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  1. I'll take the bet. It would be quite a story to tell in prison.
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    I'm having a mental game expert address some of my juniors next Saturday, and I had some additional notes for him. Stuff I wanted him to include that may be particular to my program, the way I teach, my LSW information, etc. And I thought some of you might benefit. So here's that part of the email: 1. Practice is not playing. I'd like them to know that when they're working on their swing, they care what the mechanics are, they care what things "look" like somewhat, they care about making the best MECHANICS or something, to change or improve. But when they're playing, it's all about the results, not what it looks like. Better mechanics eventually lead to better scores, but sometimes you have to find a swing that works THAT DAY. 2. One or two bad shots is not a pattern. If you duck hook it off the first three tees, then yes, you might want to do something different the next time you get a driver out, but don't rush into changing your entire swing thought or game plan after one or two or even three slightly funny shots, or you'll be changing something after EVERY bad swing, which happens more often than people realize. 3. Have realistic expectations. PGA Tour players: make 50% of their 8-footers and only 15% of their 20-footers. On better greens. Average 2.8 shots from 100 yards out in the fairway. They hit it to about 18' on average. Hit about 60% of their fairways, but almost always keep it "between the ropes." Hit three to four "great shots" per round on a great day. Their standard is higher, but still… they don't love every shot they ever hit. They also hit shanks, chunk chips, etc. You only see the leaders on TV. Get up and down only 2/3 times. Scrambling is tough. But they almost never take two chips or two bunker shots. Then of course, talk about how having proper expectations for yourself will be very personal. Expectations can be for one shot or for the score for 18 holes. 4. Have proper expectations and goals for entering tournaments, but enter them BEFORE you're "ready" for them. You might have a better way of saying this, but basically, we entered Natalie in HJGT events before she was anywhere near competitive for them… so that by the time she was competitive in them (now), she'd know what they were like. It's NEVER a bad thing to play as many events where you have to put your name and a number up on a scoreboard for all to see - it can only be BAD if you have unrealistic expectations about your abilities. Go into competitive golf with the proper mindset - that you're LEARNING how to compete, LEARNING how to deal with it all, how to handle the slow pace of play, playing under the rules, playing with strangers, everything… go in with the proper mindset and it's all about growth, regardless of the outcome.
  3. I received the Cup a couple days ago and was very excited. I figured the best way to spend a day with the Newport Cup was on the course! I immediately decided the University of Michigan's course would be a great place to play. The course is located right across the street from The Big House. There was no warming up on the practice green Ultimately, the clubhouse staff told me to go home, take the Cup with me, and come back in May. Undeterred, I made the cross town trip to my "Home Course", Leslie Park Golf Course. Things looked promising. But then the reason for the empty parking lot became clear. No golf at Leslie for a few more weeks. Still, I was optimistic. Fox Hills remains open year round. Surely I could play a quick nine there with the Cup. Foiled again!! So I settled down in the nearest snowbank and enjoyed a cold one. Truthfully, it was a great day and The Newport Cup was a nice companion. Yes, we got a few odd looks during our adventures. I imagine everyone probably wanted to know how I acquired such a cool looking companion but were too embarrassed to ask. Everyone should try to make one of the 2019 Newport Cup teams because having this little pewter trophy in your hands is worth the effort.
