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  1. The driver distance boom started when titanium supplanted persimmon in the 1990s. The Pro-V1 debuted in late 2000, and average distance jumped ten yards overnight. Driver head sizes were capped at 460cc in the mid 2000s, and ball development in recent years has focused on greenside performance. Driver distances are capped for now, at least until R&D; at ball manufacturers decide to up the ante again in that category. As for the the players in the top ten, length doesn't enter into the equation when you try to categorize those players. What you have are very consistent tee-to-green players with passable, but streaky, short games (Westwood, Kaymer, McIlroy, Kuchar, Casey, Schwartzel), and relatively inconsistent, but still above-average, tee-to-green players with fantastic short games (Donald, Mickelson, McDowell, Stricker).
  2. No, it won't. A rusted wedge will not increase spin. How you got what you said from the links I posted, I do not know. Rust, if anything, decreases spin . Period.
  3. Having grown up walking the course (and still do, even in summertime Florida) it amazes me that people still think that carts speed up play. I don't know how many times my group, all walkers, will wait behind a foursome of cart riders. What we observer: While one guy gets his club from the cart to hit his ball, the other three sit in their carts. When the first shot is hit, everyone then rides to the next ball where another guy gets his club while the other three sit and wait. And so on and so on until everyone finally reaches the green. Then, three guys stand around while one guy lines up his putt. After he finally putts (usually misses), only then does one of the other guys move to his ball and start to line up his putt. Makes you want to scream. For this reason alone, our group of four walkers can usually leave a foursome of cart riders in our dust. We move to our individual balls, and are ready to hit when it's our turn. On the green, everyone studies their putts while the first guy lines his up and makes his stroke. You don't have to observe "ready" golf. Just move to your ball and be ready to hit when it's your turn, assuming you aren't in another player's way. If only this part of golf etiquette was observed, that would be the end of 5 hour rounds, no matter the skill level of the players. And maybe more people would not have to fear the dreaded 5-6 hour round.
  4. I take 3-4 clubs to the range and get a bucket of 120 balls. I start out hitting my PW until I'm happy with my swing, direction and distance, then move onto my 6i, then 4h and finally 3w. From there I "play" at the range, e.g. tee off with a 3W, then imagine I pushed it into the rough and have 150 to the green so I hit my 6i etc. Occasionally I take my SW and spend an entire session picking out targets for pitches and chips and practice my power estimation. I see it as if you're working on things and you're being able to progress your swing from it, why stop? The only proviso here is that the range tends to give you false confidence if you're hitting everything off the auto-tee or synthetic mats so bear that in mind.
  5. You're entire thread is wrong. Rules officials in golf are not referees. they do not make "calls". Their job is to explain to the player the definition of the rule and the rules that apply but the PLAYER must make the actual call. So no one ever said that he was green lighted by an official. in fact, the official was pretty clear that his gut instinct was that relief was questionable(however, with that being said, anyone who watched it knew the official was saying that questionable means No). it was Schwartzel who kept the conversation going trying to get the official to agree with him which never really happened. First, Schwartzel said that it was a mental issue and the rules official told him that did not qualify for relief. Next he did the practice swing which showed that the head was not in play but Schwartzel said he was going to brush the edge. The official again said, that is not justifiable for a drop it must actually become interference by the regressed lip hitting the club. Finally the rules official said to Schwartzel, You have to make the call and live with it. Scwartzel, AMAZINGLY again said, "Well, we've talked about so much that it has become an issue in my mind" Again admitting it was more a mental block then a physical. The rules officially politely reminded him that the lip MUST cause interference and that it cannot be a mental issue. Schwartzel, knowing he was FOS, and realizing the rules official wasn't going to come out and side with him, decided to take the drop anyway. Do I believe that the rules official should have been much more blunt instead of continually implying to Charl that he hit the ball as it lay and instead said "in my opinion as per the rules, that ball does not get relief but this is the rule and you are making the swing so you have to decide." Well, yes I do. In that case, he would have stripped any false cover which plenty of posters on this site seem quick to grant Charl. This wasn't even that debateable. i would say that 90% of players wouldn't have even asked for a ruling. It was easily the most blatant example of a lack of integrity I have seen on tour in the past ten years.
