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  1. Hey Guys. Many of you have probably seen the current spin chart from Golf Digest (50 yd wedge shot), but when they release it the colored dots are numbered and on one page, and the legend is on another page, which makes it not as user-friendly as I'd like. So I labeled each dot with the model to make it easier to get an overall picture. Hope you find it handy.
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    There's a reason @david_wedzik and I trademarked the phrase "Golf is Hard"®. https://thesandtrap.com/b/the_numbers_game/angles_of_error Here's a par three that is often a 7- or 8-iron (but can be a 6-iron). A driver on a par five. And another par three that plays from 190-220 yards. In all three cases, you have about +/- 2 or 3° in which to hit your shot, or else we deem the shot "a failure." Set your expectations properly, and give yourselves the credit you deserve when you DO hit a fairway or a green. It's phenomenally difficult!
  3. Using a geometric compass to calculate exact pin placement.
  4. Well, today I passed all of my Level 3 tests for the PGA apprentice (or "associate"?) program. I emailed in my application for membership, and the next election date is apparently July 2. So far as I know, I'll be elected to membership on July 2… and become a PGA Class A Member with an A-6 classification (https://www.pga.com/pga-america/pga-information/pga-america-member-classifications - Golf Instructor). So, about $10k and nearly eight years (seriously, my deadline for not having to restart from square 1 is July 23) later… here I am. It all started back on May 7, 2010… Continued forward on July 18, 2010… And the clock began ticking five days later when I bought my Level 1 course materials. I went to my Level 1 seminars pretty quickly. Then took quite awhile to finish up the work portfolio. Before two years had elapsed, I won the first two PGA section events I entered - a pro-am at Lawrence Park GC with my team, and the pro-assistant in the fall with @david_wedzik. Then I was suspended when I hadn't finished Level 1 in < 2 years. Shortly after that was done I scheduled my tests: Tournament Operations, Business Planning, Customer Relations, Introduction to Teaching and Golf Club Performance, and Golf Car Fleet Management. I registered for Level 2, which reinstated me, but didn't play any events. I again dragged my feet before going to Level 2 seminars in 2015, I think, with my buddy Paul Kaster. I did the work portfolio, had it passed on May 31, 2017, and then took and passed my tests on August 7, 2017: Golf Operations, Turfgrass Management, Intermediate Teaching and Golf Club Alteration, and Merchandising and Inventory Management. So, with less than a year remaining until I'd have to start all over… I registered for my Level 3 trip to Florida for December, 2018 and submitted my work study portfolio a few weeks ago. Earlier today I passed my Level 3 tests: Advanced Teaching and Golf Club Fitting, Food and Beverage Control, Human Resources - Supervising and Delegating, and Player Development Programs and Teaching Business. I submitted my application for membership and should be elected, I believe, on July 2. Now, a brief Q&A. Why did it take me so long? Though I appreciate that the PGA trains you in all facets of a golf operation, I sometimes found it difficult to work up the motivation to complete a work-study portion on Food & Beverage or Golf Car Fleet Management when I don't believe I'll ever want to do those things. I want to be an instructor, a teacher, a coach, and I've devoted ALL of my energy to that. I don't want to be a head pro, or a general manager. So motivation was tough, as was access. I found it awkward to ask an often-times competing business for access to some of their private business data. For example, to fill out the "merchandising" section of your work portfolio, you have to talk about the merchandising operation at your facility. My facility - Golf Evolution - doesn't have one. So I had to talk with another course (or courses) and ask for access to their information. I'll be honest - I fought this a bit. I didn't think it was right or fair to require me to ask another person for access to their business information. I understand that the PGA wants you to be a well-rounded golf professional who can step into any job they offer, but take a look at the classifications they have: https://www.pga.com/pga-america/pga-information/pga-america-member-classifications. This list includes: A-12 - College or University Golf Coach A-16 - Golf Course Architect A-18 - Golf Media A-19 - Golf Manufacturer Management A-22 - Rules Official others… Some of those jobs don't have a Food & Beverage operation. They don't have to Manage a Golf Car Fleet. They don't have a Merchandising operation that they can control. Heck, with my work here on TST and elsewhere, I could almost be A-18, and then I don't even know how I would have done the instructional parts of the work study stuff, let alone the rest of the stuff that almost assume you're an assistant professional at a standard green grass golf course facility. That sounds kinda weird. What are you gonna do about it? Honestly, I think the PGA should have "tracks" or "majors" like in college. We get the equivalent of a "liberal arts" degree - we're reasonably well versed in a lot of things, but mastery of any one section is left to our own work and effort. The PGA seems to want to really produce broad-topic type professionals, but in my opinion if a guy did the PGA program and majored in "instruction," and someone hired him to be the director of golf at a resort… then either that hiring person made a mistake or the person is otherwise qualified. PGA membership, IMO, doesn't have to mean that you're qualified to do any of the Class A classifications. We didn't learn much that would let me become a golf course architect or a golf media member, for example, yet there are classifications for it. So what should the PGA do? I see they just announced version 3.0 of their PGM program, and I don't know what changes they've made. I'm curious to know… If I were in charge of PGA education, I'd develop "tracks" or "majors" like I talked about above. If you wanted to be an instructor, you could take Level 1 and Level 2 instruction-related classes, perhaps even with a "senior thesis type paper" or project. Your education would be handled by some general PGA folks, but mostly by some PGA A-6 or other instruction-based classified members. If you wanted to become "dual major" or a "triple major" you could do that too - just take other classes. If you wanted to work in the pro shop, you'd take the merchandising and golf car fleet management classes. If you wanted to be certified as a manager type, or head pro, you could take the HR/Management type classes. Maybe even the F&B classes. All of the "majors" would require a cursory overview and knowledge of the other classes, but it wouldn't be to the level that we currently have in PGM 2.0. So the PGA of America is bad? Heck no. I think they're just a little behind the times, and could use an update to account for the idea that the idea that the head pro owns the golf shop and the golf cart and does the instruction and oversees F&B are a thing of the past. People in golf are specializing more. We have teachers who only want to teach. Head pros who don't control the shop, but oversee tournaments and the membership and train the shop and bag room staff. Specialization is where it's at. I'd like to see the PGA move a bit more toward creating "master of one" professionals than "jack of all trades, master of none". And for all I know, that's what PGM 3.0 does. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm proud of the work I did. I'm proud to have put in the time and effort, even if it took me awhile (though in my defense, I was often busy WORKING in the golf industry, not just putting it off out of laziness… I spend 80-100 hours a week on golf as it is!), and I'm proud of what the PGA stands for and does. I'm proud of the PGA Championship, the members I've met over the years. I've not talked about it much, but I've trained hundreds of PGA members, through 5 Simple Keys® and Lowest Score Wins®, and I've presented (with @david_wedzik) at several section PGA education days. I look forward to being a productive, well-respected, diligent, hard-working member of the PGA who gives back. My small complaints (above) are not without a desire on my part to work with the PGA and to share my ideas and energy and to help them create the best program(s) possible. And, I'm keeping my eyes wide open - I suspect my attitude and opinions will change post-election to membership, as I learn more about how more of the PGA works. I look forward to continued education, earning MSR points ongoing, and even getting a specialization which I think I can do within about six months. P.S. I'm posting this to the Locker Room until after July 2. Not because I don't think there's anything in here which is damning or even negative, just… I don't want to have to go over what I've written to make sure I've said everything accurately. I've shared all of this with PGA folks privately and sometimes publicly before, so it's not new. The PGA as a whole is a well-respected, well-run organization, and I'll be proud should I be elected to membership, and look to remain a productive member for years to come. Basically, I don't want to jinx anything.
  5. Golfingdad