  4. Today is a big day! The forum underwent a rather large upgrade. While most of the looks will remain the same, many of the features that go into powering the site have been upgraded. Here are a few of the highlights. Some will matter more to some than others… but all make the site that much better! In no particular order… Animated GIFs You can now add animated GIFs, easily, to posts with the click of a button and a quick search! Post Before Registering If you are a guest (this probably doesn't apply to many of you), you can now post and then register. We've had the ability for guests to post, but it was almost never used. This will allow you to post immediately when you have something to say, and then register an account afterward, quickly. Faster Loading Speeds The site will, after it processes old posts, "lazy load" images. This reduces bandwidth by loading images and videos only when you've scrolled to where they're visible. Blank avatars (the letters seen on new member accounts) will now be SVG files instead of images. About 20 other improvements were made to help with page loading speed, too, including improvements to notifications/follower management, member searches, stream performance, UTF8 conversions have been sped up, PHP-level performance. They've implemented rel=noopener when links open a new window (which improves browser memory management), cache/data store management has been streamlined and centralised, many background tasks and the profile sync functionality have all been improved for performance. Six Small Improvements Some smaller improvements include: Browser notifications were greatly improved. I recommend enabling them. Widgets can be displayed (or not) depending on the platform (desktop, tablet, mobile). Club navigation is improved. Announcements can now have URLs. The first one of these will point toward this article! Time frames are selectable now. Groups can have different styles! Email Advertisements and Other Enhancements This feature was added - we can include an advertisement in the emails you get from the site - but we have no plans at all to activate this feature. Please, virtually all of the money we make from TST to pay the bills and provide this site, for free, is from advertising. Please do not turn on ad blockers, or disable them from this site. We keep advertising to a minimum; please repay this by viewing them and, occasionally, clicking on one that interests you. I'm considering turning off most of the ads for Supporters, too. If you'd like this, please post below. Also, you can now unfollow content without having to log in. And we get a few more statistics on email, but again… we see email as a convenience feature for YOU. It's a great way to be notified of new things or replies or comments on your topics, and more. Application Icon Management This one's for me, mostly, as I'd previously paid to have a plugin to generate pinned Safari tabs, favicons, application icons for iOS/Android, etc. Other Improvements A ton of REST API improvements, SEO improvements (including pagination being in the URL instead of the query string and canonical tags), Email statistics, Admin Control Panel notifications, store filters and commerce updates, and more. More is here: Welcome to Invision Community 4.4! - Product Updates - Invision Community Were thrilled to announce that Invision Community 4.4 is available to download now. After months of development, over 1650 separate code commits and quite a few mugs of questionable coffee you can now get... Enjoy!
  5. “That Rule is So Unfair!” A Rules Geek’s Generalized Guide to Hot Takes and Overreactions | Rules Geeks I apologize for the length of this post. If I had more time I’d have written a shorter one. – Erik J. Barzeski “That Haotong Li penalty was an outrage! He didn’t gain an adv… My reasons against a lot of the "hot takes" by fans over rules issues are: They Get The Rule Wrong They Don’t Appreciate that Rules Cover Many Situations They Don’t Understand the Reasoning Behind the Rules They Don’t Understand the Underlying Principles They Misuse the Word “Fair” They Assume Intent Matters They Think “The Spirit of the Rule” Matters They Side With the Players Take a few minutes to read it. I'd love to hear what y'all think (in the comments over there).
  6. Yeah, I get that. I’d be tempted, but realistically even if the odds for me were dead even, the upside isn’t worth the downside. 5 years in prison would have a much larger negative impact on my life, than $5 million would have in improving it.
  7. I played this weekend at my home course (6550 yards, 70.2 rating, par 72). On Saturday i played solid and score 72(E) but the funny thing is that all 18 holes i score Par. This was the first time in my life i did that and the 2nd time with a bogey free round. On Sunday after Par on the 1st hole I called it 19 to my playing partners. I kept doing that on the next holes that i also pared. The streak came to and end on the 6th hole where i made a birdie from 20 feet (yes, thankfully i didn´t end it with bogey or worst). So finally i pared 23 holes in a role. Ended the round 71(-1) for a pretty good weekend overall. Are there some more good streak in the TST worth telling?
  8. I really like this topic/thread. I am surprised it doesn't get more use. At any rate, yestetday Myself, and 7 other buddies played golf. We usually get together once a month, or at least we try too. Although we kept scores, the scores were not important. All skins lost/won were spent on each other at the 19th. Just getting together, and swapping old stories, that we have swapped 100s of times before. Some gamesmanship was brought up. Some thought so in so cheated with his foot wedge. Then they remember his feet are in better shape than his wedges. Other's wondered how Jack made that 40' putt. That, and how did I miss that 3 footer. The point of this post is that I hope all the younger players on this forum will have the chance to grow old, with golf buddies of their own. This so they can enjoy all the accomplishments, or non accomplishments they lived through with those good friends. Having old, good friends is important as we all get older. Care home folks need visitors...lol Some in our group go back as far as grade school. Other were picked up along the way. Different walks of life are well repped. The fact that we all golf is a plus. Well some of us have game enough to be called golfing. Others, yeah, well they own their bag of clubs. $10 sets of Sam Snead signature clubs are well repped. When together, we all ride in carts. Some can't walk to far these days. We try to not hold up other golfers, while letting them play through as needed. Faster golfers do not know what real pressure is until they tee off with 8 old guys watching them. When we catch others on the course we take short naps. This lets them get out of our shorter driver ranges. After a round, we all finish our meet at the 19th hole. Food, beverages and good times are had by all. The waitress is well compensated for putting up with us. Like the song says there are drinks for the living and the toasts to the dead. Yeah, grow old with golfing friendships. You will be glad you did.
