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  1. " MOVANLE WEIENT TECHNOLOEY" written on the head cover should give it away. They also have shrink-wrapped heads with the ferrules on already, this is also known to be one of the telltale signs. Your friend got ripped off.
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  2. Them's fightin' words!
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  3. Adrenaline can do weird things to your stroke (just ask Rory). When faced with a "gotta make" situation on the green, some people tense up and try to coax the ball to the hole which usually leaves the putt woefully short. Others try to "force" the ball into the hole which usually results in a putt that runs way past the hole. Sounds like you're in the latter group. Some of the advice/cliches we hear such as; never up, never in or never leave a (eagle or birdie) putt short can be a disservice. While it's true that a short putt has no chance of going into the hole, a 10' putt that has enoug
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  4. So, you kinda go all Happy Gilmore on the green. Been there, doing that Sounds like you have the driving length to at least give you a fighting chance to bag an eagle. If so, then you'll need to work on retaining your composure when putting, and not let a bad putt (or two) blow up a great start, and a possible eagle/birdie/par. There are good books available on the mental aspect if you like to read, but one initial key is going to be to let it go once you muff a putt. Try looking at it like a par hole (if you drive the green) - at least then you won't be bending the putter with
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  5. Just because you suck at hockey doesn't mean you're Happy Gilmore. I hope you do succeed and can throw it back in our faces. But it is more likely that you'll play about a couple rounds a month for a few months then decide its not for you.
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  6. Club designer Ralph Maltby answers a question on this topic. He recommends against DSG wedges for most golfers, because they're very difficult to play: http://www.ralphmaltby.com/search?query=%22DSG%22&search.x;=20&search.y;=13
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  7. HAHAHAHAHHAHA yes. I like the answers in the thread. This is what I was looking for when I talked about the swagger of golfers...yes, the blatant attitude. This is what I'm looking for in a sport. OK, I like it, I like it a lot... everyone is conditioned to be aggressive and to each their own, just like hockey. AND I ACCEPT ALL OF YOUR CHALLENGES!!!!!! I will start on April 30th and I will let you all know how I feel about my development in 3 years and I will make a new thread on here. P.S. Me and my friend; we made a bet for me to crack 75 in 3 years. If I do it, then he owes me
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  8. Was Max responding to your comments? Some could consider your two paragraphs contradictory, but I think personally using a long putter would not give me an advantage. My laser rangefinder sure does though, and I'm sure Bobby Jones would not be pleased to see those (and GPS) used during handicap rounds. tsk tsk!!
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  9. Had a thought after my post. Do you have a shag bag sitting around with the balls that you took out of play? I have one full of Pro V1X. Might have 100 balls in it by now. What if you narrowed it down to the driver and shaft with the range balls and then took maybe 5 or so of your own retired balls and gave the driver a test?
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  10. Food for thought, unless it is a financial obstacle, I would recommend the purchase of junior clubs which are specially designed for youngsters with flexible shafts, proper heads, etc.. You don't have to buy an 8-piece set to make it work; I bought my then 6-year old a mid iron and putter (just to see if he would keep with it). He used them a lot with me, and now I may buy him a wood as an add-on. His younger brother will get the hand downs if he decides to join us next season (if the older one continues to grow like a weed). You can buy these fairly cheaply online (or used through t
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  11. Obviously as you mention the best way to fit is with the ball you play. But, given your two choices I would go the outdoor range route. You will have a Titleist professional helping you and you will also be able see your actual ball flight. If it was a set of irons I might have a different answer. But with your driver, I would go the outdoor/range ball route.
