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  1. I've got an idea, and I'd like buy-in from a good number of people here. I'd like people to commit to doing this every day in April. Since we're all stuck inside (not all, and not literally inside 24/7, but you get the drift), I thought we could use this time to go through a 30-day practice plan. Specifically, my idea is this: Every day I'll produce a video showing you something to practice for five minutes. I'll post the video in the morning. I'd like everyone to practice that for five minutes, in your home, that day. I'd like everyone to post that they did it, and what they thought about it, and if possible a video of themselves doing the drill or game or whatever. I have got a few good ideas for the first four or five days, and will talk with @mvmac and some other guys about what we can do on different days. Some will be putting, short game, full swing… but all will be a drill you can do in just five minutes. They may not be something you specifically need to do, but since rehearsing good moves is a good thing, I'll again ask that everyone sign up and do it. I'm making this a challenge, so anyone who can do 28+ of the 30 daily drills will earn the badge at the end of the month. I'll keep the drills simple - you won't need to visit a range or even necessarily hit a golf ball (the putting things may involve an actual golf ball), so everyone can do them. Why? Again, if we're gonna be stuck inside, or at home, we can at least do some things to improve our golf. It'll help stave off boredom (for me as much as y'all) and give us something to do together. Post below if you're in, and on April 1, I'll post the first video. (Hint: it's gonna be about the first part of the backswing. 🙂) Index: Day 01 - Early Backswing Day 02 - Shoulder Pitch Day 03 - Trail Elbow at A4 Day 04 - Tomorrow…
  2. Are you guys kidding?! Of course it’s: THE HAMMER!!!! POW!!!
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    Title. Seriously. Every day I talk to people who underplay COVID-19 by comparing it to the flu. Just today I spoke with someone who told me, "Tens of thousands of people die from the flu each year, we don't shut anything down for that!" Well you know what? It's not the flu. The flu is something we understand and have historical data for. This is new. A severe flu season has a death rate of 0.17% (something like 80,000 flu-related deaths in 48 million cases). As of today, 6,501 people died out of 169,374 confirmed cases, for a death rate of 3.8%. Even if somehow only one in ten people with COVID-19 are tested and confirmed to have it, it would still be twice as deadly as the flu. The flu also has a shorter incubation period, with symptoms typically presenting after two to four days. An individual infected with COVID-19 may not present symptoms up to 14 days after infection. That's a possible two weeks for a seemingly healthy individual to go about their daily lives, spreading the disease. I mentioned that it's new, right? Anyone who has had the flu before will have some natural immunity to similar strands in the future. But, viruses mutate. It's not perfect, but it's something. We have no pre-existing immunity to COVID-19, which potentially makes every single person in the world vulnerable to infection. Quarantines, school closures, and other changes to our daily lives have inconvenienced us. I get it. But this is about so much more than not being able to watch your favorite sports team compete, or your vacation plans being cancelled. It's not about politics or mass media hysteria. This is a real disease with a serious negative impact to the world and we (Americans) have the opportunity to do something about it before it gets out of hand and we end up like China or Italy. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I'll burn this f***ing soapbox now. Sources: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/people-have-been-trying-underplay-why-coronavirus-different-flu-n1156801 https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/10/28/does-the-flu-provide-better-immunity-than-a-flu-shot/ https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/disease/spread.htm https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
