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  1. Slim_Pivot

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    Here we go. These are the pictures from 10-27-18. Made a lot of changes. Most of it was very natural for me and it mostly how I used to swing. There’s a chance progress will fast...probably best that it’s winter and I won’t be able to push it too fast.
  2. jsgolfer

    Streamsong, have you been?

    Just got back from Streamsong. Very nice place, very pricey, it's in the middle of nowhere but I'm glad I went and played the three courses. I doubt I would come back anytime soon, it's not awesome enough to be an every year destination for me, although it seems like I'm in the minority on this one. By the time I was done, I spent over $3,000 for 3 nights and 5 rounds of golf, that isn't what I'd call a value, courses weren't that awesome. None of the guys I went with said they would come back anytime soon. We're going to go to Whistling Straights for our guys trip next year. The Lodge Was very nice, room was huge, but pretty much wasted, by the time I was done golfing and eating, I only went there to sleep and take showers. But it was cool looking out the window and seeing an alligator swimming around in the marsh most mornings. Food was good, didn't make it to the Italian Restaurant but everyone who went said it was good. Loved the top of the roof bar. Great place to watch a sunset and have an after round drink and cigar. Didn't make it to the pool or the outside fire pits. As for the question about drinks, I stopped and bought beer and some alcohol and kept it in my fridge, I walked around with a beer and no one said anything to me. Alligator From Room Courses I walked and used a pushcart every morning round (You have to walk in the mornings, no carts), but took a caddie on the last day. I found it pretty easy to push a cart, I even thought about just carrying my bag, but the pushcart worked fine. When we played in the afternoon we took carts. The price for a caddie is pretty high, I was the only one who walked and pushed a cart, everyone else took a caddie for every round. $90 + tip, was a little too pricey for me. We did have to take fore caddies when we rode and that ran $40-$50. Oh and make sure you bring cash if you're getting a caddie or use the ATM, you can't charge that to your room. If you want a good caddie, ask for Manny or Del. Del used to be a pro in Pittsburgh and Manny plays in some mini-tour events in the Florida area. both were excellent caddies. The golf was good, but the greens, imo, were almost unfair at times. I've never seen so many three and 4 putts in groups ever. Red Course This was the first course I played, 38-43-81 Combo Tees, I played horrible on the back 9, I 3-putted 7 greens total. I couldn't figure out the speed of the greens to save my life, I don't think I've ever had so many 6-8 foot comeback putts. If you get on the wrong side of the hole you're pretty much screwed. Red Number 1 Red Number 16 (loved this hole, 76 yard long green) The second time we played, we decided to play the black tees all day, 6600 Yards with the back 9 at 3,500 Yds and was playing into a good breeze most of the day. So 40-43-83 for me on this day. Again, putting killed me. Just could never get the ball close to the hole to have an easy putt. I had 3 - 3 putts on three of the first four holes. And I had several more after that. Putting and hitting fat wedges killed me most of the weekend. This round I was definitely tired towards the end, played the last 4 holes 6 over. Blue Course This was the second course we played and it was my worst round out of all of them. 42-43-85, it was hot and I think I even putted worse on this course. Just never had an easy putt all day, couldn't seem to get the ball close to the hole to have a reasonable chance at birdie or an easy two putt. I chunked a bunch of wedges as well, which didn't help. Drove the ball great all day, in fact I drove the ball great all weekend, just couldn't score. The second time we played this course was on Sunday, our final round, Decided to take the caddie, started the round with three putts on the first two holes. Threw in two more and finished with a smooth 40 making the turn. Doubled 10 & 11 and figured here I go again. Finally parred the 12th hole with an easy two putt, but lipped my birdie and then managed to birdie the next three holes. I had a crazy putt on 17 for birdie and made bogey (another 3 putt, again on the wrong level), so I ended up playing the last 7 holes 2 under. 40-38-78 View From Blue Tee #1 Black Course - We played this for our second round on Friday and Saturday, although i only played it once, was too tired on Saturday to play another round) This was probably my favorite layout of the three, but the greens were a little hokey in places (11 acres of greens total). 40-40-80 (played 17 in almost dark and didn't finish 18 as it was do dark), plus the damn mosquitoes came out and there are so many they could almost take you away ; The crater hole was interesting, made par on that one. Just had some crazy long putts over mounds and hills and the only thing missing at times was a clowns mouth at times. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the Black course, must've been too tired. I did however do the putting course at the Black while the other guys were playing the Black and that was pretty fun. The Food Each course had great food. The food out on the courses themselves were great, Tacos on the blue, BBQ on the red and the lobster/shrimp roll on the black were very tasty. The burgers at the Black course were fantastic, as well as the brisket sandwich I had at the Red/Blue was outstanding. The steak restaurant at the Blue/Red course was also very good. Even the cajun mac and cheese I had at the lodge restaurant was very good. All in all a great trip, plus the guys I went with were all cool, so it was a lot of fun. Lots of betting games, ended up losing $28 for the 4 days, which was good, with as bad as I shot the first three days.
  3. xrayvizhen

