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  1. Hardluckster

    Patrick Reed: A Very Positive Read

    Patrick Reed Article Another side of Reed, as it pertains to junior golf.
  2. mvmac

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    From what I've heard, at one point Nike was very low on wedge blanks for tour players so they sourced some blank heads from Miura. The heads were ground by Nike tour club guys, were in play for a short amount of time and eventually replaced with Nike heads. There is a difference between Titleist/Nike/TaylorMade sourcing their blank forgings from Endo or Miura and a tour player using a Miura iron with a swoosh stamped on it. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, the OEMs get the blank heads from Miura/Endo and then the OEM staff customizes the head to what the player wants. From looking at the head design of Tiger's irons, I think his irons are coming from a Miura plate and then ground down to his specs. I could be wrong but the "flow" or "stretch" of the toe looks very similar to these. Mizunos or Endo forged tend to have a boxier look. BTW this is what a blank looks like, hunk of metal that goes through a lot of rounds on the grinding wheel to get the design right. Those blanks can become this, Or this, Or this
  3. Zeph

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Final tally for Wells Fargo: SG: Off the tee: 2.996 (15th) SG: Approach to the green: 4.530 (9th) SG: Around the green: -0.029 (44th) SG: Putting: -5.823 (72nd) SG: Tee to green: 7.497 (8th) SG: Total: 1.674 (T55) Finishes T55 and drops down from 88th to 92nd on the OWGR. Clearly the putting was a struggle, but driving accuracy was also a bit off, hitting 25/56 fairways (T63). Next up is PLAYERS.
  4. NatalieB

    My Swing (NatalieB)

    Hurricane Tour event this weekend. Getting ready.
  5. So I surprised my son with a trip south to the golf capital of America. He had no idea we were going there. I told him we were visiting my Uncle out in NY for the weekend for some golf. He got his clubs ready and packed lightly for the weekend. When he was sleeping, I packed a week’s worth of clothes to cover the trip as well as bathing suits and beach goodies. We headed out Sat morning and as we drove past NY he started to ask where we were going. I played dumb and said change of plans… something had come up and we were doing something different for the weekend. By the time the sun had gone down, we were in North Carolina and stopped for the night. Booked a nice Wyndham Hotel in Wilson, NC that was very clean, had a super friendly staff and gave us a great place to sleep for the night. He wondered if we were visiting my Aunt who also lived in NC but I kept changing the subject and offered up no answer. We packed up and head out in the morning. Drove a couple hours down some long stretches of crazy back wood fields, towns and barren land. All of a sudden a Golf course popped out of nowhere. As we pulled into the parking lot he got big eyes and said we are golfing here? In NC? I said kinda… this is SC and yes we are golfing here. Played a place called Crown Park. Was a decent place. Some greens had some issues recovering from the winter but we had a blast playing as it was 78* and we were not in New England! We saw so much wildlife out there we thought we were playing through a zoo. Wild turkeys, swan, geese, ducks, turtles, black squirrels and a couple of cranes. We both had a blast with the golf and the animals. When we were done we headed out and shortly were down in Myrtle Beach. I couldn’t hide the signs so he knew where we were. He was so excited and it got better as we headed to the beach when he saw the huge hotel we were staying in right on the beach! We pull into the Ocean Reef Resort and start to unload the car. Check in and off to our room. Nice room with all we need in it and then I go over and open the balcony door. WOW! What a view! Up on the 12th floor overlooking the beach. I took a couple of pics, we changed into our swim gear and went to explore the pools. They had a huge outdoor pool, a lazy river, some smaller pools and 5 Jacuzzis. This place is NICE! We had the breakfast buffet every day and it was a great spread. Anything and everything you could want. After eating we load up and head on out to Blackmoor. It is a Gary Player course and it was very nice. Real tight and interwound into a neighborhood where you were in backyards and between driveways all over the place. It was in great shape and we enjoyed it. We did dinner and breakfast and then off to the next course. We played Arrowhead, a Raymond Floyd course. They had 3 9 hole setups and they stuck us on the hardest one. It was a beautiful course but the score card didn’t show all the holes and they had a lot of water on the 3rd 9 hole setup. We then played the 1st 9 hole setup and enjoyed it much more. Didn’t try the 2nd 9 hole setup but I think it was in between the others. For our last round, we headed over to Arcadian Shores. This was our favorite out of all 4 courses. It was in beautiful shape and was pretty challenging but they did have the holes on the card and that does help when you haven’t played somewhere before. They have alligators here and we saw 3 of them. My son thought that was the coolest thing. Overall this was the best vacation I have ever had. Everyday was sunny and in between 78* - 82*... couldn't have asked for a better week! My son totally enjoyed it and we did pretty good golfing. I won 2, he won 1 and we tied the other round. I would definitely recommend any of the courses we played and also the Ocean Reef Resort as a place to stay… especially if you have kids. He loved that place. Shout out to @DaveP043 for offering up some suggestions for places to stay and eat on the way down there. Thanks Dave!
  6. The PLAYERS championship, May 10-13. Venue: TPC Sawgrass Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Featured groups Thursday and Friday: Phil Mickelson (4), Rickie Fowler (17), Tiger Woods (53) —Woods won THE PLAYERS not only in 2001 but also in 2013; Mickelson prevailed in 2007; and Fowler closed like a freight train in 2015. Woods’ latest comeback gains steam every time he tees it up; Fowler is chomping at the bit for another huge title after getting so close at Augusta. Mickelson, already a winner this season, is loving the chance to add another title to an incredible career. Justin Thomas (1), Jordan Spieth (29), Rory McIlroy (32) — These young guns have already achieved so much in the game, but they haven’t conquered TPC Sawgrass. It is a reality that burns on them and has the trio primed to find their A game. Thomas continues to lead the FedExCup race in defense of the crown and will be looking to take positive vibes from his T3 in 2016. McIlroy has three top 10s here on his resume – he wants another that comes with a trophy. Spieth finished T4 in his debut in 2014 but has missed the last three cuts. Can he find his putting mojo to kick start his season?
  7. jsgolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Played out couples member guest with @DaveP043 and his lovely wife Mary Anne. I played OK, Dave, Mary Anne and Donna carried us, and we came in a respectable 2nd with a best 2 ball net of 130 (-12), with Dave and i being the lowest HC’s. But lots of fun, good food, good beer (Heart & Soul from Crooked Run Brewery) and good company.
  8. From this month's Golf Digest. WITB with Austin Cook, good example of how club pros were common in Jack's day.
  9. tlazzol

