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  1. Didn't you get the memo? The asylum gives the patients day passes on Fridays. Sponsored by Allstate, eh? Maybe you should've told him his grip needs to look like this: Not like this:
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  2. I dunno....I've been watching the US open, and the rough doesn't impress me. It looks ragged, but easy..........IMO considering how shaggy/ragged it looks, yea...It's the US Open, but really?????????????????????????? With that said, my home course rough is nearly as bad!!! Miss a fairway/Ur...screwed!@ Our rough looks nice, right? LOL...........I am standing behind my ball!!! On closer inspection: Miss a fairway on my course........and you have serious issues.............. I've been watching the US Open......IMO, the course setup is a
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  3. We'll see what happens tomorrow, but so far, lots of similarities. Woods 2000 Pebble and McIlroy 2011 Congressional--both look so in the zone, comfortable and confident. Draining lots of 6-10 foot putts. McIlroy appears to play quicker, as if playing on instinct, while Tiger has always been more deliberate. However, in 2000 I had no doubt in my mind that Tiger would ever lose a lead on the final round, but I feel that McIlroy has a bit of Greg Norman in him.
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  4. And that's another few US Open records broken then
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  5. Great news - someone has a chance to shoot a 63. That's 63 right 63 Johnny . . .
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  6. Well if he played a fade or a draw like he says how to hit one, I don't think he would of been as successful as he was.
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  7. I work with a few people from Texas and a few from the UK. Neither one has the market cornered on stubborness (that might go to the Germans or the Dutch), but let's say it's neck and neck either way. And that's all I have to say about that.
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  8. First time post, and I know this is an old trend, but just thought I would put add a few comments as most people who have responded have not picked up on one thing. As pointed out the video of Faldo is from the 1992, but in the video Nick is not hitting a full shot, he is hitting a punch or knocked down shot. He was hitting a long iron, but if you look at the swing you can see the ball position is very far back, weight forward, the swing is only 3/4 and the follow through is also short, so it is understandable that people would see similarity between this swing and the what comes under th
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  9. Bubba is raising money for charities that support the military and their families . Your foot is the thing on the end of your leg, and your mouth is the thing into which you should be putting your foot.
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  10. I hit mine about 390 [SIZE=0]feet. [/SIZE]
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  11. It won't be Ricky Fowler... I don't see him ever being an elite player but I think everyone has seen it in Rory for a while coming his swing is just nice.
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  12. The funniest part to all this is that each of us has probably played with someone who was under the spell of the "300" yard benchmark drive. So,when you out-drive this person, there only response is that you are also long hitter, capable of crushing monster 300+ yard bombs. I played with one such guy at my primary course last season. Even though I had played the course 35+ times at this point, AND had a SG5 GPS in addition to the GPS in each cart, this guy would constantly boast that his drives were 285 - 310 yards. My GPS would mark my drive at 235 yards, and he was 10 yards behind
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  13. Does that mean Rory, Phil, and Dustin were the major meltdown pairing?
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  14. Since this cat disappeared like a fart in the wind I was wondering what your favorite WesTyler moment was? I admire people that set high goals but there was something in his over-the-top enthusiasm that stuck me as less than serious. Hope the guy isn't sitting in the maintenance shed at his uncles course curled up in the fetal position suffering a mental breakdown after hitting something like eight hundred 7 irons in a row. This game will make you crazy enough as it is let alone trying to maintain a schedule like this guy attempted. It's a lesson for the kids out there.
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  15. Chipping: Ball played back in your stance, probably farther back than you are used to. Open stance, hands ahead of the clubhead. More or less a putting stroke. Pitching: Ball position depends on trajectory you want, open stance, make sure to accelerate through the ball. General: Leave the lob wedge in the bag on chips. Chip or pitch to a spot on the green, determined by how far you want the ball to roll out.. Practice.
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