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  1. David in FL

    Need Some Advice on Playing Golf With Higher Handicappers

    Toughen up. Sorry, but if little things like that are getting under your skin, you’re going to struggle if it comes down to the wire and there’s any real pressure. Use the little annoyances as a means to prove to yourself, your own mental toughness.
  2. saevel25

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    Here is a quote from Tiger, This is the best golfer of all time acknowledging he feels pressure. He feels nervous. He just knew how to deal with it. The worst thing a person can do is go apathetic about their golf game. Not caring is not the way to deal with pressure. 100% agree here. There is a difference between being way too competitive, or letting a game get you upset versus feeling pressure to succeed in a competition.
  3. JonMA1

    Kicking the Clubhead to Hit the Ball?

    Yes. I do it all the time. It's a great method that very few golfers are aware of. Occasionally, someone will argue that it isn't legal. When that happens, I'll place my club head close to their shin and then kick the club head to cause it to strike their shin. As he's hoppin' around on one foot holding his leg, I'll turn to the others in the group and ask "anyone else think this isn't legal?".
  4. "Focus on the process. Once you do the part that you can control, you can't care about the result." I've heard this phrase said a few times lately. The intent is to get you to focus all of your energy on the "stuff you can control" and to give up control over the stuff you can't control - everything that happens after you hit the ball, the play of others in the field, whether your ball gets a good bounce or a bad bounce, whether your 20-footer goes in the hole or lips out… that stuff. The stuff that we control only very indirectly, by setting things in motion. Though I've downplayed the mental game in the past (and will continue to do so), and though there's some truth to this saying… A number of people recently have taken it far too literally, and if that's how they take it, I think this saying is one of the biggest loads of crap. If you don't care about the result, why the hell are you playing? Why ever practice if you don't care about the result? Winning doesn't feel good, and losing doesn't feel bad, if you don't care about the result. You should care about the result. Hell, that's the only thing you really should care about, because if you care about the result that's what makes some of the other things - like the "process" - important to achieving a better result more often. This is a short "Swing Thoughts" post, but an important one. If what you're doing isn't going to affect the result… why are you doing it? Why should you care about it? Maybe you shouldn't. Care about the result. Care intensely about the result. Don't let it define you - how well you play golf says almost nothing about you as a human being, a father, a husband, a woman, or whatever. But within the context of golf… care about the result, and the things that lead to better results more often.
  5. billchao

    Trying to figure out if this is a joke??

    You have to yell "POW" when you make contact and the ball will go in the hole every time 😉
  6. ChetlovesMer

    Need Some Advice on Playing Golf With Higher Handicappers

    Hey brother. I’m going to tell you what everyone else here either afraid or too polite to tell you. You are WEAK! And honestly, I mean that in the nicest way. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings and not trying to be mean. Your game may be strong, but your mind is weak. But, I will help you. … more on that later. If somebody asking your score walking off the green throws you off your game, and you are too afraid of them to just say “Hey, I like to keep my own card.” Or just tell them your score and move on. That is a you problem. That means you are weak. If somebody moving around whilst your putting bothers you. Again, that’s on you. You are weak. The ball isn’t moving. The hole isn’t moving. The green isn’t moving. Letting others line up their putts and prepare for their putt during yours is just a way to speed up play. What on Earth are you looking at anyway. You could have a brass band roll through the fairway and it wouldn’t affect my putt one iota. If they are not actually standing in your line. Then suck it up, buttercup. Strengthen your mental game, brother. Lastly, the talking thing. Okay, here’s what I used to do. When somebody is talking to me and I want to go hit a shot, I would simply say. “Excuse me, I’m anxious to hear that story, but could you give me a minute to get my head around this shot?” Then do your pre-shot routine, hit your ball, come back and say “Now, what were you saying about your mother-in-law?” That’s what I used to do. But now, I’ve found an even better solution. I TALK DURING MY OWN SHOT. If I’m playing with a chatting person. Or, sometimes just to practice the technique. I stand over the ball. I say “Alright, I’m going to start this 5-wood down the right side toward the greenside bunker. I’m going to hit it with about 6 yards of draw. It’s going to land at about 210 on the collar and roll up next to the pin.” Then WHILE I’M ACTUALLY SWINGING I say “I love my 5-wood. It’s the best club in my bag. I’ve hit this shot a thousand times.” …. Or words to that affect. Nobody else will talk. And even if they do. Who cares? It really puts you in the moment. You can do it on full shots, chips, putts, whatever you want. Do it a couple of times and you may find you shoot the best scores of your life. You are outwardly expressing your commitment to the shot. This takes a little bit of practice. But once you learn to talk during your own shot nothing and I mean nothing will ever distract you again. When I started doing this, I would bring my dog to the range or a friend or my wife or whomever and just have conversation and literally talk while I’m hitting shots. You will find that pretty soon talking or not talking will have no effect on your performance. When I first started doing this I would just talk about my day or the new brakes I needed for my car. It doesn’t matter. Play 9 holes talking during every one of your own shots and you will find you shoot the same, if not better score than you did when you were all buckled down and serious. Do that a couple of times and nothing will ever distract you again…. You’re welcome. …. Oh, and the high handicappers not respecting the game thing you said… yeah, that kind of made you sound like an a$$-hole.
  7. On the list of Things That Annoy Me, "lying about driver distance" is somewhere around 22,313. "People ranting on the internet about people lying about driver distance" is at 22,312. 😂
  8. colin007