  9. I was 7 years old. My Dad walked me down to #8 and he gave me a 7 iron and a putter with a golf bag to start with. We played #8 and #9. I will never forget playing #8 that first time with my Dad. He was very patient with me. After playing #8 and #9 together he let me go out and play #8 and #9 by myself. As soon as I finished I walked into the club house and asked my Dad when I could hit The Driver. All of his buddies started laughing in a good way. He had me go get his Driver and then he had me stand next to it. He told me as soon as I was tall enough I could hit The Driver. From that moment on I was determined to play golf so I could hit a driver. My dad I played a lot of golf together over the years. We had a lot of very special moments together. I wish I had only played more golf with him now that he is gone. Every year since he died I will go out and play a couple rounds of year by myself so I can just think about our times together on the course.
  10. To me, a pro not knowing the rules is like an accountant not learning about the new tax laws. When they don't understand the rules, they feel dumb and go on the attack, "rules are unfair", it's just ignorant.
  11. If it made JB Holmes play faster, I'd buy him a track suit to wear!
  12. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it but there are some pretty good videos on this very website, check this for a summary:
  13. Rule 9-3.c in the USGA Handicap Manual covers this. The most important excerpt: But in summary, you're doing it right as regards the Blue and White tee players, but the Red tee player should be adjusted downward in the same manner. If there is no slope or CR for the Red tees for men, you can estimate them based on the difference in yardage from the closest tees rated for men, with the Table in 5-2.g Handicap strokes should be allocated based on the Handicap Rating for the tees each player is using.
  14. My story: At first I decided to start playing golf because of work. What a cliché. However, until today, I have not played a round of "business golf". Motivated by viewing videos of Bubba Watson hitting it around 400 yards, I decided to buy a new set of clubs from Dunlop for around $100. At the driving range my first swing ever was with the driver - I missed the ball three times in a row, followed by the worst impact rolling the ball a few steps in front of me. My first game: A few months later I played my first round - it was with my father-in-law and his golf buddies (who tried to teach me "the way" all at the same time). We paid the caddy an extra tip because of how bad I played; I hit fat shots and we eventually gave up searching for my golf balls after I lost my third. After my first round, my wrist and back hurt badly for a few weeks I learned to respect the game and it motivated me to eventually take lessons and get better. I love golf, even though I gave up hitting it 400 yards 🙂 What's your story?
  15. Wedges: 6-Iron: 5-Wood:
  16. Visited @iacas along with @georgep and @saevel25 up in Erie at Golf Evolution yesterday. Working with Erik in person was awesome and really helpful. I have a few things to work on in my setup and backswing. Grip - In the fingers, not the palms, make sure my left palm pad is on top of the grip. Stance - further away from the ball, more bent over with lower hands (Feels like the club is extremely toe up but that's just because the old setup was super upright with the heel of the club almost off the ground.) Backswing - Turn, turn, turn with the upper body and let the arms move naturally with the upper body. Bend over the right hip which creates axis tilt away from the target. Keep hands inside diagonal alignment stick on the way back. Doing this creates much more hand depth on the backswing. Main drill I will be doing is make a backswing where I pause at the top and check positions in a mirror. I do 2 rehearsals without hitting the ball, and then on the 3rd swing, if the positions look correct at the top, I get to hit the ball on the downswing.