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    I received a call from a business acquaintance last December. Over the years we had played golf together numerous times even with his living in Iowa and me in Michigan. Despite our age difference (I the elder by close to 30 years) and golf ability gap (his index around 1.0 and mine hovering near 10.0), our shared passion for golf made our friendship natural. He wanted to know if I was interested in joining him and his father on a golf trip to Reunion Resort near Orlando, FL. They had a group of seven Iowans and I would make it eight. We would stay at his father’s home on the Nicklaus course at Reunion. The group would prepare all meals in the home, and the cost would be 1/8 of the home’s cleaning fee and food purchases plus golf. “Yes!” I was in. A round trip Detroit/Orlando flight was purchased with accumulated “miles” and I waited for the big day to arrive. In early February I began to receive more information. Bring $200 as the gambling buy-in, fives and tens, please. Check! There was a hot tub so bring a bathing suit. Check! They had a car service that would bring me to the resort. Check! I figured the home would be a 4-bedroom house and each of us would share a room. Once I had the address to give to the car service I decided to “Google” the home’s location. Hmmm … I guess I had the wrong impression about where we would be staying. The house has 9 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. Everyone would have their own bedroom with private bathroom. Check!!! Then I received the last item of information. We would be paying 36 holes of golf each day for 6 days. 216 holes of golf! What did I get myself into? The last time I had played 36 holes in a day dated back to 2017. We played two Newport Cup matches a day for two days followed by a singles match. Back then I thought that was a lot of golf. Now, almost three years later, I was going to play three Newport Cup’s in the course of 6 days. Bottle of Advil. Check!!!! The big day arrived and travel to Reunion went smoothly. The group ranged in age from 29 to 73 and handicaps were 18 to 0. The competition was divided into two 3-day segments with foursomes in the morning (gross alternate shot) and net stroke play in the afternoon. Having played or practiced very little since November, I was extremely rusty and put up some horrendous scores the first three days. My partner saved me in the alternate stroke round robin matches but little else was going right. The sole positive was one’s handicap was set by the handicap we brought down (9-10 for me) combined with our first three days of scores. My poor play got me a nice fat “14” for the second 3-day competition. Fast forwarding to Saturday, the last day, found us on the Nicklaus course at Reunion. It is the toughest of the three courses and conditions were difficult with a 17-mph wind, gusting to 25. The course apparently likes to make their front and back hole locations very close to the edge, giving us at most 6 feet of leeway. My front nine was okay with no doubles and a handful of pars. Then a I seemed to pull things together down the stretch. I found myself on #18 green with a 15-foot putt for birdie, 4 points (quota game) and the win. Sigh. I missed it right by an inch or so finished 2nd. How did I survive the 218 holes? First and foremost, Advil. Two in the morning and two at noon. Next, the foursomes/alternate shot format in the morning did not require the same effort as 18 holes of stroke play. It served as a bit of a break. Finally, we actually did not play 218 holes. We were partially rained out on Wednesday and only played 11 holes in the afternoon. Also, some of the matches only went to the 17th hole and one ended on #15. I only played 205 holes in six days, not 218. I managed to win back $190 of my $200 contribution to the pot and made some nice friendships. If I get a call next December, what will I do? I will let you know once I complete my physical therapy.😉
  5. March Madness is canceled, the NBA is shut down, the Masters is postponed, and my Aunt Marge’s senior bowling has even thrown in the towel. Now restaurants and bars are closed, and our 40-handicap governor is threatening to shut down all entertainment facilities including golf courses. I have not tested positive, but the coronavirus is killing me. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. My wife suggested we take a walk, but I don’t walk anywhere unless I have a golf club in my hand and it’s cart path only. My kids have a restraining order on us and won’t let us come within 200 yards of the grandchildren. And we can no longer eat out, but when we tried to cook at home, there were cobwebs in the oven. The network channels are inundated with coverage of the virus. The golf channel has been showing reruns of old tournaments, which are almost as riveting as watching my brother-in-law’s video of his family camping trip to Yellowstone. And my wife is so desperate for something to do, she is even considering sex, and maybe even with me. Paranoia is off the tracks. Before the shutdown, we were having dinner at a local bar. I let out a loud sneeze and everyone at the surrounding tables started yelling "check please." My stock portfolio is plummeting and most of our cash is currently invested in toilet paper. I am washing my hands 137 times a day. I don’t touch anyone. I don’t even touch myself. I have been using tongs to go to the bathroom. This has to stop. Our society and economy have been crippled by a microscopic virus. Scientists have not yet determined the exact origin but have narrowed it down to a Chinese fish market or Rosie O’Donnell’s