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  1. Yeah. It's so they can continue to have the website running - if you weren't such a dumbass, maybe you would of realized that
  2. I voted 6. To play so well the first 3 days of the Masters and blow away the field at the US open gives support to anyone who votes more than 6. His golf swing is as good as it gets and he is obviously physically gifted (speed, flexibility, etc.). BUT........IMO there are two unanswered questions: Mental Toughness? Longevity? Mental toughness: He obviously fell apart last day of the Masters but from that experience he developed a successful game plan for the US Open (Go into Sunday with a bigger lead...lol). But can he dig on day 3 & 4 if day 1 & 2 don't go so well? We need to see him come back from a deficit to win a tournament the way Jack and Tiger could. Longevity: He is a small guy with an aggressive swing. To hit the ball as far as he does at his size requires a swing on redline. He is young now and his body can handle it but as he gets older will he become injury prone?
  3. Just FWIW, "knocking down pins" is just an expression -- the actual act is discouraged. Just kidding -- many congrats! :beer:
  4. Here's and alternative suggestion: Instead of bringing your range game to the course, try bringing the course to the range. ADD pressure to your range work. Create a game of ten excellent (straight) shots in a row. Bt the time you've hit five or six in a row, those last few become much harder. Mix up clubs after each shot. Go through whatever pre-shot routine you use for every shot. "Play" a hole on the range by starting with a driver, then hit the iron you'd have left... If none of these ideas work (mine and others), then consider that your swing may not be simple enough to hold up under pressure. You may be relying too much on timing your hips or something that makes it great when it is great but not very dependable. Consider starting over with a new instructor and a simple swing. I did in 2005 when I found Moe Norman's swing as taught by Graves Golf. I'm not as good as I plan to be. But I can play with friends and clients and feel comfortable on any course.
  5. Try fitting those fuggos into a compact carry bag - not gonna happen. Somebody gonna get hurt real bad!
  6. Did you join this site with the sole purpose of being sanctimonious?
  7. no, that post was not racist. the only way that post would have been racist is if all black people talked/acted like that. good thing we don't. that post is mocking a particular demographic which could be any race of people who fit that mold. i've met thugs of all ethnicities, it's just sad that so many of them are playing american sports.
  8. There's a very famous saying in business, "You don't have to like someone to do business with them."
  9. I voted 7-8, and only because he won his first so early on. My thought process is as follows: 1) look at how many majors were won by individuals not named Eldrick and in the "modern era" (defined as having custom fitted clubs using launch monitors, computer designed club heads, modern materials for both clubs and balls, swing coaches, "head" gurus, etc) - and I believe that number comes out at around 3-4? So I'm using this as my base. 2) without TW some of these players could have doubled their tally. I'm thinking Ernie with 3 runner up finishes to TW, could have had 6 majors. So the base has moved up now. 3) Rory is good, very good, but he is no TW. He plays the game, he enjoys the game, etc but he doesn't have that burning desire to win everything in sight or "every time he tees up". TW HAD a winning percentage of 20%-30%? As good as Rory is, he doesn't have that kind of winning percentage. If you offered him a career as good as Ernie's or Phil's I'm guessing he'd gladly take that today and hang up his clubs. 4) Rory's had a really good stretch of major golf in the past 15 months. We've seen such streaks before e.g. David Duval and Vijay Singh to get to No. 1. Streaks don't last indefinitely. 5) Some have written that Rory will have 16 more years of good golf (fair call) and keep the same winning percentage (which may note be realistic). Like TW before him, Rory will get married, start a family, etc and face other distractions also. 6) There are many more good young players in the ranks now, and any one can peak on the right 4 days and take home a major. The other players don't fear Rory like they feared TW. They won't self-destruct when they see Rory's name on the leaderboard. Realistically, no one knows how many majors Rory will win, but we'll enjoy watching him try for sure.
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    • Muni is Chinese Paige Spiranac....though Muni has her LPGA card/membership....Paige is simply a Instagram golfing POSER....and whiner...just sayin. Ok...Muni is an Instagram POSER too. I hope I can attend the 2020 CP CWO here in Van City and chat up a fellow countrywoman. I didn't know who she was back in 2012...but Muni use to play out of Swaneset here in La La Land...a 36 hole facility that I play often in the summer with 2 tough tracks. He's a video of Muni as a kid at Swaneset.....Muni needs counselling...her favorite player is the The Phony Pink Diva...WTF.   Ai-Chan and Lorena are two of the most classiest and approachable LPGA pros. Both always so engaging and polite. If a fan asked Lorena for an autograph she always thanked that fan for coming out to watch. I don't like Wie...big snob....if there was a needle mover on the LPGA..... it was Wie...Wie never really like engaging with the fans...she like some other pros know when the cameras are nearby.....BJ is a MARKETING GENIUS...conning everyone that Michelle would be the 'chosen one' in woman's golf....LMAO
    • Went to Minneapolis for a bachelor party in the Summer. The group might have gone with this course but the price scared us off after currency conversion and how expensive the trip already was planned to be. We ended up playing Keller and still loved our pick.
    • These climbers are like human Spider-Man. The Invisible Man. Birdie. Loosely based on HG Wells’ story, this movie was tense, scary and layered. 
    • I'm hitting 3W
    • Day 59 - February 27, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Mirror work later at night. Went to a driver fitting today with a student, too.

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