  6. Only time will tell whether he delivers on the lofty expectations set before him. And, despite the fact that he looks like he was shat from a psychedelic rainbow, he appears to be a well-mannered young guy; exactly the sort of new blood that the the PGA and sponsors desperately need to attract the next generation of golfers. We'll see how the next fee season treat the "highlighter kid".
  7. I agree 100 percent. Most people think that because the club company comes out with a new driver that they will hit it straight...its almost the same club head as last yr, just with different paint and a lot of marketing. I told this to someone and they responded with, "well that's bull**** because I got the new "whatever" club and its the exact same specs of my older one...I hit it farther and straighter." We checked the specs, and the newer one was about 3 degrees off of what his last one was ( more loft) and the shaft was weaker. That's why he hit it better, not because the new head. This day and age its about fitting. You can go buy a new driver and even if you hit it well on the range, the one you actually get can be completely different because of the tolerances of the bigger companies. Just because its says your hitting a 6 iron or 9 degree driver or whatever does not mean you actually are. You cant fault the bigger companies because they just are not able to dial in each club...it would cost way to much money and they have stockholders. So as long as people know that its fine. They can make an educated decision on what they want to do. I think Tom Wishon, is just trying to give the consumers the information. Does he benefit from it...yes. What does that matter though? Its not like there's a lot to argue there? Do custom fit clubs help you... yeah if fit properly ....would it be better to have clubs that are actually what you order... yeah.....do big box companies have low tolerances... yeah. Its not like this is some radical idea......people have been saying this for a long time.
  8. To a limited extent, round planning apps can help with this. The one I'm building, Teeboxer , has course communities you can use to open a round to everyone else who belongs to a course's community, meaning they can see you're planning to play a round and add themselves to it on their own (or you could see their round and join it.) That way you can reserve a tee time for several. That said, it's brand new and covered in wet paint, so looking for people for your round using course communities right now would run you into the chicken and egg problem, i.e., it's pretty unlikely the course community you'd open your round to would have any number of members in it yet. But, adding yourself to a community would allow you to see when others start joining it too and opening their rounds to the communities. For those trying it out or wanting to tell me what to add/change to help them as singles, drop me a line here and I'll set you up with a free account with unlimited round plans (everything else, like joining course communities, is already free.) I think the communities feature is the only one in planning apps that will help when you're not looking to play with anyone you know. But, if you do want to try getting a second from your friends first, general round planning apps— Teeboxer , Scrambl , FullFoursome , etc.—also make it easier to find players from the people you do know.
  9. Right now is he overhyped? Yeah, probably. But the PGA Tour (and Fowler's sponsors) needs to market it's young talent.
  10. The theory is that rusty wedge faces cause extra friction and spin, however rust makes the grooves smaller and hence spins even less.
  11. How can you be happy with a 5 handicap? After all scratch is so easy if you can hit the ball 200 yards straight. Just a couple of shots to the green and 2 put. And on the ones where it takes 3 shots, you will be chipping it so close the whole anything less than a 1 put is unthinkable. The 110+ guy doesn't have any dependable clubs. They could play the whole round with a 9 iron and you would still see 10 yard hits, shots with 30 yards of slice, and so on. There will also be 1 or 2 water holes on most course that are really tricky when your best club only goes 120 yards. And the chips that go over the green or come up short. The sand traps that take 3 shots to ge out of. Not to mention 45 puts is probably a good round for most of them. If your shooting 120+, focusing on the score isn't really important. Having fun (so you come back) and getting better is.
  12. Bottom line, if he did something that broke the rules of the game, he would be DQ'd. He called an official over, got his ruling and went with it. So he must rather take his bad lie because people are going to call him a c--t behind his back? Are you serious? He called for an official and the official gave his ruling. What more do you want? And who cares what Nick Faldo says is going to happen to him really. Checking to see if nobody is looking and kicking your ball into a better lie is something I would expect you to respond with such a scathing post to. Getting an official ruling and going with it? Give me a break.
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