bathtub. And no one is sure how to prevent or cure it. In the past, the ways to prevent contracting a contagious disease were simple: don’t eat in restaurants with a cat on the menu and don’t date my college roommate’s sister. I don’t consider myself to be in the high-risk category. I have been building up my immune system by eating one meal per day at MacDonald’s for the last 25 years. Germs just slide through me. My only pre-existing condition is an inability to launch a golf ball further than 180 yards. And, according to the CDC, symptoms of the corona-virus are sweats, dizziness, and trouble breathing, which I experience whenever I am standing over a 3-foot putt. I can handle it. So, I proposed to my regular foursome the idea of escaping from our self-imposed Stalag 17 and venturing outside for a round of golf. Everyone recognized the danger and severity of the situation. But when faced with the decision to remain sequestered with our wives or to risk contracting a deadly virus, it was a no-brainer. Every man opted to play golf. Our foursome does not pose a medical risk to mankind. My friend, George is virus-free. Social distancing has not been a problem for him. Other than us, he doesn’t have any friends. Bob, my neighbor is a urologist who has been working from home for several weeks. He has developed a way to do remote prostate exams by having patients sit on their cell phones. And our other partner, Jerry tested himself with a kit he bought online. However, he thinks he may have gotten the wrong kit. It showed no traces of the virus but indicated that he was pregnant with twins. The federal government has established guidelines for social engagement. For example, you must stay at least 6 feet apart and no more than 10 people are allowed at a gathering, which means Patrick Reed’s fan club can still meet. In addition, our foursome drafted our own specific set of rules for Pandemic Golf. Rules of Play: · • Hazmat suits are permitted. As an alternative, one can wear a college mascot costume or big bunny pajamas. · • Masks are not permitted, because we would look more like stagecoach robbers than a foursome. · • Leave the flag in. And to avoid retrieving balls from the hole, any putt shorter than Lebron James is good. · • Ride in separate golf carts and don’t come closer to another player than a fully extended ball retriever. · • Don’t touch another player’s balls. This is always good advice. · • No high fives. Fortunately, we seldom have a reason. · • No petting the geese or the cart girl. · • Don’t use the spot-a-pot. More disease in there than in all of Wuhan China. · • No excuses. Slicing or hooking are not side effects of the corona-virus. · • Make an online bank transfer to pay off your bets for the day. · • Straddle the sprinkler on the 18th hole before getting into the car. These rules and restrictions adequately protected us from contamination. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for bad golf. I had trouble gripping the club with oven mittens, but it was an enjoyable afternoon which ended way too soon. There were no handshakes on the 18th green, no beers at the bar, and we drove home separately. As the pandemic plays through, it is giving us a glimpse into our inevitable future where all meals are delivered, all entertainment comes through the tv screen, and all human interaction is through our cell phone. Where schooling is online at home, exercise is on a stationary bike in our basement, medical testing is done at drive-thru windows, and colonoscopies are performed at Jiffy Lube. The world is changing. It is becoming less interpersonal as technology consumes us. So now that we have time on our hands, everyone should take a moment to cherish this fading era, when friends still get together to hit a little ball around an open field for no good reason other than to enjoy the companionship of their fellow man.
  6. Earlier yesterday I received a letter that mandated I close TST due to its status as a "non-essential" business. As many others know, Governor Tom Wolf of PA has closed golf courses state-wide, and now is closing all golf-related activity, despite courses in OH, NY, and WV remaining open so long as they follow the proper guidelines. At midnight tonight, I'm shutting TST down in order to comply with the order from Governor Wolf. This is a sad day, and I can only hope that we will be able to re-open TST at some point in June or July or whenever we finally get the all-clear. In the meantime, please consider signing this petition: Petition · LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF · Change.org LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF Thank you. I'll see y'all on the flip side. P.S. Please check back tomorrow, as I plan to leave at least a comment form where you can sign your name and forward a pre-written email to Governor Wolf or something in support of allowing TST to continue operating. Our server, after all, isn't in PA.