  17. If it works for you, that’s all that matters. If you can get the same distance and accuracy or better with a club you feel more confident playing then make the switch.
  18. My dad introduce me to the game of golf as a way to hang out together when I was a kid. It just became something him and I would go do. Then I just got hooked on the game. I think I was about 13 or 14 years old.
  19. Dumb take. Dumb take. In other words… "shut up, guys."
  20. 2. I have a brush on my bag. 7. I have white shorts and a couple white belts. 16. I have alignment sticks, but I play a lot of competitive golf. I once had a guy on the first tee of a tournament, poke fun at me for my white shorts and belt. It went like this: Him: Smartass comment about my golfing attire Me: "Have you ever had a guy in a white belt hit it 50 yards past you and beat you by 15 strokes" Him: "Nope" Me: "Well then you might want to pay attention today" He didn't have much else to say after that and I hit it 70 yards past him and beat him by more than 15 shots. I like my white belt, If you come at me with smartass comment you better have the game to back it up.
  21. 100% chance I try that shot....90% chance I regret it lol.
  22. NOTES FROM TODAYS LESSON PART ONE: BACKSWING STUFF Main Problems: 1. I was over-doing my back leg/hip pivot. My hip is so far to my lead side-I could not bump it toward the target in transition. 2. My neck was kinking to the left causing bad things. Fix: 1. Less extreme back leg straightening (minor) 2. Fix head/neck (major). My feeling- must keep bill of hat “square to the ground”. Also don’t let neck kink left. I actually got a bigger shoulder turn and bigger swing arc when I turned my hips less. Plus it looks much better. As soon as this changed, I felt as if I had a lot more space/freedom to hit the ball. PART TWO: DOWNSWING STUFF MAJOR-Must bump hips toward target laterally-NOT DOWNWARD Very scrunched on the left, pivot slowing down. Feeling: Reverse-C through impact while posting lead leg. Side note: my hips rotated more through impact. This was a side effect. Not an active feeling. Wrists were still flipping too early. Keep club from turning over just a little longer
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    I am constantly critiquing myself. I give a lot of good lessons. Lessons about which I feel I did really well. Lessons I'd give myself an "A" for giving; not an A+, mind you, which almost never happens. But As and A-s. And I'm a pretty harsh grader. But today I gave a C+ lesson that I may have recovered and turned into a B+ lesson, if only by recognizing it early enough. The details are unimportant, but basically, I found myself talking about something that was probably priority #3 or #4 for the guy. It had to do with hand speed, when really his focus is on his turn and hip drive/slide. He asked a question, and rather than my usual vocal "That's not something we need to worry about now" (or some variant of that), I answered it. Then when I was done I recognized that I'd said too much, that it was unrelated, and I backtracked a bit by saying something like this: "Look, I just made a mistake, so I'm hoping you can overcome that by forgetting all of what I just said, because it's not related to what I'm trying to get you to do today." Then I spent extra time really simplifying even further and re-iterating the two things I wanted him to focus on quite a bit. More than I might usually do (and I repeat things a lot in a lesson). I think that being very critical of myself is important, and today I slipped into one of the things I'm most likely to slip into: giving away too much information. It's not about the "giving away" - it's about how if the student is only going to remember three things from a lesson, I don't want one of those three things to be the irrelevant stuff where I just talk about swing theory or something that's not super-specific and super-fitting for them right then. I'll probably follow up with the guy later on, too, to re-iterate the two thoughts I want him to focus on even more. 🙂 So, a bad lesson in my mind. The student was happy, but I was beating myself up in my head.