    2018 World Cup

  6. billchao

    My Swing (billchao)

    I've been playing pretty well these last 5 rounds so I wanted to do a little assessment and compare with my end-of-season stats from last year. Right away, my driving and approach games are much improved. Since Game Golf counts all shots outside 100 yards that aren't par 4 or 5 tee shots as approach shots, hitting the ball off the tee into a lot of trouble is going to skew the strokes gained stats on approaches. It makes sense if you're just counting strokes for strokes gained, but not so much if I wanted to evaluate my iron game separate from my driving, which is fine because I don't need Game Golf to tell me I hit my irons above my skill level. So here's the kicker: I didn't work on my driving, at least not specifically, other than the work I do on my swing in general. I broke my blue 4 Yards More tee that I've been using for years, which has a flange that keeps the ball a certain height above the ground. I started using a regular plastic tee that is slightly shorter which forced me to tee the ball slightly lower, and wouldn't you know it, my driving got better. No joke. I have much better control over my lines by teeing it slightly lower and I'm probably hitting less up on the ball. This is actually something @iacassuggested to try last year and I just kind of dismissed it because I really didn't think a 1/4" difference in ball height could make that much of a difference in my game. I was wrong. Stupid me. Incidentally I've since learned that I can tee the ball even lower and hit a stinger-type cut shot, but I digress. My short game has improved, too. It's still not up to the level that I should be at, but it's getting better. Mapping my short game yardages with the Mevo has helped significantly. I've also simplified my pitch mechanics which I've mentioned before and I'm getting much more consistent contact. I still need to replace my wedges at some point because my LW is the only club with a good sole for greenside shots. I like my GW for full swing mechanics, but it's an old school blade with a sharp leading edge and sometimes when I pitch/chip with it, it will cut into the turf before the ball and I'll flub the shot. I still hate my SW. I don't pitch/chip with it well off of a tight lie and I usually default to my LW for greenside rough shots. I don't even use it out of the sand anymore. Short game is still a work in progress, but I'm starting to see results. Putting surprisingly has gotten slightly worse and I think I understand why. I'm hitting more GIR so I have longer first putts and my lag putting isn't great. Sometimes I don't even bother reading the green on a long putt and that's just laziness on my part, which is dumb. I am making more mid-range putts than ever before and now when I'm faced with anything inside 8', I feel like I have a good chance to make it because I'm hitting my lines. I need to take that with me on long putts because if I can hit my lines, I can miss closer to the hole. That's pretty much it. Playing pretty well lately and it's a lot of fun. Drive for show and drive for dough
  7. Papa Steve 55