  7. I know these questions come up on here from time to time. Think this video can help if you want to understand all the details.
  8. This is where you mischaracterize the rest of us David. We are not ‘terrified’, ‘paranoid’ or ‘hoarding’. We are taking the necessary precautions as recommended by our local, state and a federal authorities to protect the vulnerable population. It is not me I am worried about. It is those that have no immune defense and will die if they get this. Your attitude has been cavalier, acting as if you are smarter than any of us including the CDC, doctors and scientists who are recommending these steps. You remind me of people who thought wearing safety glasses, gloves and other PPE were for sissies. Or better yet, surgeons back in the 1800s who were appalled that someone suggested they wash their hands before surgery. You have also been baiting and trolling in your posts to get others to lash out at you. Frankly, I am disappointed in these posts. For the most part, you are a valuable contributor to this forum and are very helpful to other golfers, including me. I wish you would take another approach in future posts. We are all trying to get through this.
  9. Better to look back and say we did too much than to realize we didn’t do enough. Without serious intervention and self sacrifice it looks like we’re (US) on track to experience what Italy is going through right now.
  10. Finally got out to try my clubs on TM. Going to repost pictures from my TM session with my old clubs for easy comparison. PW: MP4 JPX910F 6i: MP4 JPX910F I saw a slight increase to ball speed and dispersion through the set. More importantly I also launched the ball higher with more spin, which is what I was looking to see from my fitting. It’s kind of an odd coincidence that the 6i averages are so similar, but the shots from the JPX910F are more playable on course, based on the pictures. Driver: G400 G410 Plus I split these into two sections. The first I was really focused on starting the ball right of my target line to mixed results. The second I just hit the ball like I normally would. I’m pretty happy with that. It’s definitely more consistent. I never felt that I was going to lose the ball right once. I don’t know if that’s the club or just how I was swinging today, but if I can lose that right miss I’m dropping three strokes, easy. Now if I can harness those three shots from the controlled swing that I basically put right on the target line... Looking forward to golf this year 😃
  11. Thanks man! I haven’t been playing golf much for one, and the other reason is I just kind of realized that wasting a bunch of time arguing with strangers on the internet isn’t all that fulfilling. While I’m on this thread, the thing I admire most about other members are those who can keep from falling into that pit of arguing with others, those who have nothing but nice and helpful things to say, including but not limited to @mvmac, @GolfLug, @jamo, @billchao, @nevets88, @Shindig, and probably the king of kindness himself @DaveP043. Again, that’s not an exhaustive list, but those are some great guys! 🙂
  12. Wow, I could fill a couple of pages easily. Forgive me for being influenced by recency but here goes: @billchao and @boogielicious for being solid all out citizens of TST. Both content and support is bar none. Thank you. @DaveP043, @David in FL, @ncates00@Golfing Dad , @ChetlovesMer , @bkuehn1952 and @DeadMan for their thoughtful and prolific content. @klineka, @billchao, @saevel25 and of course @mvmac for their outstanding swing work and detailing of their body of swing work. @Double Mocha Man, @FlyingAce, @Vinsk for freshness and light hearted perspective on things. @colin007, @jsgolfer, @DaveP043, @billchao, @Hardspoon who I have met and played with and have become my great friends for life. And last but not least @iacas who has not only changed my golf life but continues to check on me and keep my spirits up while I remain incapacitated because of my injury. And yes, I stop here thinking I can easily add another 25+ names. Edit: I miss @RandallT greatly.