    LPGA vs PGA Tour Player Swings

    I'm not sure this relates to the O.P's question, but I'll opine anyway. I've always believed that the "average" male would be well advised to study LPGA golfers from both a technical swing standpoint as well as golf course management. I have found myself in the past with a nearly ruined golf swing after watching a men's tournament live in person. They just generate so much more clubhead speed and impact the ball so differently than I do that when I try to emulate what they do it pretty much wrecks things for me for several weeks until I can get what I've seen out of my head. On the other hand, the ladies generate just about the same clubhead speed as I do, impact the ball kind of like I do, albeit a lot more consistently, and play on golf courses just about the same length as I do therefore by watching them carefully and studying how they maneuver themselves around the course, I have found that it really helps my game. And not to be a M.C.P., but they're also a lot prettier than the men with much better legs!
  4. iacas

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    Trade in the spouse at Play It Again. Get one that suits your game better.
  5. Snell apparently being Red Sox fans are selling the MTB Red for $139 for 6 dozen. $23.17/dozen That's a bargain and a half. Just bought 6 dozen. "Some are going to hate it, and some are going to love it but over here at the Snell Golf HQ we are BIG Red Sox fans. In celebration of the World Series and our RED Sox we are offering discounted prices on all RED items!! For this week only (10/23- 10/28) get your MTB Red Golf Balls, Hats, Visors and VALUE PACKS at a discounted rate." - No Codes Needed - PRICES AUTOMATICALLY CHANGED ON WEBSITE.
  6. 3 points
    My yard a few days ago:
  7. This is the wrong way to look at it if you're talking about improving scoring. A scratch golfer averages about 9-12 GIR. They need their short game up to 50% of the holes they play and more on a bad day. If your short game is a glaring weakness, address it. It's not as significant a contributor to your score as the long game, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored, either. You're probably joking a bit but I've seen others comment with the similar mindset.
  8. Many people misunderstand statistics, I know I'm no expert. But statistics are taken from a broad population of golfers, and can identify trends. In general, better players (lower handicaps) hit the ball further than less accomplished players. I'm a 4 handicap right now, and I do hit the ball further than most 12 handicaps I know. But not all. There are exceptions to every generalization, we're all different. But statistical trends hold true for a big percentage of players. When a 15 tells me he hits it over 300 yards, I'm more skeptical than if a 5 tells me the same thing. They might both be correct, but the 15 is MUCH further from the norm than the 5 is. The problem, as I see it, is that we initially tend to lump individuals into statistical categories. When we learn more about the individual, we often learn about the ways that they differ from the statistical norm.
  9. Slim_Pivot

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    I tried to draw a triangle so you can see the connection. The guy in shorts is Rory. Forgive my artwork. But that should help you. @RST Rebuild create a my swing for your profile so people can answer questions for you there. Remember, this is my page where I should be the one asking most of the questions. There’s more analysis of your posts than mine....but create a my swing and you can ask all the questions you want! I’ll even chime in my 2 cents if I’ve “been there before”
  10. AND there he is!!! Come on @TRUCKER I was just kidding, don't be that guy, you have to realize your perception is wrong. The facts are overwhelming, the long game is more important. For you, for me, for pretty much everyone. Its all about perception, people only remember the putt they missed or the chip they didn't get close enough to get up and down. They don't realize that it was their long game that got them in trouble in the first place and their expectations for their putting and short game are unrealistic. It comes down to this, people seem to have a realistic expectation when it comes to their long game. They expect to hit a couple in the trees, or to miss more than half the greens, they are okay with that. Yet when it comes to putting they expect to make everything. NEWS FLASH: the best putters on the PGA Tour make well less than half their putts from 5-10'. Yet as amateurs playing greens nowhere near as nice we get pissed and blame our putting every time we miss a putt from that distance. GET THIS- no matter how much you practice, no matter how good at putting you become, you will always miss more than half your putts from 5-10'. And from outside 10' the percentage PLUMMETS! Also, no matter how much you work on your short game you will be lucky to ever get above 50% scrambling, because 50% is really good. So how do you get better and drop strokes? You hit more greens and you hit the ball closer to the hole on the greens you hit. Then the averages for making putts is more in your favor. Its as simple as that. The perception that you must become a better putter or must get your short game more on track is backwards. What you need is to get a better long game so you don't have to rely so much on the other two, because there is no separation value in them, the improvement possibilities are finite.
  11. dennyjones

