting cleaner shots. Is this the correct position for addressing irons?
  45. Google images and youtube are very handy tools at times Do a bit of searching for various quality players (especially "swing vision" videos on youtube) and I expect you'll see the same angles over and over, due to the right hand being lower down the grip, and the forward pronounced hand position at address...
  46. I've been moving the ball more and more forward lately, it just feels natural. Mostly because I'm working on a proper weight shift, and it doesn't feel right having the ball in the middle of my stance, regardless of club. I don't think about where I place my ball, I just put it wherever it feels natural to me. At the moment, the ball is a ball or two inside the left heel.
  47. Driver, heel of front foot long irons and woods, 3 inch to the right of front heel and middle and short irons 1 inch to the left of middle wedges middle i think its preference really. it depends on your angle of attack if you are already steep you probably don't need it back in your stance.
  48. I started golf with cavity irons for 9 years. I just got a set of MP-58 irons (near blade?) and tested them out today. Although I was not very consistent and shanked a several times. I hit a a few balls at the sweet spots and felt like I swung through air and the ball travels 5 or 10 yards longer than my average shots. I actually didn't feel like I hit the ball. I have never felt like this with my cavity irons before. Is this the 'feel' people are talking about with blade or near blade irons? Thanks,
  49. I really like that statement. Im not going to make the same situational arguments as everyone has before, but i will say i believe the short and the long game are equal.
  50. I believe the short game is WAAAY more important as far as lower scores. If you can't put the ball on the green and putt it in the cup, what the heck are you playing for? Its about getting the ball in the cup. Even if go OB off the T, and lose 2 strokes, or. . .let's say you drive a 285 yd. par4, and your putter simply sucks--takes you 3 putts to get in, maybe 4 if you suck as bad as most of the monster long hitters I see playing. The guy who hits a 200yd drive and sticks a LW from 85 yards to 5 feet and works his putter like a magic wand, is probably going to end up with a better score than you. I'm 37, can only hit about 33% of my fairways with my driver, but I can work the wedges, shorter irons, and putter. I know that's what keeps my scores in the 80's.
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