  24. Y'all can go to hell. Go kick rocks.
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    I think you summed up the why do use caddies pretty well in three reasons: Pack mule / course maintenance GPS / course scout / game manager Emotional Support / Coaching I think the real question is why do pros maintain a regular caddie as opposed to using someone different each week. I think the answer is obviously NOT #1 and obviously YES to #3. But I think #2 is an interesting issue. I would imagine most tour stops have good local caddies - I must assume that Riviera has some good caddies that really know the course so well they might be an advantage over a regular caddie - think the guy Crenshaw used at Augusta. But I would guess some of the issues with using a local caddie are: 1) there's probably not one for the entire field; 2) how do you know / do you have confidence that you are getting a good one? Still I'm a little surprised no head strong pro has tried the "local caddie" strategy. Maybe because there might be more downside than upside. I don't know if this will work but this links to an article from two years ago where a tour pro talks about what the tour would be like if there were no caddies. Undercover Tour Pro: What If We Had To Play Without Caddies? - Golf Digest Here's the question: What would the World Ranking look like if we had to carry our bags? No caddies. Also, FWIW, there was an interview podcast last year with Webb Simpson's caddie right after he won the Players. He talked about one of the things he does to prepare for a big round is prepare a list of non-golf things to talk about to keep Webb from thinking about golf every minute of the round.
  26. I like this guy “This is nonsense. Intent is not what we need in the game,” Golfweek columnist Eamon Lynch said. “If I’m caught speeding, I’m not going to plead intent to the cop who pulls me over that I didn’t mean to do it. “We seem to have this disease right now, where every pro who breaks the rule, thinks the rules needs to be changed. … Suck it up, read the rulebook and just live by the rules.”
  27. WATCH: Tiger Woods hilariously mimics Kevin Na after quick-grabbing birdie putt Tiger Woods and Kevin Na shared a laugh after a bizarre pair of birdie putts in this must-watch video from 17 on... Great to see this. Tiger so different but in a good way.
  28. I answered Rick's question, so here are two others I was also able to clarify today. 1. Music on the Course - If you're playing music on the course you're subject to penalty. Nobody's gonna care in most league play or for handicap rounds, but most tournaments will disallow it by rule and if you're caught playing music for a long time, they'll likely ask you to turn off the music because if your answer is "we just like Bob Marley" that could be "improving your mental state" which could affect your play. And of course the etiquette side of things is just that nobody else should be able to hear your music for any real amount of time. If you're driving by and the noise of your cart would distract them anyway (i.e. so they don't make a swing), it's irrelevant if they can hear your music for a few seconds. 2. 4.1b(4)/1 and Harold Varner III - The difference is quite literally that the clubs or components are being carried FOR the player. There's no rule against assembling a club on the course. If a player begins the round with 12 clubs, he can yell over to the equipment van as he walks down the third fairway and say "bring me 10 shafts and 10 hybrid heads" and assemble one or two clubs for use on the fourth tee when they bring them to him. He cannot have the guy walk around for a few holes as he's then carrying parts FOR the player. Harold Varner III could have had his agent bring out clubs or components and he could have chosen one or assembled one. That the walking scorer was carrying the club shaft FOR Varner III was the problem. Still on the docket: Agreeing to leave a ball in place "to help a player" (15.3a). Ball "embedded" in a sand-filled divot. Advice rule changed "that could influence" to "intended to influence".
  29. iacas

    Dan Jenkins, RIP

    His Ownself: Dan Jenkins, legendary sports writer, passes away at 89 - Golf Digest The legendary sports writer, a Golf Digest staffer and member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, died on Thursday at age 89 I never cared much for his books, but I greatly enjoyed his tweets and many of his regular articles.
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    2019 Newport Cup

    I threw my hat in the ring. If I am honest I would rather see some of the other folks on here get to play in it. It is such a blast that everyone who wants a shot should absolutely get one. I'll do the work to get my submission in, but I'm hopeful there are tons of worthy candidates and I can enjoy seeing some of the other great members on here get a chance to play. That said, I may still go for a day to watch. It is such a great competition that I may come just to watch, take photos, post what's happening on the site. Like @RandallT did in 2017. Vegas is an easy flight.
  31. I had a heart attack last October 23rd. I was back playing three weeks after. Every day at the course is my best day ever.
  32. What you're suggesting is shill bidding which is against eBay's TOS. Both accounts would be banned for life if this was in fact happening. Likely what you're seeing is perfectly normal eBay use as @iacas described. Buy It Now prices are often set above market price if an item went to auction. I only use that option if there's something I absolutely want and I can't get it any other way. Sounds like your eBay-fu needs work 😀 But seriously, there are many times I watch items that end up selling for higher than I expect them to and higher than what I would have been willing to pay. If you didn't win a few auctions, no big deal. If you were willing to pay more than you bid, you should have set your max bid higher to begin with. The reason you lost with 5 seconds left is because that's when people bid when they're trying to win something so that others won't have time to increase their bids.
