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  1. Any time one is playing a match type of competition (like a traditional match or a skins game), the hole handicaps are necessary to determine where strokes are to be given. If I take my 15 handicap and play against a 22, I would expect to give him 7 strokes. Those strokes should be received on the holes where he deserves to get them - that is, the number 1 thru 7 handicap holes. Those who just automatically say that the hole handicaps are flawed probably don't have any real understanding of how the system works. That or they don't ever play in match competitions. The individual hole handicaps are irrelevant in stroke play unless something like a skins game is also involved.
  2. Odds are you don't hit the ball too high. Every scratch or Division 1 college level player I have seen hits the ball noticeably higher than everyone else. A lot higher.
  3. You've been taking lessons for two years and you shoot in the 100s?
  4. Quite often, a lot of them will "spin out." Consider the number of times you've heard of pros "clearing the hips." I can't speak specifically because some pros fake more secondary axis tilt but get the handle down quickly to ensure good contact. Some do other things to shift the plane line right to offset the spinning hips. Others do other things. In general, though, if the pros who sag their trail knee would bank the foot and not crash through the P1 knee wall, they'd hit the ball higher. LPGA women, in general, use their hips very poorly and are very "spin (rotation)-oriented" golfers.
  5. Well the issue is, that green is nasty to begin with, there's basically no flat spots, and in the summer its hell. It gets hard, and fast. These greens drain way to well, even after 5+ inches over normal there not soggy at all, and after one dry day they started to speed up alot. But that 15th hole is a nasty sucker, short 300 yard par 4, but if the pins front right, and your above it, you can tap your putt and it will go 4 feet past the hole. In the middle of the green there is another funnel, back of the green is hell. I like it alot, its fun to putt on. I was just curious if AimPoint helps out with slopes like that, Yea, this all sounds interesting. I will have to take a look into it. Does Aimpoint put up lesson dates on there website? Or would i have to find an instructor first.
  6. But he does. I hit balls at the range where he teaches. Last week he hit my 8 iron 170 and the shaft is rubber compared to his clubs. We look at that fluid easy-going swing and think "no way", but I've seen up close and still find it hard to believe. I think the point of listing yardages is to indicate that with a relaxed properly timed swing the ball actually goes that far. Part of the key is where the hands are at impact and how the club is unloading at exactly the right moment. I always doubt my eyes when I see Els on TV swing a wedge so smooth and easy and he hits it 150-165. And seeing it in person makes it even more amazing. I watch the pros warming up at Tiger's tourney out here in December and I see the same thing. SubPar
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    • Day 320 Superspeed workout, then some mirror work on takeaway/backswing, and finally hit some balls with 7-iron. Hit the ball well today. Still searching for a good feel/thought to take on course for backswing piece. Current one is okay, but I think I can come up with something better. 
    • Update - I sent an email to Arccos support about my Caddie Link order, again, and received this prompt reply (in part): "... We did begin fulfilling pre-orders at the end of September and then the first week of October our manufacturer informed us that due to COVID they are unable to acquire the needed materials to complete further devices for the next couple of weeks so shipments have halted for the time being. Shipments of the devices will commence the first week of November. We greatly apologize for this delay and issue and once they send yours out we will be sure to send you tracking and status updates."  
    • Hi all, I was fit into both the Mizuno JPX 921 SEL irons (which is a combo set of 6-GW Mizuno JPX 921 tours and then 4-5 JPX 921 Forged) and the Taylormade P770 irons.  I hit both pretty well, and thought the Mizunos had a slightly better feel but the Taylormades went slightly further.  Both had good spin rates and descent angles, although the Miznuo was slightly better on those factors for me.  I feel pretty torn between the two, I like them both a lot looks wise.  My fitter said it was a really close and tough call but that at the end of the day he would probably suggest the Mizunos for me because they're cheaper to get customer shafts and grips with, the lie can be bent more, the higher center of gravity helps a small amount with my miss (a hook), and they will last me longer as I continue bringing my handicap down.  On the other hand, the P770s are a touch more forgiving and go a little further, so it's a tough call for me. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts between the two or advice or perhaps would just like to share which they would pick in my shoes. Thank you.
    • No clue. Here is some images of the drawers.  

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