  13. a) Full swing - I have students that set the wrists early and students that set the wrists late. No real preference there. b) Pitching - Generally I like more wrist hinging. Clubhead rolls under plane (barely), but moves a lot relative to the hands. c) Chipping - Just a little wrist hinging. The more you hinge, the lower the ball can go with less delivered loft. Probably those are about right. I think the things that are different than you wrote there are this… the "lazier" my hands/wrists are, or the more I let the club fly past my hands, the higher and softer the ball launches, even if setup is the same. So that's a big part of it, too.
  14. What the heck kind of "media" are you watching? It's not going to kill most people. Probably not even 98% of people. But if you get it, and pass it on to 30 people, and those 30 people pass it on… that's how large numbers of (often elderly or otherwise medically challenged) people die. So, 15x more deadly than the flu, which kills (IIRC) 61,000 people per year. 61,000 * 15 = 915,000. And I think the NBA and other sports should have done what they ultimately did a week earlier. C'mon man. It's kinda ridiculous they played the first round. They have to worry about a thousand people or more, plus the 30 people each of those 1000 people come into contact with… etc. International players were worried about getting back to their families. Etc. Mike Whan said he didn't know if it was the right decision, but if he decided the other way and he was wrong, he could not have lived with himself. NO! Cripes.
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    I want to take a moment to talk about my uncle Don. He is the guy who gave me my first swing lesson at a very young age. We were having a family cookout, and I had grabbed one of my days irons and was swinging it in the yard. He came over and showed me some things. I don't think my mother was too happy with him when I started making divots in her well manicured turf. This led to taking a few of my dad's "smiled" golf balls to the park up the street and hitting them back and forth every day. I would occasionally get invited to tag along with my dad, grandpa, and uncle at the nearby goat track. I killed a lot of worms at that place, but the occasional great shot (relatively speaking) wet my appetite for the game like nothing else. I wanted more and more. Uncle Don passed away yesterday. He was one of the calmest, coolest people I have ever know. I have never seen him get upset over anything. When he would hit a bad shot, which wasn't too often, he would simply say, "Hmmmm." and play his next shot. What I wouldn't give for another round at that goat track (now closed permanently) with those guys. I imagine he has already played a round or two with my grandpa on the great golf course in the sky.
  16. Scott, more with the wrists, less by swinging the arms back. Dan, ditto the above (less so), and your weight is in your heels a little, it appears. Kevin, club a little low/close. I enjoyed that video sped up. That was a good way to do that. Whoa! Long backswings! 🙂 Left wrist only ones should kinda go out in front of you more. A bit less arm swing and a bit more of a 45° angle will help there. Club goes above your belt buckle, a bit high at setup. Bill, really good job with the left wrist stuff. A bunch of you can watch his left wrist video and you’ll see that his club is going up and out away from him, because of two things: 1) he’s isolated the wrist movement and isn’t adding in a pivot or arm swing, and 2) he’s not palmar flexing the left wrist, but rather hinging it up at about that 45° angle I talked about in the video. Daniel you did a good job as well especially with that left wrist. Matt, nice. And yeah, like practice putting, you can feel it in your back. Steven, like many others a little more arm swing than I’d like to see for the left wrist feeling. I didn’t see a split-hand grip but I’ll assume you did that too. 🙂 BW, nicely done. Split hand grip too. Maybe I didn’t mention that as clearly in the video…? Matt, well done. Some of the actual swings (with the little pivot) still seemed a bit up and out, tough to say, but the pivot should help get the club a bit more parallel at A2… though I’d rather it be out than in, so it’s not the worst thing to practice.
  17. Day 1 - Early Backswing In the first day we examine the setup, grip, and the early backswing. Faults that we often see: Bad grips (palmy, weak) Bad setups (back flat, butt out, grip between thighs or too far away, wide) Hands go out early Hands/forearms roll the clubhead in early Clubface rolled open prematurely The drills for today include: 1:30 – Left wrist only 1:30 – Right wrist only 2:00 – Split hand grip 3:00 – Add pivot to A2 Video: Remember, we'd love to see your videos, and have everyone that signed up meet the challenge. You don't have to film your whole session, but get at least 15-30 seconds of it. And if you want to record your whole practice, go for it. Or do a time-lapse video… those can be fun. Then upload to YouTube (I recommend making it unlisted), and post here. Just like this: If you're joining after day 1, you can catch up, or jump right in and move forward.