  33. I think I have a unique story for getting into golf. I was a sophomore in High School and we had a substitute teacher one day and there was a morning announcement for anyone interested in playing golf to go to the cafeteria. So of course, I say I'm going to play golf (I had no intention of playing) and leave homeroom, so I can screw around until first period. Walk down the hall, see a couple of buddies and go into the cafeteria to shoot the shit and the golf coach (who was also my biology teacher) comes up behind me and says, so Mr. Scott you're playing golf with us this year. He used to be the basketball coach, was about 6'7" and I stammered and said yes. So there I am during the day thinking how the hell am I going to play on the golf team, I have no clubs, never played before, I guess I could've just bailed but somehow Mr. Norris scared the bejesus out of me at 15. So I went to my best friends house, his Dad was a big golfer and he took me to the basement, grabbed an old bag, gave me a mismatched set of clubs (I'm not sure if more than a couple matched), went to a bucket grabbed some balls, gave me tees and said there you go, all set to play. Went to the school that evening to hit balls into a net in the gym, went that weekend to play golf with some friends, broke 100 and have been hooked ever since.
  34. Went up to Erie today for the beginning of the year check on the swing. Backswing looked the best it had to start a season. So, good progress there. What I am working on now is the pitch of my shoulders at address. Basically this helps with me not rollover my forearms so soon in the swing. It also helps send the club out to the ball at impact. The feel that worked well is getting my left shoulder to go back and round me faster instead of having it pitch up and back.
  35. Reviving this thread.. About three years ago, I started playing Golfweek Magazine's List of Top Courses You Can Play by State. This is a realistic list to me, in that it does NOT include all the private courses, that I nor many others can play. So in 2016 I played all 30 courses in that list in the state of Florida some of which are: World Woods - Pine Barrens and Rolling Oaks Juliette Falls Black Diamond Ranch - The Quarry Course TPC Sawgrass- The Players Course Bay Hill Southern Dunes Streamsong - Red and Blue Trump Doral - The Blue Monster and Red Tiger Turnberry Isles - Stouffer and Miller Gasparilla Inn Camp Creek Then in 2017 I played 11 of the 15 listed for South Carolina. I had all 15 scheduled, however, Hurricane Irma washed out the last four, which I will get around to next year. Some of which included: The Walker Course True Blue TPC Myrtle Beach Heritage Caledonia Grande Dunes The Dunes Then on my trip to Rochester, NY for a reunion I played the ones below in addition Oak Hill - East Course Ravenwood Greystone I will be taking another trip to Rochester this Spring and play Conklin Players Club Leatherstocking Seneca Hickory Sticks Then a trip a little later in the Spring to play all the courses in Nebraska, and then some Awarii Dunes Quarry Oaks Wild Horse Dismal River (Red and White) Prairie Club (Pines and Dunes) Tatanka Each year, I will select a state and try to play all the courses listed in that state... I really enjoy playing new courses and meeting the people. Some may ask do I have a favorite course... not really. Almost all of them have positive memories that stick with me for various reasons.... AND I also did a review of each round on my Facebook page, so I can always go back there to reminisce .. or go through a box of things I have from the various courses like ball markers, pencils, scorecards, balls, ... the golf balls I will eventually turn into a Christmas Tree (sticking the balls around a styrofoam base).. Now off to make more memories
  36. And really, they've had a year and more to voice their opinions to the USGA about the changes. By waiting until now to try these things and voice their dislike is... idk, sad really. Some voice and face to the game of golf, who say the want to help grow the game but didn't for a year and a half that adjustments could have been made. I'm glad the USGA called JT out. It also sets an example for anyone else that may want to try and call them out. JT and others had a lot of time and opportunity to talk to the USGA about these changes.