    Liar, cheater, advocate, different opinion?

    Cheating requires intent. both may 100% believe in what they think they saw. Its not cheating to defend your POV, even if your wrong.
  8. Golfingdad

    Liar, cheater, advocate, different opinion?

    Not always. In a case such as below, being off the line (blue guy) is a better angle and I think what @bkuehn1952 had in mind.
  9. I’m not, that’s not the point. What I’m saying is that Kang could be dead wrong and the other guys both dead right, and yet Kang could still not be a “cheater.” If he legitimately believes that his ball crossed the hazard when it didn’t, he’s just mistaken, not cheating. It is a very strong accusation short of other information.
  10. I just read your post Bucki, and I have several thoughts. Before I begin, historically Buckeyes and Badgers don't get along very well, but I'm willing to put the college rivalry on the back burner for now and talk about golf balls if you are...! The feedback you provided about the different models you've been testing is helpful. This is exactly what I've done for a living for many years so I have extensive experience with this, and there are a few things that you mentioned that I'd like to comment on. It sounds like so far you have been doing informal, on-course testing, meaning that you have not gathered any data from a launch monitor or other measuring devices. This is pretty common, especially for players who play the same course most of the time and/or don't have easy access to a launch monitor. What tends to happen though is the results are based on perception, rather than hard numbers. For most players, it's not realistic to be able to test 2 models side-by-side on the course, so they play one model and the next time they play they use the other model and try to compare them based on memory, but it's not the best way to test balls. The reason is because a ball's trajectory is the combination of a handful of variables, which are very hard to determine with the naked eye. Plus there is the perception issue I mentioned earlier. Here are the concerns I have... You mentioned that you hit the Pro V1 longer than any other ball. I'm guessing this includes most of the current models available , not just the handful you listed in this post. This is pretty unusual. The Pro V isn't a distance ball...it's a high performance, high spin model. I would be very surprised if this ball is truly the ball you hit the longest. Another point you made was that you typically hit the ball high, and you didn't notice any difference in trajectory between them. I'm willing to bet there is a difference, but again sometimes it's difficult to tell using the naked eye. Just because the difference isn't big enough to see without a launch monitor doesn't mean it's not there. And based on my experience I'm going to bet you don't hit the ball too high either...I have a feeling you're spinning it too much which is causing your shots to balloon on you. You're most likely seeing the blue line to some extant: I've done tens of thousands of ball fittings, and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to see 2* difference in launch angle or a 600 rpm difference in spin or 3 mph in ball speed just by eyeballing it, but add these up and it will definitely make your trajectory more efficient. My suggestion is to find a facility in your area that has a launch monitor. It takes so much of the guess-work out. Hopefully you'll find this information insightful and it helps in your search for the best ball.
  11. iacas

    My Swing (iacas)

    I'd lost the feels so I went back to exaggerate. These aren't even exaggerations, but they're good. Not worried at all about the downswing on these, and I'm under-turning, too. I grouped the balls into piles of three (this is in the middle of about 90 minutes practicing today), and would take small breaks after each pile of three balls to stay fresh. I was listening to music but it was quiet so I could hear the sound of impact. Good to take some divots again (good sized ones), and good to feel the exaggerated backswing again. Very pleased with my work today.
  12. Golfingdad

    Liar, cheater, advocate, different opinion?