    Winter Depression Thread

    Top Golf is opening in Auburn Hills, MI in the near future. It beats sitting in front of a television...or working.
  12. It's true. High toe is often best. Low spin, high launch, toe going a little faster than the heel or the center of the face.
  13. In august, i bought a Datrek Super Lite Stand Bag on line from Global Golf. Sunday, while playing, The strap on the golf cart came loose and the bag and clubs fell off. One of the stand legs snapped off. Monday, I contacted Dynamic Brands, which is the parent company of Datrek. They also own Bag Boy, Burton, and a couple other makers of bags, carts, etc., to see if they had replacement parts available. The lady asked what happened, and how old the bag was, and said they would handle it under warranty. She sent me an e mail with the required information- proof of purchase, serial # and pictures of the bag., and said it would take a couple of days to process.. i sent them the required info, and at about 4:30 PM, i received another email saying that they were sending me a warranty replacement. No questions asked. I was impressed with the promptness and courtesy with which his situation was handled, since i may get my new bag in time to use it in the club championship this weekend. No muss, No fuss.
  14. boogielicious

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    @Slim_Pivot, You are getting a lot of information in this thread. It can be overwhelming. I would seriously listen to @iacas and recommend either getting on-line video lessons via Evolvr, or if you can, go to Erie and visit Golf Evolution. Many of us on The Sand Trap use Evolvr with great success. If I was in Pittsburgh, I would make the trek to Erie for at least the start. Erik is an outstanding teacher. The best way to improve is to work with a qualified instructor who identifies your priority piece for improving. It may take a while to get it down. Then when you've changed that, move onto the next item. Reacting to a bunch of random advice or reading/viewing golf tips can only delay improvement. We've all gone down that path. It will just frustrate you. Some posters mean well, but they do not have the experience to identify what you need to work on and how to get there. If you are really committed to improving, take this advice.
  15. Have nerve conduction studies been mentioned? I wound suggest a visit to a neurologist. An EMG may provide better insight to your issue. Often MRI & US will show no ‘injury’ when it’s a nerve component causing your pain.
  16. Here's something I'd like to propose as a little bit of a community project. I can do it on my own, but I think some of you might enjoy helping out here. What I'd like to do is build a series of handouts comprised of still frames from video of player swings at A1 through A10 from Face On and Down the Line. The eight photos on each page (four FO, four DL) will show a range of the "positions" at A1, A2, A3… etc. so that students can see whether their swing is "within a reasonably wide range." For example, the A4 position will ideally show players with higher planes and lower planes, a lot of hip turn, and a bit less hip turn. Shafts slightly laid off, or shafts across the line… etc. The top and bottom photos don't even need to be the same player. From face-on Steve Stricker and Sergio Garcia might be decent examples at A5… but they aren't necessarily all that different or useful from down the line. I'd like a lot of people here to contribute, by posting photos from the video of player swings (or finding good videos on YouTube or elsewhere) that have a pretty good range. Some bullet points: Use PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players or other high-level players (college kids, former Tour players, etc.). Use HD or other high quality video where possible. Don't crop it - I'll crop to the right size(s). Camera angles should be good. They don't have to be perfect, but close. Make sure there aren't any things overlaying the video, like a playhead, rew/ffwd controls, or advertising. No lines or circles highlighting anything specific, either. We don't need the most extreme examples. If the pro swings are on the bell curve, the middle 80-90% is fine. We don't need some extreme examples like Eamonn Darcy. Think broad without being so broad you end up including everyone. (I'll add more if I think of them…) I'd like to thank you all ahead of time. When the project is done, I'll share the pages I create as a series of PDFs. I plan to point out the ranges and the slight differences in the golfers shown - for example, at A3 perhaps, the variations in the shoulder turning rates, the variations in the amount of trail knee extension, the hinging rates, the amount of movement away from the target… etc. Make sense? You can help by posting high quality/resolution still frames (or embedding YouTube videos where I can get those high quality stills) of players you think demonstrate a good "range" at a particular position (A1, A4, whatever…). I'll choose the three best contributors and send them an autographed hardcover copy of Lowest Score Wins, and the next two an autographed paperback.
  17. billchao