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  12. I won't get into the depths of this, but H, here's some more data for you. td { padding: 5px; text-align: center; } th { padding: 5px; color: #fff; background: #000; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } The "depths" include the fact that the D-Plane helps to shift the path more and more to the right (hitting down on the ball), and the fact that few good golfers get spin lofts of 50+ because they de-loft well enough. Spin loft is the angle of difference between the two vectors of the d-plane. One vector is the club path at impact, the other is the club's lof
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  13. I'm not a fan of the white R11. They had a GREAT look (IMHO) going with the R9 SuperDeep/SuperTri, and they screwed it up. Of course, next month, we'll probably see commercials for "the darker side of distance - the all new R11 Midnight" or something like that. Coming to stores near you June of 2011. As far as other colors, of course I like both glossy and matte black, but I could see a dark charcoal grey looking good. Even a deep navy blue might look ok. There was one of the R7s (CGB Max, maybe???), can't remember which one, that had a deep maroon head, and it was ok. I've heard that p
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  14. You should put al l your available time working on your spelling
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  15. Quote: Huhhhhh, "absolutely very bad" ???????????? Hitting 11/14 fairways, magical sand play and iron play needing a big improvements ("other recent thread") and the unlimited experience to judge balls at hc 22.5 ....... Y'd better first start hitting balls at the sweetspot, before making nonsense comments on Nike Rocks, Bridgestone makes great balls ...... Period ! (maybe not for you ........ maybe you're getting paid by Titleist to promote Pro V1's).
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  16. What can you say after playing just 1 round, scores could have been the other way around ....... all those premium balls are very close 6 strokes difference, it is not the ball.....
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  17. You can't tell me these aren't dead sexy:
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    • My home course closes its range for maintenance Monday mornings or Tuesday if a holiday falls on the Monday. The sign indicates they re-open by 1 p.m.  That makes sense for them. It's always a busy course, but evening leagues are really big business.  Closing at 3 p.m. seems a bit odd to me, but if that suits the course's clientele, that's what they'll do. I hate mats.  We usually get stuck with the damn things after October. It is a much better thing that the course close the range for a brief period of time once a week and keep the turf up to snuff.    
    • Replace the grip if you want, but a new putter won't matter (unless it makes you practice more).  There's some great putting and short game drills in chapter 9 of Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie. His drills are also games, with scoring that measures objective skill level.   Also recommend The Putting Bible by Dave Pelz. 
    • A strange round of golf yesterday. I played from the red tees (plays just 5350 yards).  My ballstriking is not very crisp these days, but hopefully I can sort that out soon. It was a round of two halves, as usual. Front 9:  Could not hit fairways or greens at all on the front, 2/9 greens and 2/6 fairways, but still shot +2 on the front. That includes 2 shots in the bunker on hole 4, a horrible misshit that lead to a double on hole 7, topped my driver 80 yards twice and the only 2 fairways I hit were with short irons in hand. 11 putts on the front 9 says a lot about that tretch of holes.  Birdie on both par 5s on the front is allways nice.  37 shots, par 35 Back 9:  A little better ballstriking even though I hit 2 shots OB, leading to a tripple and a double, 4/7 fairway and 4/9 greens. The short game was more off here and I left a couple of chips a bit short. 17 putts is not as good as I'd like it to be. 1 threeputt, but I think I would threeputt from there more often than not, as it was a 60 foot downhill putt with a lot of break where I gave it a little to much speed. Birdie on hole 15 (short par 3) and on hole 17 was nice, and I missed a short birdieputt on, the tough par 3, 11. Had 165 yards in after a decent drive on the par 5 18, but managed the top the approach and miss the green from 90 yards after that and walk off with a bogey after also missing the 5 foot par save. 44 shots, par 37.  81 shots is not bad, but I make to many misstakes from tee, making golf a lot harder than it needs to be. I hit driver on 8 holes: 1 fairway hit (265 yards), 1 OB, hit short and low slices mostly except from the two topped 80 yard ones, avg. 240 yards today. My drives are usually 270-320 yards depending on wind and course, so my driving is not where it should be. My short game is not perfect, but it's certainly better than my hcp right now.  Playing a round at an away course today. There is a curse hanging over that course that needs to be lifted. Good luck me 😉  
    • Our range closes early on Sunday to do a “clean pick”, and reopens at 11:30 on Monday. It is mowed early Monday. The course is closed until noon on Monday’s.
    • If you do get a new putter, get fit first. Try a bunch out at a golf store and see what kinds you like first. Then find a good fitter to get your numbers down, length, lie, loft and overall weight. Heavier putters can help with distance control for some folks. Also, a different grip size may help even if n your current putter. For distance control, having a consistent rhythm helps. In my visit to Erie, Erik had me work on increasing my rhythm a bit because I was a bit too slow and it varied. I have a tempo app on my phone and set my rhythm to 2/4 time at 72 bpm. When I practice putting, I first work on my rhythm for short, medium and long putts. Then I work on read and start line. This drill can help too.  
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