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  1. I was playing a solo round today, and came up behind a pair who invited me to join up with them. A couple holes later at the tee, one of the guys -- Attempting to compliment my swing, misspoke this gem that we heckled him about until the end of the round: "Lefties always swing so much more gracefully than white people."
  2. Yesterday I played the New ProV1x for the 3rd time in a full round. Being a 12 Handicapper, I knew Exactly how to hit this quality distance ball. With winds gusting at 32mph here in San Antonio, I shot a perfect score of 88 on a par 72. I knew that my excellent chipping and putting after missing 12 of 18 greens in regulation helped me to obtain that score with the Pro V1x. The Pro V1x performed perfectly as said on the outside of the box. I figured my Superior skills would be better suited for the higher spin rate ProV1. So today I played the ProV1. I used my perfect and superior techniques to zip my club through the ball to create the spin that the outside of the ProV1 box told me about. Unlike yesterday, I made sure that I looked up early on nearly every chip and approach shot to make sure that I could see this ball perform the way the box said it would. I was immensely disappointed. It had a tendency to skirt across the greens and get hit with the blade of my clubs. Why would Titleist they design a ball that would do that??? Judging by the inferior characteristics of the ProV1, I would recommend the ProV1x to anyone looking to upgrade the quality of their golf ball. I appreciate you taking the time to read my totally scientific and expert analysis of the ProV1 v.s ProV1x comparison. I Thank You all in advance for accepting my expert analysis as fact. I assure you that the 28 shares in Titliest that I own has nothing to do with my recommendations.
  3. Try here: http://www.performanceindicator.com/golf/ Select the tab called "Saturation" and then click on the PDF link - it has some results from tests and comments from what the ball manufacturers have found in their testing.
  4. I recently dropped a ton of strokes off the game in a relatively short period, but what you are trying here is (1) silly and (2) unrealistic. I love the idea of charting progress, but playing 18 holes every day is not a good way to improve. You will become incredibly course-biased (unless these rounds are spread out among different courses), picking up bad habits in your swing to fit it to particular holes. In Febuary, I was shooting about a 125. I just played a round with 100% legitimate scoring at TPC Louisiana. I shot a 96. It was my first round at the course, and from the men's tees. Additionally, that included a 9 on a par 5 on the front where I became trapped in a fairway bunker for several shots (a shot I have yet to learn). I did not lose a single ball. Without that score, it could have been significantly lower. That is much better than 125 at your home course (about 30 strokes). As detailed in other posts, I broke a legit 90 at the home course about a week ago (just barely, but still) I made a committment to getting better, but what did I actually do, and what actually worked? 1. Took 5 lessons from a PGA Pro - ~$750 This was by far the most valuable and best return on investment. In the first lesson, the pro changed everything, including my grip, stance, posture, routine, etc... and taught me the basics. After that, he helped with putting and ballstriking. We did a lesson on the driver. We did a lesson on hitting hybrids hard from the fairway on long par 4s / par 5s to get close for the 3rd. We did a lesson on how to hit a pitch and where to aim (when to hit at flag, when to go middle of green, etc...) It was invaluable. 2. Bought a striking bag This was pretty important. i practice driving in my living room and checking to see if I hit hard and what my impact position is. It is very effective and training you to hit square with your driver. My driver goes pretty straight now. 3. Started using the same ball all the time This really helped my putting. Different balls don't matter out on the course now, but on the green they do. Sticking with one putter and one ball has made it much easier to improve. 4. Bought new clubs (set of irons and driver) Made no difference at all. For a lark the other day, I went back and hit the old cobras I had replaced. Hit them almost exactly the same as the new ones. Same with the driver. 5. Started going to the range 4 days a week and developing a 'go to" shot / club This was the big one. The range is where you get better / get good. Period. Pick a shot and a club you like, and make it your go-to shot. For me, its my Nike SQ 4 hybrid. I hit it about 200 even, and its very consistent, especially off the tee. I hit 200 per week off the tee and out of various lies. Since I have a short driver (my best ever is 260, and average is around 225), and I can't yet hit a fairway wood off the grass, I hit my 4 hybrid more in a round than my putter. Get a "go to" scoring shot so you can think "ok, if I can just get it to ____ position, I can get really close". 6. Tracked my rounds really close (you are doing this) Made me realize my long irons were terrible and to get to the range to practice them. Not only will you frustrate other golfers at your club by being out there every day playing a 130 (that can't be a fast round), you will lose a fortune in greens fees and lost balls. Go see a pro and make a commitment to the range. Play maybe 2-3 times a week and hit the range 3 times a week, with a rest day. That worked for me.