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Count me in. Have clubs, will travel.
  10. RustUK

    Anyone Else Golf with a Junior?

    I started playing golf with my 13 year old daughter last summer and she is already addicted to it! When she first started playing, I was hoping that within a year she could get to a standard where we would be able to have a round together without holding up other people too much, but in 10 months she has improved so much that she's not far off being able to beat me. She nearly broke 100 last night for the first time shooting a 103 on our par71. As others have said, its just so nice to be able to share a hobby with my daughter, especially where she is as passionate about it as me. It's a great way to spend the evening after work in the summer.
  11. Vinny Cap

    My Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation

    Some of the courses we played at. The awesome view of the beach. Some course pics.
  12. klineka

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    With a couple good rounds so far this year I officially dropped into single digits! 9.6!
  13. Where did @onthehunt526 do that? The word "must" does not even appear in the post you quoted. Great. The topic isn't one that you need to worry about, then. Some number of golfers, however, in gripping the club lightly and then - out of necessity - changing the grip pressure throughout the swing, end up causing problems for themselves. This topic is oriented at them - at letting them know that they can grip the club firmly, despite what many people say, and play good golf. That's it. This topic was not started to tell you what to do. It was started to point out that, whether people know it or not, players are not gripping the club "like holding a baby bird" throughout the golf swing. This topic has certainly taught players that it's okay to grip the club more firmly than they've been told. And what is one to do when their "body and subconscious" don't just magically figure out what's required? That has nothing to do with this. And yet… you almost certainly grip the club more firmly in transition: Those graphs come from Sasho Mackenzie. They show: That the golfers in those studies gripped the club much more firmly at the top and during parts of the downswing than they did at setup. That the golfers in those studies would have crushed the heck out of a baby bird, had they been holding one instead of a golf grip.
  14. 3 points
    "Half a bubble off" is what my dad, a plumber, would say when someone was odd.
  15. Honestly, the mere statement of weightlessness with centripetal force is enough to lose credibility here. FYI, the light grip is traditional methods... I will try to explain this as well. What you think you are doing, you are not doing. Your grip is tighter than you think. People out there are buying into this flimsy armed swing that is impossible to control. @iacas and @mvmac present topics as a sort of food for thought as well as outlining facts and supporting data. Those who have problems in this area can benefit. Your area of expertise so far is describing your own experience and "lack of swing thoughts" whereas others are very technical. I'm glad what you are doing is working out for you but not everyone learns the same. I like technical information myself and had been previously caught up with the "baby bird" grip but lost all feel of the club. I did figure it out before I read this but the information gives me confidence I am on the right path. Iacas doesn't write "feel" articles and only "argues" with people who dispute factual evidence with unproven statements or opinions. He doesn't want people confused or misled. That last statement is why you feel attacked. Iacas is trying to avoid misinformation here, he is protecting new golfers the best he can.
  16. colin007

    2018 Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow Discussion Thread

    Why would Tiger play any of the tournaments he doesn't win? I mean, if he's ready to go, he should skip any tournaments he's not going to win and he'll have a 100% winning percentage instead of the suck ass 25% he currently holds. GTFO.
  17. I've had PF off and on for about 10 years. When I was first diagnosed I had a podiatrist order a custom-fitted set of insoles that cost around $360 and are projected to last about 10 years. I use them in my walking shoes and after 8 years they're still in good shape. You can also buy Dr. Scholl's inserts which cost about $50 at Walmart and last about three years. I use them in my golf shoes and dress shoes. My podiatrist also recommended three other things -- ibuprofen, stretching the arch before and after golf or long walks, and ice afterward. I keep 16-oz bottles of frozen water in the freezer and use them after golf or long walks. I just roll them back and forth under the arch for about 30 minutes.
  18. DaveP043

    Anyone Else Golf with a Junior?

