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  1. John L. Grant is a pretentious, discriminant fool. Sorry to bring up the "D" word but that's what it is and it makes me sick thinking there are people out there like that. I enjoy watching players, new and old bringing their own style to the game. It's healthy for the sport in that it brings new players, it adds viewers and hopefully turns guys like John L. Grant away so none of us have to see or hear him. Just my opinion...
  2. Damn that was fun - could have been 70 if some putts fell. Best I've struck the ball all year.
  3. You should stick with those irons. PGA Tour players don't have stats like that!!
  4. I like Ricky and think he is a breath of fresh air. I remember some other pros that were/are not very conventional in their dress, like Doug Sanders and Ian Poulter.
  5. Sticking with the show for a change of pace ..... and tx to Erik for bringing it back ...... of course Rush is a bit of an opinionated blow-hard. He is also very smart and plays off of his public image in this show, sometimes with irony. It is his self-image, it is what he does, and it is what has made him a very wealthy man. I understand those who dislike his style, especially if they are also of a liberal persuasion - he would be the 3rd rail in that case. Me, I can take a fair amount of his bluster and bravado because he has a quick mind, is amusing at times, and in this show he is forced to be humble about the game of golf as he tries to improve. Isn't that what the show is about - the great game of golf and how different people deal with the frustrations and challenges? This game is greater than any wealthy public figure, greater than any ego in the world, greater than any intellect - the most infuriating and the most gratifying game that I know. To me, the Rush show is fascinating because you see the conflict in a rather pure form - self-confident, opinionated, successful person vs. a little white ball sitting there on the range or the course. You could argue that it makes no sense for a man like Rush to put himself through a show like this. That he does it is a testament to his love and respect for the game, whatever you think of him or his politics. Maybe that isn't enough to keep you watching, but think about whether there isn't some value that you are missing if you can just ignore the rest of it.
  6. We just had this conversation elsewhere, and it turned into a whole big thing, so I'm going to say this very plainly and very clearly: the clubface is not glued to the path. A 10 degree adjustment in path often results in a 0, 1, or 2 degree adjustment in face. A golfer with a square (to target) clubface and a path -10 degrees (left) can swing 3 degrees to the right and have a clubface angle that's only 2 degrees open. We see it day in and day out. We fix the path in four swings... "He does so and hits a push slice" is a fabrication. We fix the path - and make huge strides to where we can work on some other piece the next time - all the time. The path does not force the face to move a similar amount if done properly. That's why your first solution is bogus. First you get the guy matching his face to his path - okay, so his clubface is 10 degrees left at impact, has no loft, etc. Then you adjust his path... and his clubface is still 8 degrees left at impact. So then you have to fix the clubface angle again. Three steps versus one. I'll take the one step every time. Does that mean we never fix the face? No. But fixing the path - the actual cause of the large, vast majority of slices - is so much easier and quicker. P.S. If the face angle and path were magically glued, why in your first example doesn't the path move farther left when the clubface angle moves left? Why aren't they glued together there? P.P.S. The average amateur's grip is too strong as it is. That's why their clubface angle is too closed at impact. They come across the ball so much they've learned to at least start the ball to the left so their slice has a chance of curving back and staying inside the fairway.
  7. Animal waste is usually not harmful to humans, but more importantly, ANIMALS DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER! You on the other hand, being supposedly civilized, can choose to spit into a cup. Just because it's second nature to you to spit anywhere you feel like it does not in any way give it legitimacy. +1,000 spit is not harmful to humans,and being from the south were 98% of the people i know spit in public does give it legitimacy know your facts before you say something.you must find baseball plays to be utterley revolting if you dont like spitting. I've got some really good friends who chew, and it's gross. They do have the decency to spit in a cup or water bottle. Still gross, but nobody's perfect. I don't care if 100% of the people in the south spit, or endorse dogfighting, or any other disreputable behavior. It's gross. I played baseball for many years, and spitting sunflower shells in the dugout isn't the same as spitting on the course. The guys who spit on the field were gross. And since when did spitting become an integral part of a "baseball play?" were, utterley, dont-you're on a roll.