    Winter Depression Thread

    Maybe I should start a crowdfunding campaign 😜
  18. Yeah and that's with a club that's a little heavier than the one where I couldn't get to 100. Probably 95% of the improvement is due to better swing mechanics and practicing to swing faster. Like taking eight balls, getting the Mevo out and swinging as fast as I can. Other 5% would be some mobility work and the Superspeed Training aids, which I don't do as often as I should. Got it up to 113/114 a few months ago on Trackman, never swung that fast in college, I'm 35 now. Distance is huge in this game. I'd love and working hard towards another five yards, even as small as that can seem would make a big difference in my game. At my home club five more yards completely takes out three bunkers on par 4's that now I either have to play a bit away from or can get over with a good swing or right conditions. Speaking of small sample sizes: There is about 20 guys in our weekend group (regulars), most are 5 indexes or lower, four are plus handicappers. One hits it about 5-10 yards behind me, he bounces between 0 and +1. Myself and the other two guys hit it almost exactly the same, I'm trending to a +3 and they are both +2's. We're the longest out of the twenty guys by a decent margin. Every few months a kid who plays for San Diego State joins us, he's plays as a +4 and he hits it 15-20 past me. He's average, even a little short for college. His older brother who played for USC is on the Japan Tour, hits it a little farther than his younger brother, and as much as I like him, he has no chance to make a living playing golf. Biggest reason is because he doesn't hit it far enough and/or doesn't have Zach Johnson's wedge/putting ability. Xander Schauffele grew up at our club, he hits it 20-30 past the former USC guy and he's become one of the top players on tour. Our head pro played with both of them about a year ago and said the places that Xander can fly it and how high he can hit his long/mid irons (another example of speed) make it a different game, and he has an extra gear if he needs it. We also have two community college kids play with us every once in while, I hit it a little farther than both of them, they are 1 and 2 handicappers. QFT
  19. JxQx

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    I feel like this change in rules further pushes golf away from a "self policing sport". It's pretty hard to self police if you don't know what you are policing for.
  20. @TRUCKER, three things. First We cover the situation when you have what we call a "glaring weakness." If your putting is so bad as to constitute a glaring weakness - and actual statistics would be needed to know this over just assuming based on what you think is happening - then you should absolutely devote more time to putting. Second "Long game" does NOT mean "distance" entirely or even mostly. It means "full swing" stuff. The driving and approach shots. You can be longer than someone else but still have a worse "long game." Third If you're at the limit of how far you can drive the ball, you can still improve your full swing. You can hit it straighter. Your irons can be more consistently flighted and travel the same distance or straighter. You can still get better. But, if you're just a great ball striker that's at the limit of your ability, maybe because you're 65, then yeah, the 65/20/15 might get shifted around a little… but those people are rare. You may have meant different distances, because the 50% mark for the average PGA Tour player is 8'.
  21. This is a little tricky to say which is right and why they are different. Could both be wrong or could both be right. First I will say remember that the clubs you were fitting are different and have different specs. Stock length on the 5s are longer than the 2s. Swing weights are also slightly different and static weights are different. 100g DG shaft vs a 112g PX (speaking rough cut weights) also could make differences with lie angle. All this is to say that I think you need to fit each club (ie set) on it's own after picking the shaft and head you want. Because those two things will impact the lie fitting. As a club maker I have also come to the conclusion after years that iron length need be far less rigid in it's measurements. If you feel more comfortable with longer clubs so that you are less hunched over in the short irons, then go with that. A half inch longer iron is not going to make much difference in your accuracy game and if it feels more comfortable then go with it. Just make sure you factor in the weight changes in a longer club because that is way more important than length. After all that lock down the lie angles.
  22. mvmac