    This is precisely what I wrote in the other thread as well. To answer OPs question, I’d let the player know I disagreed and that we should call over an RO. Then after he tells the RO what he believes, I tell him what I thought I saw, let him make his ruling ... and then I leave it at that and go about my day. After the fact, I would probably share the story with a few close tour friends to see if they have any info on the guy and when I’m paired with the same player in the future, I probably watch things a tiny bit more closely. But nothing public.
  13. jamo

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    They don't have golf stores or pro shops in Manchester?
  14. Nobody is gonna #Backstop for him now!
  15. Watching a tournament roll through the course from my deck this morning and starting thinking about some of the more interesting things about my current swing and golf life in general. 1. Never putted for an eagle, but have made 8 eagles. Once from 180 yards hitting a 7 wood. 2. In an unofficial competition this summer, my 3 wood is currently outdriving my driver by 35 yards per hole. 3. Played golf in more countries than states. (8 countries and only 7 states) 4. Never made a hole in one, but have had to take a drop and then made par on a par 3 hole. 5. Played Pebble Beach with my cousin who lost what I am sure might be a world's record 36 balls during the round. 6. Have walked more rounds of golf the last 2 summers than in my entire life, and really like it. 7. IF I ever live on a golf course again, will not be on the right side of a fairway where the prevailing wind is left to right EVER again. Especially if I am near the green. Although I haven't purchased a golf ball in 2 summers either so maybe I need to rethink this one. 8. My greatest golf accomplishment might be getting my 84 year old father to take up golf and watch his improvement like a proud dad in a backwards kind of way. Would love to see/hear what others post.
  16. Number 40. West Trenton, New Jersey 06/26/2018. This second state course I played in on the 26 of June was in New Jersey. I drove three hours from Hartford. New Jersey does not have a public golf course in Trenton, the capital, so i played in West trenton, not the capital. The course was Mountain View Golf Course, which is the name of the golf course in my community in Palm Desert. It was a par 72, 6682 yards, with a slope rating of 72.5/133. Very similar to my home course in numbers, but different in physical structure. There are no homes on this course, so it looks much larger, with more trees, and slopes,large greens and fairways. the greens are so much better than my home course. Actually most of the courses I've played on this trip, the greens have been better than my home course. I enjoyed this course. I played the front nine alone, and when I made the turn, a threesome was ahead of me. I had to wait and I was caught by Beth, who joined me for the remainder of the back nine. I played well on the front, hit some good quality shots, but when I had to wait on the turn, i got a little fast. Again this is golf. I felt like I played better on the front, but I had the same score for both sides, 43. Beth plays in a women's league and was there working on her game. She was easy going and we had some laughs and good time. I have one more, 2-for-1, golf pairing, Annapolis and Washington D.C., after that it will be one state/day. The cities begin to stretch out. Nine capitals remaining for this trip. Nine out of 26, I'm rolling!
  17. iacas

    My Swing (cipher)

    Golf will always be here waiting for you if you decide to come back to it. Keep in touch, man.
  18. I'm with you @Vinsk. Something about the guy just annoys the crap out of me ... I'm sure it's in part the announcers fault, but I'm tired of hearing about what a whiz-kid he is, and how he plays "a different game of golf", blah, blah, blah. He comes across arrogant as hell anytime I hear him speak, and frankly the cap bothers me. FWIW, I completely recognize how petty and shallow my opinions here are.
  19. The USGA isn't interested. The "Tour" is. Can't have a "clown" messsing with their "circus."
  20. I understand about this... My chipping and short pitches have been a problem FOREVER, I have taken lesson at places like The Leadbetter Academy (where in the month following I hit almost 10,000 short shots -- yes 10,000) did I get better NO. Then I took another lesson there... same amount of practice, unfortunately the same result. Then another lesson... Before and since then (6 years ago) I have taken a LOT of lessons from others well and lesser known pros. I have watched Youtube videos until I am bleary-eyed, I have read articles, I have James Sieckmann's book, ..... all it seemed for naught. I am a 7 HCP who was only geting up and down 11% of the time... yes, 11% is correct. So if I miss a green, a bogey is inevitable...at best. UNLESS I can putt from the fringe... then I will get down almost every time. And forget about getting close to the pin on a par 5 when I am under 40 yards to the pin... I am a TERRIBLE scramble partner if you need a short pitch. I have tried the Paul Runyon chipping approach... which my friends suggested since I am an EXCELLENT putter.... however, I still chunked, bladed, ... I seemed I had The Dreaded YIPS... nice smooth practice swings, then the actual swing -- well you don't want to look. Finally I decided I just might be ready to attack this problem again. So I dragged out my James Sieckmann notes, and started from scratch. When I swing with only my right hand on the club, I am pretty good, and I have even done that on the course when I had a short chip/pitch. I have rhythm, I used the bounce of the club well, .... then I tried with my left hand only and it as not as good. So I decided. I would do the following. Go to the short game area. Get out my tube of 23 golf balls, using my 58 degree wedge, hit one shot with my right hand only, then one with my left hand only, and then one with both hands on the club. I was constantly analyzing, comparing, checking feels, etc. So I was trying to determine how I could improve and be confident with both hands on the club. I continue to do this.. and am a better. It has taken about 3 weeks, and I have been doing this for at least 30 hours total. And I am getting better, a lot better... I no longer chunk or blade every shot and when I hit the ball is it no halfway to the target as I had not distance control. I found out several things I was doing wrong. Poor timing/rhythm, swaying on my backswing instead of turning into my right hip, using my shoulders too much and too tense, not using the bounce of the club, no releasing my wrist cock, …. BUT, I have been sorting this out each piece at a time. Maybe my brain had way too many bad results saved, and I needed to start over... with a more determined and open mind. Am I perfect yet, NO, a long way to go, ...but my Scrambling percentage is getting better. My GG data shows I am now up to 20%, which I know is terrible for my HCP level. So what... I am getting better and am enjoying some happiness at least. Tomorrow I will be back at it. I feel I am on a positive path for once in the 13 years I have been playing golf. My hope for you is to keep trying to get better.... you have to know WHAT you are doing wrong at the feeling level as well as the intellectual level... and then you will get better. Looking forward to hearing about all your chip ins.!!
  21. Patch