  5. If you're shooting 130, there are things that need fixing, and you do that on the range not the course. If you just keep playing and doing what you're doing without any instruction or practice, well, there are a lot of golfers who have played 20-30 years and they've never broken 100. Don't be afraid to practice.
  6. You could watch while it is going on here. http://atdhenet.tv/
  7. Let me begin by stating this post isn't intended to a "personal" attack or anything, but I thought you had some interesting views, especially with your propaganda statement, that I'd like to comment on. Every golf company uses "progaganda" to help market their product. Doesn't Taylor Made make a point of stating their drivers are used by more pros than Callaway, Ping, Nike combined? Not sure exactly how they put it, but something like that. Progaganda is defined as presenting "facts" which can positively influence an audience. Progaganda will omit "facts" that quite possibly would not be beneficial to the ultimate "goal". I think if you really researched Taylor Made's claim you'd find that although true, the real underlying fact is they developed more endorsement deals with pros than all the other companies combined. I think Wishon presents tons of facts in his books which are undisputable. He has attempted to educate players about custom fitting, specifically how they can benefit from the process. Does he have an utltimate marketing interest in promoting custom fitting? Sure he does, but so what. You're allowed to market your product to the public. All companies market what they have to sell. You make it sound like a sin. I've read all his books and personally attended training conducted by Tom Wishon. I've never heard him trash the quality of major golf company equipment, quite the contrary, he says these products are top notice from a manufacturing standpoint...but the product could be even better through individual custom fitting. Likewise, I've never seen where he's slandered any of these companies in print. I've never seen his company being sued for slander by any of these major companies. Must be some sort truth in what he's published and promoted. As a matter of fact, I believe Wishon and other companies devoted to custom fitting have forced major brand companies to offer some sort of custom fitting options so they can attempt to garner sales in this area as well. Wishon has a research, test and development center at his headquarters. I believe he has data to back up his views with respect to custom fitting. His abilities as a design engineer are quite impeccible. In over 30 years as a design engineer he's been credited with more than 50 design "firsts". That's quite a few more than anyone else in the industry anywhere. Sounds like I'm a Wishon "commerical", I know. But my main point is this...he does know what he's talking about. He's been sought after by more than one major golf company as the head of design, research and development. He turned down these positions because he truely believes in custom fitting while the major companies are only interested in marketing and sales. He started his own company so he could be in control of what's designed without having to worry about the bottom line, which is overall sales with major companies. Does he have a marketing interest in writing his books and promoting his business? Sure he does, but wnat company doesn't? Does he tell lies and trash other companies in order to increase sales? I don't see it, he simply points out facts and you come to your own conclusions.
  8. ROFLMAO!!! Same with me. In fact, after losing two covers, I stopped using it altogether. Now the only thing with a cover is my driver and my 3 wood to protect the graphite shaft. Putter cover is pain in the you know where. And when you walk, you are bound to lose it someday.
  9. Best of luck on your goal. Breaking 80 isn't typically something most golfers aspire to until they know the challenges of breaking 100, then 90, etc... While shooting a 79 will eventually feel great, don't deprive yourself of celebrating small hurdles along the way. Shooting an honest round under 90 in 99 days (starting at 130) is a huge task in itself.
  10. Well, then he's not an 8, he's a 5 or so. And if he somehow stays an 8 while doing this, he's a sandbagger. The handicap system is designed to reflect potential ability rather than average score. The USGA calculates that an average golfer should play to his course handicap (or better) only about 25 percent of the time (ie. 1 in 4 rounds), should average around three stokes above his handicap and should have a best score in his last 20 rounds that is only two strokes better than his handicap. Dean Knuth has lots of data on this at his site: http://www.popeofslope.com/
  11. I think the point is that someone who isn't really "getting better/improving" should probably avoid commenting on threads about getting better/improving. What specifically are you working on when you have these "practice sessions" on the course? I doubt very much you have a specific thought, feeling, goal, or little piece you're trying to improve, and that you'll simply throw a ball down if you shank one and try to hit some "better" shots. Targeted practice is the only way to improve. Thoughtful practice. Practice with feedback. Some of my students' best practice sessions has them doing drills where they're not even hitting the ball well at all because they're working so hard to feel an extreme (and new) sensation and so they can ingrain it the fastest. Had a guy awhile back setting up with the driver handle six inches forward of the ball, his hips well outside of his left knee, taking swings where he kept his hips there in the backswing 100% weight left always... hitting drivers 50 yards to feel it excessively. He took 50 yards of slice curve off his regular full swing ball flight because he hit 100 balls in that specific, targeted, extreme fashion. If the choice is "sit at home" or "play" then play wins, definitely!
  12. I actually use FootJoy's RainGrip. Great grip at all times, and very comfortable!! I'm willing to try new ones though.
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