    Congratulations, it sounds like at the very minimum you're going to have a golf buddy for life. It sounds to me like you're doing all the right things, getting him a chance to practice and play, and arranging for instruction. Good luck to both of you going forward
  19. bkuehn1952

    Best Shot of the Week

    We were playing a 2-man best ball yesterday. It was quite a match with no team up by more than 1. A couple holes halved with birdies. The match was all square going into #18, a par 5 with a few hazards to negotiate. My partner and one of the opponents hit their tee balls into lateral hazards while I and the other opponent put our shots into a fairway bunker. There was a considerable lip to negotiate and then a cross water hazard so I hit out left to an area short of the hazard, leaving me around 140 yards. My opponent in the bunker did the same. The other two eventually played themselves out of the hole so it was just the two of us. The wind was gusting to 30 mph (right to left and into us) and our angle to the green was not the best. Water all along the left with the pin tucked back left. My opponent hooked his ball into the hazard. It was my turn. I had to clear the cross hazard, avoid the water all the way to the hole on the left and a bunker in front. I played to the right front edge of the green and the wind & slope took the ball to the back left of the green, 5 feet away. Missed my birdie but we won the round (and milkshakes afterward!). A lot of these stories end with me dumping my ball into a pond or bunker. This time I performed well. 😉
  20. Gilberg

    Paying for handicap scam

    just oiled up the clubs to play my first nine of the year yesterday. Over the winter I wached alot of golf on golf tv and alot of it talked about getting a lower handicap. I never had a handicap my whole life. When I sauntered into the proshop to see if I had to pay to play, i thought "I am going to ask to get a handicap and how low I can get". The snake oil salesman behind the counter told me it was going to COST over $40 to get a handicap, or maybe even more AND I had to put in scores! (I thought golf was posed to be fun NOT WORK). I thought to myself "I never had one before and never had any problems, why would I need one SO bad now". I let him finish off his sales pitch before I told him, "he buddy, how about I give you $30 and we just forget I asked about the handicap". Long story short I saved at least $10 and didn't get a handicap, so i don't have to worry about putting in scores. Love to hear if anyone on here has fellen for this trick. Decided not to play that day too, because it was pretty dark already.
  21. 2 points
    So if a bag-piper in traditional garb isn't quite on the level, is he off-kilter?
  22. Your roll is affected by loft and the AoA of your stroke. Whether a heavier putter affects that for you I can't say. Changes in weight affect distance control because you feel the head differently. You're overthinking the other stuff. The forces involved in a putter swing are too small to be affected by weight distribution, face balancing, etc. You're not going to gear effect draw your putter if you have the CoG too close to the heel or whatever. I think people can get better at distance control just from increasing the total weight of the putter and keeping the swingweight the same (by increasing head weight and adding a counterweight), but I'm not a fitter so don't quote me on it. I don't have a counterweight in my putter, either.
  23. bkuehn1952

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Fortunately, you had your A+ game last October.
  24. Judging by what I saw on Instagram and Twitter, this was awesome today. Alex Cejka rocking out to Whitesnake was hilarious: https://www.instagram.com/p/BiHa-u2Arm9/
  25. I'm sure we've all run into the advice that when we have a short shot around the greens that we should play the ball back in our stance. I heard it the other night when I was watching the NCAA women's golf. The thinking is that playing it off the right foot will help you strike down and ensure solid contact. Only one of those things is true. Solid and predictable contact around the greens, especially when it comes to pitching, comes from having a shallow angle of attack. When you play the ball back your angle of attack becomes steeper (left pic), you bring the leading edge more into play, and you take loft off the club. We want to be able to utilize the bounce and loft of the club for pitch shots. Note how the path into the ball is more vertical on the left than on the right. This isn't something we want for pitching because this will encourage the leading edge of the club to dig into the ground. A steep AoA with pitching can result in fat and thin shots. With pitching we want to use the bounce or the glide part of the club. On the right you can see how I have a longer "flat spot" coming into the ball. This engages the bounce which gives me a wider margin of error, I can even hit slightly behind the ball and be fine. I play most of my shots around the green with pitching mechanics. Even when I chip I try to make sure my AoA is shallow . Quick video comparison. Other than ball position and that I take a divot with the "ball back" swing, notice how my hips have to stall in an effort to "save" the shot. This wasn't something I was consciously trying to do but my pivot stops in order for me to manually throw the club to try and shallow out the strike. Much different with the second swing where the ball is just inside my left foot. The pivot is gives me speed to work with so I don't need to "force" the wrist angles to come out at the last minute. I'm turning back and through and the ball just gets in the way. All I'm really trying to do with the second swing is set up with the shaft close to vertical (I always end up with a couple degrees of lean), pivot back and through while brushing the grass. I'm not taking any turf. For more on good pitching technique, go here: There are some circumstances where you have to play the ball back for a shot around the green, under a tree limb, or out of a muddy lie but for the vast majority of your short shots you'll find a lot more success by playing the ball forward (middle of the stance to off the lead toe) and using the bounce/glide rather than the leading edge.
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