    Time On The Driving Range

    I may have missed it in earlier posts, but golf play, and practice also offers a therapeutic value to some golfers. I use the range for therapeutic value in addition to keeping my game from going down the drain too soon. The full swings I take on the range, help to keep some of my repaired body parts in decent working order. This range exercising helps me to do other things besides play golf. Heck, just getting out of bed could be a tough endeavor some mornings, if not for wanting to go hit golf balls. I am also sure there is mental value involved too. Thinking about what I have to do, to get the ball to go out there by that particular flag stick, with that particular club, has some mental health value.
  22. Missouri Swede

    2018 Travelers Championship (Hartford)

  23. After hitting an okay drive that you should be able to find but you can't, the 5 (2) minute search period as well as going back to the tee box if there's anybody there is the longest time for me. Second goes to after getting a new club, the wait time to actually use it on the course. Third would be times between hitting a good shot. I hit one once two years ago, haven't hit another since.....
  24. For me its always the time between the last putt drops and the next time I get to tee it up!
  25. David in FL

    Worst golf tip you ever received

    Buy golfsmith stock...
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    • Golf balls really spinning today. I would imagine we’ll get some low scores this morning.
    • @Buckeyebowman A coon's age 😂 Just picturing Carrie Coon saying 'I'm not that old'! But that's it, golf's such a funny sport in that some evenings I finish work, exhausted after a long week, can't wait to get to the course, if only for a 90 mins practice ahead of weekend's comps. Come Saturday morning, I roll out of bed, thinking is it poor form to call in sick to my partners, which of course it is, so I don't. There's so many aspects to enjoying golf, mental, physical, social, even weather implications. I really don't think there's something else where so many things need to be a certain way for it to 'work'. But then a lot of my best rounds have been after deciding at the last minute 'Ya, might as well play today', and a Rory-esque dash to the course (no escort sadly!). But on your last point, I no longer beat myself up about when things go funky at the end of a session. If I was playing a field sport I'd simply be subbed off, there's no hiding on a golf course!     What's the name of that course by the way, would like a nose online 🕵️‍♂️ The course I work at was actually redesigned by a certain Mr Augusta national, Muskerry GC, well worth a snoop.
    • Hmmm.  Did I hear the announcer say Tiger just hit the gallery on his second shot??? Ouch!
    • You notice a huge difference in the softness in the fairways. Not nearly the runout and the greens are very soft this morning. Good conditions for some scoring on the front. Tiger needs to take advantage. So far a lot of the more prominent players getting in the hunt now.
    • My thoughts exactly. I'm more concerned about what the clubs can do for me at the upper end (ease of use, fade/draw bias, flight characteristics) than precise gapping. 

      Distance for hybrid and equivalent iron is often more for the hybrid, with the difference being greater for slower swingers and higher cappers. I used to hit them a lot further than my low irons when I started as I was a slicer, and my hybrids (draw biased, like they all are) didn't. But I still hit them further now, as the long,light shafts on hybrids also allows me to swing them faster, with the extra yardage usually allowing me to carry the ball all the way into left side bushes. 


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