  37. This JT "attitude" that he is showing lately started right from the get go in the new year (in Hawaii) when he said that he couldn't look at himself as a proper golfer if he left the flagstick in while putting. Never mind doing any kind of research, or at least experimentation, like many others did (and/or are still doing, as many more each week are leaving the flagstick in)... Despite being in his twenties, JT comes across as a whiny old bastard that always finds something to complain about. He may be a good player, but that is not an endearing quality at all and not how you grow the game, especially amongst young folks looking up to you. So, grow the f**k up, Justin (and your buddy Rickie, too)! There, I feel better now.
  38. Wow I LOVE that the USGA called out Justin Thomas. Big thumbs up from me for that.
  39. Golf clubs are difficult to mix and match. Different swing weights, total weights, shaft flex, and bend points, etc...can have you in constant search for the club you can hit TODAY. Irons of the same make and model, regardless of how many you carry, would be a step in the right direction. Another suggestion is to think about the shots (fluffs aside) that you typically encounter and what clubs you require. All the long clubs are, basically, are tools we use to get to the shorter ones. It doesn't matter what club you use to get from the tee to the 150 marker - or what club you use to get from the 150 marker to the green. The only trick is avoiding using the same one twice in a row. Think I'll end on that one. Good luck and keep us posted.
  40. My mom crochets and knits and you'd be amazed what she spends on the hobby. Custom yard this, a class for that, she literally has a dozen Sterilite Tubs full with different yarns and the like. She's travelled to all kinds of places in search of certain yarn for certain projects. She's even taken a "knitting cruise". I kid you knot... get it "knot" … knitting... see what I did there?
  41. I just got finished writing up the rules sheet for our first tournament of the season and the first thing we did was put in this local rule prohibiting music on the course. It just doesn't have a place in tournament golf.
  42. Mygolfspy came out with their 2019 Most Wanted Driver testing, 2019 MOST WANTED DRIVER Ranked: The Best Drivers In Golf 2019 They use 35 golfers with handicaps ranging from plus to the mid-teens. They take 10-12 good struck shots from each individual. Now, they put good struck in quotations. I wonder if this means they ask if the strike was good and not actually confirmed with a launch monitor that can measure face impact. To summarize, Top 5 Ball Speed (in order) - Titleist TS3, Srixon Z585, Callaway Epic Flash, Callaway Epic Flash SZ, Taylormade M6 *All of these clubs were with in .8 mph of each other. Top 5 lowest spin (in order) - Taylormade M6, Srixon Z585, Callaway EF SZ, PXG 0811X, Taylormade M5 *All of these clubs were with in 50 rpm in spin from each other Top 5 Carry (in order) - Callaway EF, Callaway EF SZ, Srizon Z585, Taylormade M5, Titleist TS3 *All of these clubs were with in 1.5 yards carry of each other. Top 5 Yards from Center - Cobra F9 Speedback, Taylormade M6, Ping G410 Plus, Callaway EF SZ, Taylormade M5 *All of these clubs were with in 1.5 yards offline from each other. Surprisingly, the Ping G410 did not do well in this testing. Both models ended up in the bottom half in ball speed, low spin, and carry. Last year the Ping G400 ended up in the top 5 in ball speed, low spin, and carry. It looks like the Ping G410 maintained similar ball speed to the G400, 134-135 mph range, but other companies have surpassed them this year. All the top five clubs averaged near 136 or over. A shocking surprise is the Srixon Z585 that snuck into the top 5 in carry. I'll have to wait and see when they put out the faster swing speed rankings, but my initial consideration this year is for Srixon Z585 and the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero. Though I am really liking how well the Taylormade M6 looks.
  43. I'm playing tomorrow, first time in a month. Chaotic may be an understatement.
  44. Which other rules should not be enforced? If a player breaks a rule, any rule, the penalty should be enforced, all the time. Thank goodness that this rule doesn't mention intent, its really clear and simple.
  45. All I can think for this device is: "Goodbye Mr Bond"
  46. Why wouldn’t you practice a shot that you very well might encounter on the course? Especially something as simple and benign as that...with no worry about injury, or damaging a club. Play the shot and revel in the result of having done so.
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    • Well done, you should go to the 85+ one next year.
    • Yep. https://www.mgagolf.org/sites/default/files/Rules Quiz Answers 3-19_0.pdf Quite a poor job by my association.