  8. If you freeze frame your last video at the point of 7 going on 8 seconds, as your about to strike the ball your left wrist hinges to-wards the target, your left wrist must be straight at this point. To help you feel what should be happening with your left wrist at impact, use a metal or timber rule about 300mm long and slip it into the back of your glove when its on your hand, get it down to the start of your knuckles then fasten the glove as tight as you can, with a straight wrist tape the rule to your wrist and closer to the end and hey presto you have a flat left
  9. Building on what jamo said... Fairway wood would give you more power and distance - have longest shafts + lower loft. 3W maybe 14-15* | 4W maybe 16-17*. Hybrids in between in shaft length, irons are shortest. Some hybrids are billed as iron replacements. Basic advice: Test hit them, see where your yardage gaps are, see what you like and don't like. If you go with a single fairway wood, you might consider a 4W | could probably still find one in FT if you like that club design. Decent players can usually hit 4W out of light rough, or off fairway. With a 220-yd. 4i, sounds like distance is on your side. If you're not wild about your 3 iron, consider dropping it and adding a hybrid or maybe a 19* or 22* Taylormade Raylor; new-era Raylor has boathull sole that lessens friction as it goes through rough. Lots of cool toys. Check 'em out!
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    • Day 308 - October 31, 2020 Played 18 at Bedford Springs with a small group of TST people.
    • Day 130.  I had a good hour in my practice room (off a mat, real balls, into a net, indoors).  I hit quarter shots with a 56 degree wedge and with an 8-iron, then trouble shots and full swings with a 6-iron.  
    • I hit through a bag of G410's today my playing partner had ( we were almost alone out there and hit multiple balls). Besides being disturbingly thick , the offset made me over draw or hook everything, unless I tried to fade them, in which case they may have gone straight. Not for me. But he shot a 75 playing his first ball on every hole. Me? Hell no. I shot 86 with him conceding putts I had a 50% chance of holing.
    • As other stated, Welcome! This is my response to your first paragraph. Agree with other responses above. Will respond regarding my experience/views with epoxy/ferrules/golf shaft, etc in another response. IMO Quality control with possibly a higher quality material makeup is one key discriminator between the cheaper references (in price$/materials) vs the more expensive. Not a guarantee but in most cases/brands there are design qualities combined with superior materials (i.e. low quality zinc material component club head vs a 1025 carbon steel/431 stainless steel/17-4 stainless steel/and many varieties of titanium/carbon fiber golf club head, etc) .I have purchased OME brands (Ping/Callaway/TM, etc) and when I measured loft/lie they were spot on or off ~1 deg vs a set of Top Flites a friend bought that were order of magnitude off (like 4,5,6 all within 1 deg loft). Component club heads from Maltby/Golf Works and Wishon -- again -- spot on (always) vs knockoff components (to be fair 50/50 in my experience -- little better than boxed sets). I am not against boxed sets as my boys for junior golf started with boxed sets (Callaway and/or PING) and they were near perfect. Its the adult sets that I recommend people proceed with caution. Another key that affects costs may be the engineering design that drives possibly unique materials to be combined to produce a certain type higher quality club head. Does that guarantee you a better game? -- maybe/maybe not at beginner level -- but many argue about this, I will not here but attempt to share from my experiences from the materials/quality of the clubs.  Where would I recommend a cheap/or lower cost boxed set? IF you are  high hncp once a month golfer that does not practice --- imo save your money and buy a boxed set of matching clubs--but do your research best you can so you get quality(after all there is a difference in a 6 iron into a green vs a 8 iron -- those clubs need to be different to work as designed (again I will refer to Top Flight boxed set my friend purchased years ago). My comments above come from someone that has built/repaired and learned to fit (with/without swing monitors/video) for over 35 years. There are plenty of quality used OEM brand equipment and comparable components from Golf Works or Wishon, etc. that are made from quality and/or premium materials with good engineering design qualities that are as affordable as a cheap boxed sets that has most likely been mass produced/put together with less than desirable quality control and consistencies. Last let me say I firmly believe in quality instruction combined with fittings to build a top notch set that meets your needs/capabilities over time vs going out first and buying either economy or high end. Just my opinion. There is a great used golf club market in which there are some great deals but I would want to know what I fit to before investing. There are relationships in place between many instructors/fitters (some do both) and I believe that is an avenue to not only improve your game but invest wisely.    

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