  18. One thing I really like about this group and this forum is the "Numbers Thread". I'm not sure why but I always click when somebody posts a new number. So, special thanks to: @dennyjones, @snapfade, @boogielicious, @commishbob, @dagolfer18, @iacas, @KEEPITSIMPLE, @NM Golf, @Vinsk, @JGus, @RoberX, and @IowaGreg for continually keeping the numbers thread going. …. Even if @dennyjones sometimes posts way too many battleships.
  19. First, @iacas who changed my golf game completely. From my swing thread, playing a round together as part of a TST outing, LSW, Evolvr, giving me my first in person lesson ever at his facility in Erie, reading and rereading the topics in the Swing Thoughts section, etc, etc the list goes on and on. I can say without a doubt I am a significantly better golfer today than I was prior to finding TST and meeting Erik. Next comes the numerous members I have met in person and golfed with or just had a drink with. I think this is everyone, sorry if I left anyone out! @saevel25 @DaveP043 @georgep @Carl3 @vasaribm I also really enjoy reading about how other players work on their games, and I especially like to hear the thoughts of lower handicap players and see how my game stacks up to some of them. Guys like @NM Golf @mvmac @Double Mocha Man @Pretzel @phillyk @coachjimsc are some of the first that come to mind. I'm sure I'll be adding to this thread in the future, there are a ton of great members on here.
  20. This is getting better all the time! Now I have checks coming from the Feds and from the Snaps.
  21. Hey cool thread. To @iacas, @CarlSpackler , @Vinsk, and others who I'm sure I'm forgetting I'd like to say I appreciate that you all have disagreed with me and discussed it like an adult without being offended. To @Double Mocha Man, @dennyjones and @boogielicious for being of a similar mind and sense of humor. To @klineka, @Bonvivant and @CarlSpackler for agreeing to play a scramble with me which would have happened yesterday, but alas no... We will have to do it some time in the future... you too, @saevel25 Again, this is a cool thread. I look forward to adding more shout outs later.
  22. Things can be on the coach, of course. But this also assumes he was right about what he saw, and that this would be the fix. I'm doubtful that he'd fix Jordan Spieth in "two minutes."
  23. PGA of America slams Brandel Chamblee's 'offensive, sexist' comments PGA of America leadership issued a forceful rebuttal of Brandel Chamblee's remarks on golf instruction, calling them "disgraceful." The relevant section of his comments: The teachers are being exposed for their idiocy, but I stood on the range with a prominent teacher who had acolytes all around him who then went out and those acolytes talk with acolytes and then they completely spread this flawed philosophy through all of teaching and all teachers stuck to that ideal and all teachers taught flawed philosophies and these philosophies finally got bitch-slapped by reality. YouTube, there it is, you’re wrong, they’re right. Before that who had video of all these people? You had to really, really be a student of the game. And then even if you were you still had the periodicals that would post stories and you’d go to the airport and go to the grocery store and there they are touting that this is how you swing a golf club and you say, ‘Well, I guess I’m an idiot because here are these guys on front pages of magazines telling me that I need to set my wrists and swing flat and keep the club in front of me and stay balanced and have a compacted golf swing for more consistency.’ These are all packaged lies. They didn’t have malicious intent, but they just weren’t vetted out. Now those ideas get vetted out by social media. It’s peer review. Put those out there, the whole world goes to their computers and says, Wait a minute. I don't think he's all that wrong. I do wonder if the people he was talking about in the first paragraph were Mike and Andy. GW: It does seem like if you go by the rankings of instructors, all the best teachers in the country are working with PGA Tour pros. It seems farfetched that it could be that simple, right? BC: Oh, the rankings are ridiculous. They couldn’t be any more inaccurate. When I look at those lists and the people that put those lists together, they’re my friends, and again there’s no malicious intent but they put them together based upon those teachers that are the most marketable, that are writing the most columns. Agree there. 100%. I think this was totally worth it for Brandel to do this.