    • The point is there really is a minimal amount that can be done to ‘prevent’ back issues that many if not most people experience simply by being humans. The golf swing is one of many, many reasons one can develop issues. And some people are more prone to problems than others. The golfers on tour who haven’t had problems don’t have a secret. They don’t have better posture. They’re simply luckier. Obviously certain movements can aggravate or accelerate back issues. But again people will progress at different time frames. Yes it’s nice to hear biomechanics/spine experts. I agree. But unless it’s a matter of extremely poor posture there isn’t a lot that can be done to make the golf swing ‘easier’ on the spine aside from an essentially ineffective swing. Just my 2 cents.
    • I'm new to metal-analysis and newish to golf and I'm sorry if this was s stupid question, like if these irons are somehow clearly cast, to the introductory-trained eye (like by looking at the writing formed into it rather than stamped), but I was confused because the metal seemed to have that same, stretchy-looking grain like the forged Haigs I have... (?) I did try looking up the answer but cannot find it anywhere. I suppose I'd guess "cast" if I had to for these irons, because of the way the logo looks, and because there are more premium versions/sets of Citations? I should probably preface most emails with the fact that I'm particularly into vintage things more than my score in some games (although I do have a relatively modern set for other occasions). I love my Northwestern irons, though, for example. When I get a good shot they are amazing to me. God as my witness, you have my word I'm not just crowd-sourcing y'all in a petty way trying to sell these irons or anything I post online or something, trying to get easy specs from you guys because I'm a seller. I do not sell golf equipment. I used to R&D and make archery equipment out of wood and composites. I just really, really like vintage things and have storage space and like to plan for the future, whether I pass them on over time to someone special or keep them (and knowing more about them helps). I dig before I ask. These came with, not persimmon, but unreal-feeling laminate woods I unexpectedly fell in love with and bought some softer balls for. While persimmon was and is a higher-brow thing, and while my Northwestern laminates feel crummy (love the NW irons tho), the Powerbilt laminate woods that came with this set are more rewarding to hit than some of my more modern steel ones from the late 90's and early 2000's. They have a thick metal sole and a hefty metal weight at the back, and I'd think would give some pure persimmon woods a run for their money. I also feel like it's less likely for the laminated Citation woods to form a crack in the hosel than aged, solid persimmon, and that comes from not only seeing lots of cracks in woods, but because -- even though I'm newer to golf, I am not new at all to hand-making performance sporting goods that put up with immense stress (bows and arrows).  At first I was disappointed when I showed up with $50 for this set of Citation irons with 4 woods, because I thought surely the 3 Citation woods were solid persimmon, but to my surprise they weren't (the picture deceived me). But after swinging these relatively highly engineered, latter-day laminate PB Citation woods, on my property, I am really glad I bought them anyway and intend on restoring them (some moisture got under the finish and tarnished them, and I am experienced in finishing and re-finishing archery equipment...usually by using epoxy clear coat that cures best at 105-115F or so, always superior to cold-cure urethanes and so forth in archery, way more scratch and gouge and ding-resistant, but I'll do a golf-spin on my R&D... while they were R&D'd plenty leading up until their day, there's always room for experimentation in customizing the way we refinish well-aged sporting goods after they become old, which they weren't when they were made.   🙂  Maybe heat-cured archery bow epoxy will be too hard and crack more than a cold-cure acrylic or urethane etc., but I bought a handful of cheap laminate woods nobody wanted to experiment with re: refurbishing coatings. If I can re-strengthen old, dried-out wood while I refurbish how it looks, I'd rather do it than just stay true to the original materials (esp. since I'd either keep them or gift them to friends instead of claiming a purist restoration). But I digress regarding my question about these irons. I'm thinking people are passing the thread by thinking I shouldn't bother people with the question until I can better identify obvious things? I did try looking it up, but the records I find are too ambiguous and do not delve into the differences between Citation, Citation Levelume (which people advertize as forged and which are even more commonly sold), etc. Thanks, Jeff
    • Actually, at first I thought the same thing, but it turns out there was another video on that page that auto-played along with the main video.  There wasn't any background music in the main video.  

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