    Need Some Advice on Playing Golf With Higher Handicappers

    I just want to clarify....are you actually saying that less skilled players don't understand or respect the game as much as a better player - like you - does? W. T. F.
  9. Dunit507

    Scotty Cameron Real or Fake???

    Def fake. Best thing you can do is find someone willing to give you something for it.... how bout $20 and I’ll cover shipping to take that worthless thing off your hands bro??? I’ll go up up $50 even.....👍😂
  10. Patch

    Common sense and etiquette trashed?

    My guess is, since he turned off the music, he was not that "self absorbed". He could have just told you to pack sand, and kept playing it. I will agree that common courtesy is sadly lacking these days. However, from my point of view, I tend to see it more so in the folks providing the service than those folks using the service. I attribute this to too much arrogance, and negativity on the part of others. My fix is to just ignore them, and go on with my own business.
  11. billchao

    "GOLFING" - is it a word?

    The things people can presume from trifling details will never cease to amaze me.
  12. It is poor etiquette not to watch a fellow players ball when possible. Not only does it not help when it comes to finding the ball (again, something all the group should reasonably help with in order to speed up play), but you are also missing an opportunity to spot a ball that requires a shout of fore and thus jeopardising safety. Last but not least, you are making the game harder to somebody else. Not doing this because you don't like watching poor swings/shots is just selfish.
  13. 3 points
    I wanted to put together a series of golf tips and strategies to help the Average Joe better enjoy this crazy game we all love. A large part of this blog is going to be short tips like "How to Get Rid of Shanks" or "Stop Picking Your Head Up," but occasionally I will write some longer articles as well. So to kick off this series, here's a tip that helps keep your score down that even I sometimes forget: don't take penalties. Generally speaking, penalties are strokes that inflate your score without helping you score any better. I know it may seem tempting to hit a big drive OOB and get another shot at it, but you're almost always better off just hitting a good shot the first time. The same goes for water hazards - stay out of them, no matter how dirty your ball may have gotten over the course of a round. Chances are, you're not going to be able to retrieve your newly washed ball anyway. Save yourself some extra strokes and wash your ball at the ball washer which many courses have at the tee box. Your scorecard and your wallet with thank you later. That's my first tip, hopefully of many. Any comments or questions, please leave them below. And if you liked this post, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe.
  14. Patch

    Gary McCord Has Got to Stop Talking So Much

    Well, I like him. Wish there were more like him. If there were, I'd probably watch more televised golf. Today's players, and golf journalists come across as too arrogant for my interests. Besides, bikini waxed greens is a classic in my book.
  15. I don't. It's just a question and you seem awfully aggressive about it.
  16. Why do you care so much? If people want to lie to themselves, that's their problem. I'm actually a bigger fan of using the median as an indicator of typical driving distance because the mean is influenced too heavily by large differences in the tail end of the numbers. This being golf, you're going see a much larger difference from a shot shorter than normal dispersion than longer so the egregious mis-hit has a disproportionately high influence on the outcome.
  17. boogielicious

    My Swing (boogielicious)

    August 25 Working on keeping arms straighter after impact from my latest lesson. It is really the right arm that does the work on this. I changed my mat down here to a Real Feel one so I would be less harsh. I think I was getting a little timid about impact on the harder mat. I’m holding the finish a bit short to keep the right arm straight feel. I also needed a thicker mat to stand on, so I improvised with a boogie board.😜
  18. chilepepper

    What tee to play from?