  24. I have this golf buddy. He's a good guy and I like playing with him. He's the kind of guy that spends the entire round telling you about the round he's playing as he's playing it. I'm sure most of us have a buddy like that... or maybe you are the buddy like that. You know as you are walking to the green he's saying "If I just do this.... but I did this... when ever I do this … this happens... I need to focus on this.... that last shot I did this … and this happened that last hole..." you get the idea. Okay so, this year he's been going to the range as we can't really play yet. The weather sucks. He feels like he's losing distance off his driver, and he's started hitting a wicked fade/slice. (Incidentally he plays off about a 20-25 hcp. My guess, I'm not really sure.) He's been complaining about his driver. So I say "Why don't you get a lesson, or sign up for multiple lessons?" He's reluctant. He wants to figure it out on his own. But finally he relents and signs up for a free lesson. (First one is free.) Okay, so he's in the slot at the range working with the pro. I'm in the next slot over, half hitting shots, half trying to glean information off his lesson. I thought the pro does a really good job. He's got him on trackman. He's videoing my buddy's swing from the side and down the line. I'm not completely paying attention but it looks like he's doing coaching type things. To make a long story … less long. The pro diagnoses that my buddy is "coming off the ball" on his backswing. Essentially, he's swaying back and his head is travelling back with his body and then he's sliding into the ball., and he's got to make a million little adjustments to get back to where he's supposed to be. So, the coach gives him some "feels" to try to go for, and some drills and suddenly my buddy is hitting it way better. And I mean tons better. So, I'm in the next booth going "Eh, cool." They finish up and they head inside. I eventually catch up with them and they are going over the videos, both good and bad, of my buddy's swing. The coach is saying stuff like "Look where you are here and this is the result." … "Then look where you are here and see how much better the result is." The coach is drawing lines on the screen, talking about what my buddy says the feeling he was getting during this move was etc... I pretty much get the idea. Then the coach shows him a couple of pros swings in an attempt to show him how that particular move he's making is similar to Tiger and Rory and whom ever. He finishes the lesson with "Remember how we were working on this feeling and it was working for you." See how when you do that your spin numbers come way down your trajectory improves etc.... He sends my buddy away with a feel and two drills to reinforce it. So, I'm kind of happy for my buddy. Maybe he's got a new swing coach. Fast forward to this week when I see my buddy on the range. He's back to his slice, he's hitting it worse than before. He's also raking and smacking balls at an alarming rate with the driver. "Hey, how are you doing" "Fine" he says in that voice that tells you it's not really fine. "Are you working on that feel and those drills the swing coach gave you." "No" His tone of voice tells me I shouldn't ask. But I'm an idiot and I ask "Why not?" "He wants me to swing like Tiger or Rory. I'm not Tiger or Rory." "Oh" I say confused. "See, that's why I told you I didn't want lessons. Golf coaches only have one type of swing in mind and they try to make you do that swing. I just wanted him to fix my swing, not try to get me to do Tiger's swing." Okay, so I'm the first to admit I wasn't completely always paying attention to his lesson. But, that's not what I perceived happened at all. So, I made a silent vow to myself that the next time I meet with my swing coach I'm going to try hard to appreciate what he does. It can NOT be easy to teach this silly game.
  25. This pandemic has spread far beyond China now, if you haven't heard. Or how about this, you just stop buying their products if you don't like where they're manufactured?
  26. After 8 years, i got fitted for new sticks. I am getting some new irons, Taylormade P790. They are now on order.
  27. I agree that it's not an "essential business," but I also think a golf course is a pretty safe place. Certainly safer than visiting a crowded grocery store or something. Never mind the mental benefits of being able to do something other than watch Netflix or something these days. I hope the Pinehurst area courses are open next week.