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    It's a better position for me. My tendency is to lower my hands on the takeaway which leads me to set my right wrist too early, club head gets in and then the shaft gets shallow/narrow on the backswing. If I get shallow/narrow, sweet spot gets too low and behind me which causes me to stall my pivot and lift my arms. So for me feeling more "Nicklaus" helps me get the hands to ascend "up", keeps the sweet spot higher on the backswing and keep cranking the rotation of the torso. I also just like the way it feels. Gives me a good sense of where the face and mass of the club are. I don't have to "fight" the momentum of the club. I think your takeaway/backswing is ok. Would prefer to see a face-on view. Your club head is basically toe up at first parallel (A2), a little low/in but the shaft does load up your right forearm and by left arm parallel the shaft is pointing inside the ball line, which is good. The thing that stands out to me with your takeaway is that we start to see some space between your knees at A2, which might mean the sequencing of the lower body is happening too soon. If you want to experiment with more of a "right palm down" feel to see how it changes the picture, go for it. Especially since your swing starts by your head moving down, maybe a reaction to what I mentioned with the knees/lower body. The more "toe down" feel might help and the "domino" effect could facilitate the transition piece with the hands moving down and out. Something like this. Which thumb? My left thumb is "under" the grip at the top but not sure what the right is doing, I don't think it supports much at the top. I honestly haven't given it much thought but to me the right thumb is just along for the right. My club face is "closed" at the top but it's a bit by design, stronger grip works better for me. I gotcha. I think it's fine to experiment with feels/motions as long as it connects to a priority piece. If it doesn't change the picture the way you want, then ditch it. Just part of learning and owning your swing. Just don't get caught in the vicious cycle of "trying" swing theories or trying to make your swing look like a certain pro because you like their swing (been there done that). Has to always come back to your move. I want to highlight that I said picture, not ball contact, sometimes that can take a little while to catch up with the better motion (depending on the piece). And obviously I would highly recommend making a trip to see @iacas, especially as the season is winding down. They have a great indoor academy in Erie.
  23. I can't help with the medical side, but I have the exact same pain (and same after symptoms), and in my case it's related to a bad injury from a motorbike crash 10 years back. I hope you find and are able to deal with the cause. I generally find that I'm able to play, but I have to manage the issue. Range is no/no (yes, it's not good for the long game) , but playing can be OK. I then use a combination of strategies to get by : - Lessen bad impacts - thicker grips, softer balls, hybrids > long irons. I haven't got graphite in my irons, but have considered it. - Use ibroprofen gel on the wrist before/after golf. I apply right the way up the ulna side about half way to the elbow. - Always pick the kettle & other similar objects up with my left hand - I haven't yet started using a trolley (I much prefer to carry) , but I think it's inevitable that I will. - Live with a little pain, but ease off golf if it's too much. If I have an important game, I try not to play too much in the lead up. Sadly it also affects the golf a little too, with the main issue being pitching. Best of luck in either sorting out. or adapting to it.
  24. Adam C

    Mizuno Shaft Optimizer

    You are not kidding. Those shafts are all over the map. I think that your early release is basically negating much of the flex character of the shaft. The earlier the release, the less the shaft bend profile will have any influence on the results. I think the software isn't able to make any real recommendations because of that. As far as the starting point goes, the PX 6.0 is actually lower launching compared to Dynamic Gold. Stiffer tip and softer butt. The Modus 130 is a higher launch compared to the PX but also compared to the Modus 120. But again if like you said, your release is early then these factors will be muted. I would probably focus more on the weight aspect and see what feels best.
  25. woodzie264

    Cortisone Injection

    As an orthopedic PA of 10 yrs, I've given prob close to a thousand steroid injections for various issues, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) being one of the most common. The effectiveness of the injection largely depends on the duration of symptoms. For those having issues for 3-4 months (or more) tendinopathy may start to develop wherein the chronic inflammation starts to degrade the tendon quality and essentially parts of it "decay." In surgery a healthy tendon is pristine white, but the patches of tendinopathy are gray. Once tendinopathy develops, the injections will provide relief, but it tends to be temporal and not permanent. In these cases surgical debridement can be indicated if symptoms are persistent. If an injection is administered earlier in the inflammatory process, usually you will have resolution of symptoms if you work or some stretching exercises and perhaps use a tennis elbow strap for a few weeks. if you've been having symptoms for a year, certainly try an injection coupled with formal physical therapy as the literature indicates this gives you the best chance of avoiding surgery. Good luck!
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