    Two things come to mind a. It depends on the course b. If I need to hit more than a 7i into most par 4s I’m playing tees too long for my game
  19. 2018 Dell Technologies - FedExCup Playoffs For the second leg of the playoffs we head to Norton, Massachusetts, where the field has now been reduced to the top 100 points leaders in the FedEx Cup. The tournament will play Friday Aug. 31 to Monday Sep. 3 due to Labor Day and there's a 36-hole cut to top 70 players plus ties. Defending champion is Justin Thomas, winner of the FedEx Cup last year and sitting pretty in third at this years FedEx Cup. Rory McIlroy is back on the tee after a break last week. Francesco Molinari has decided to take the week off to rest for the BMW, while Rickie Fowler is unfortunately still missing due to his oblique injury. Tiger Woods will however tee it up again for the third time in four weeks, hoping to play all the FedEx Cup events this year. Bryson DeChambeau rose to the top of the FedEx Cup rankings with his win at The Northern Trust, but has Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas and Tony Finau close at his heels. No one will be surprised to see Tiger Woods yet again in the featured groups, where Marc Leishman will once again bask in the glow of the cameras having followed Tiger a few spots down the FedEx Cup rankings at The Northern Trust. The second group for Friday is unsurprisingly the top 3 on the FedEx Cup rankings: Friday: Group 1: Marc Leishman (24), Tiger Woods (25), Chez Reavie (26) Tee times: 8:51 a.m. off No. 10 on Friday; 1:16 p.m. off No. 1 on Saturday. Group 2: Bryson DeChambeau (1), Dustin Johnson (2), Justin Thomas (3) Tee times: 9:03 a.m. off No. 10 on Friday; 1:28 p.m. off No. 1 on Saturday. Saturday: Group 1: Tony Finau (4), Brooks Koepka (5), Justin Rose (6) The second featured group for Saturday will be decided by a voting held on Twitter, choosing between these groups: 8:51 a.m. off No. 1: Austin Cook (36), Gary Woodland (37), Ian Poulter (38) 8:51 a.m. off No. 10: Billy Horschel (14), Aaron Wise (15), Cameron Smith (16) 9:15 a.m. off No. 1: Paul Casey (20), Kyle Stanley (21), Tommy Fleetwood (22) 9:15 a.m. off No. 10: Phil Mickelson (10), Patrick Cantlay (11), Patrick Reed (12)
  20. Vinsk

    Iron Swing Help!

    First, what @billchao said. In the meantime check out the thread on TST Instructional Content under the 'info' tab at the top. Read the grip section. If your at the range anytime soon place something like a head cover, a board, or even a tee just on the far side of your ball. Place the object just far enough where if you hit the ball in the center of your iron your club head won't hit the object. I agree with Bill as it sounds like you are hitting shanks (which I am the king of). If you find yourself hitting the object then you are swinging outside in or you are coming into the ball hosel/heel first usually with a too closed face.
  21. boogielicious

    Buddy Trip With Handicaps From 12 Different Courses

    Use the index to calculate their course handicap for the course you are playing. That is what the index is for. https://www.usga.org/course-handicap-calculator.html
  22. I'm with @billchao, what does it really matter. In the end, the score matters, not the driver distance. I'm realistic, I carry my driver 230 or 240, and I'm an old fat guy. But I'm also a single-digit handicap. If it insults your ego that someone is claiming to hit it far, you might just need an ego-adjustment. Personally, I enjoy competing fora dollar or two against guys who claim to drive it 280.
  23. Vinsk

    Thank god for the wonder cure of golf..

    Because tomorrow you’ll do that one thought and your shots will be all over the place. Then it’s back to the drawing board.
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