  28. You'll note that DaveP doesn't guess . . . he looks 'em up, beginning where? Beginning with Definitions! New one tomorrow. ☺
  29. "First time I played a dumpy little par 70 course in Celementon NJ, you know the one by the run down amusement park with railroad tracks running thru it and not a single freakin rake on the whole "track". From out of nowhere this dame sashays outta the bunker behind me while I'm putting. I says to her, "Don't mess with Rippy, stop right there!" She comes to a screeching halt as only a gal with those gams could... sloshing a few drops from the martini she carries in her left hand.
  30. Here's what we need: Or perhaps....
  31. One of those unwritten rules of golf. The gods don't like it when you brag about what they let you do. Offer a sacrifice, learn from your mistake and move on.
  32. Last Thursday I was in the low risk zone. Friday I passed in to the high risk zone. What a difference a day makes!😀
  33. We will all be rendered obsolete by the T 1000!
  34. Painter's tape is blue and a 3 foot piece of it weighs next to nothing.
  35. I know, right? I suppose if somebody actually refuses then you can just say "ok, dude" and trade amongst the other(s) in the group. When the rounds over and he get's DQ'd because nobody attests his card (because they can't) he'll feel like a dumbo and hopefully stop doing that.
  36. iacas

    Handicap Tracker

    We have a number of existing topics on this, but my recommendation is to simply sign up for a GHIN account. You can even join an eClub.
  37. I ran into this browsing around YouTube for swing videos, thought it was funny.
  38. I still believe in the golf Gods. @billchao, you've really done it now.. You always use a capital G when talking about deities! Different offerings results in different pleasures from the Gods. Maybe your offering was rejected! Maybe your God was Loki! They can be mean and spiteful or generous and forgiving! I don't want to be in the same room when lightening strikes you Bill!
  39. Well you’ve done it now. Enjoy your 90+ scores for awhile.
  40. To you, they don’t. To the fitter trying to build you the best clubs for your game, they absolutely do. The numbers help guide the fitter to the best end result. Hit the ball too high with too much spin? They can use that information to make an adjustment. Too low with too much spin? Again, the information helps the fitting process. Your lack of interest in the numbers doesn’t invalidate their utility. There are plenty of people out there who are fully capable of not only understanding the numbers, but also using them to improve their golf game.
  41. What's confusing about spin? As an owner of a launch monitor, I geek out over this stuff. Why? Because I like it. I enjoy it. If you want to just go get fitted and trust the fitter, fine. I like to be able to have an intelligent conversation and understand the why and not just the what. I do, however, delegate some things of my life to others' expertise--like cutting my hair--I just want my hair cut. I don't have to know what goes into that. But some things, I do like and enjoy talking about the minutia of the details. Having knowledge about a topic and being concerned with the end result are not mutually exclusive. That's faulty logic. For instance, some people like to jump in a car and drive. Other people like to learn how to rebuild a carburetor (on old cars obviously), engine, transmission, and geek out over the details. Such people, under your faulty reasoning, are just "confusing" themselves with esoterica.
  42. Brand does matter, but not because one brand makes a “better” club than another, but because small differences in design might fit you better or not. When I went in for my last iron fitting, we found out fairly early on that the shaft I was currently playing (fitted previously) was still the best one for me, so we tried a bunch of different heads with it. For whatever reason, one came out ahead of the rest in terms of performance and that’s what I ended up getting. Brand will matter if you’re picking between clubs with similar performance and one manufacturer offers the shaft you need with no upgrade charge 😉 Probably more than you think. For example, manufacturers are incorporating materials with different densities than what clubs were traditionally made with which allows them to manipulate the launch characteristics of clubs more than before by moving the club’s CoG around. Improvement in technology has allowed them to design club faces thinner, etc.
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