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  1. I'm so nervous for Tiger. The longer he waited to get healthy, the higher the expectations got about how he'll play upon his return. If he purports to be 100%, we will once again, more or less, expect him to win, or at least expect him to be fully capable of winning. With all that's gone on, I don't think he's capable of winning next week, I think a great result is simply solid, sound play, with good course management, maybe a top 10. However, if he finishes in the top 10, I fear the talk will be, "Tiger's lost that fire, he didn't seem driven to win." If he finishes out of the top 10, it
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  2. I've seen it a million times...It amazes me how many weak golfers have no concept of proper club selection. IE...it may be a short par4.....the easiest damn par 4 on the course!!!.......IE..if they lay short of 100yds the fairway is wide as hell...then wedge on......definite birdie chance. but no......they try to drive into a narrow neck.....the result is always in trouble. I just don't get it...........it's like self mutilation on the golf course.... Some people are meant to shoot big numbers................. Lets say you?... Penny for your thoughts.....
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  3. A few people asked me to post a thread like this. They wanted to get together at the PGA Championship this year and thought we should have a thread so they could plan a few things. I was hoping to go, but alas, Dave didn't qualify. :-) So I'll start the thread and then y'all can plan things and meet up. Any Atlanta-area people want to suggest some good restaurants to meet up? Who's going on what days? If you're planning to go but don't yet have tickets, tickets are still available through Vivid Seats , a service we recommend. Hopefully we can get some pictures in th
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  4. Quote: See Erik's point above. The reason amateur golf was different 50 years ago, beyond all the general athletics world changes discussed already, is that only the idle rich could afford the time it takes to become a world class golfer without getting paid. That's still true to a certain extent for anyone not in a college program, but those programs give those without trust funds a chance to play very high level golf without having to try to turn pro. The moral twinge Watson seems to be giving to his statement and you seem to be agreeing with seems like very misguided no
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  5. I think some of the discussion is completely missing Watson's point. FTA: [quote]“When my dad asked (Arnold Palmer) about what would make me a better player, he said, ‘play in as much competition as you can,' " Watson said. "When you’re 20 years old, you’re a pretty seasoned player when you have the ability to play the type of competition that these kids have a chance to play in.” Watson’s competitive schedule from his amateur days pales in comparison to the docket of today’s amateurs, who compete year-round, and often sprinkle in a handful of pro tournaments. Watson said he played just four
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  6. I've got a Garmin Approach G3, and really like it. No fees, it's had every course I've played since I got it (including a little executive nearby), it's reasonably small (but not as thin as the Callaway), I get great battery life off a pair of plain old AA batteries and it's durable as hell. I also picked up the carabiner lanyard for $10, and it makes it super easy to clip onto my bag and a lot more secure than the belt clip. It has distances to everything like front and back of greens and hazards, plus it takes about 2 seconds to move the pin to an exact location. My approach irons aren't acc
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  7. I am a big proponent of instruction. I believe if more players got quality instruction, the pace of play would be such that we wouldn't need a "tee it forward" initiative. But the key is quality. I've gotten instruction from four guys in my lifetime and the last one was far and away the best. Emphasizing sound fundamentals and using video feedback, my instructor has raised my level of play immensely. When I get a lesson, he does not bombard me with too many adjustments, even if I have multiple things going wrong. He tries to keep it simple. I have been playing fairly well lately but I s
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  8. I got to play the Augusta National this year during their end of season outing week for tournament volunteers, club employees, and other invitees who participate in some way with the tournament. It was an awesome time. It's an all day thing. The gates open for invitees at 6:30AM and close at 8PM. Pretty much everything is open to you from the practice facilites to the clubhouse and pro shop. They serve a buffet lunch on the grounds behind the clubhouse that is top notch, beer, soft drinks, and light snacks are provided all day. You can eat on the veranda of the clubhouse or on tables und
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    • How? 🙂 Day 14 – Moving or Touching Loose Impediments or Touching Sand in a Bunker
    • If I am understanding this correctly, I've been able to, for over two and a half years now, move stones in bunkers, as long as doing so doesn't move my ball, same as I can do on the fairway or in the rough?   I either missed this entirely or forgot about it.   
    • It was explained to me that they wanted people to remove stones, but not to give them so much freedom that they  could just go messing about willy nilly and moving their ball. So, what they came up with did that.
    • Previously the LR caused a stone to be treated like a MO in all respects. Now the rule doesn't.  Why not?  Why shouldn't the Rule simply deem a stone in a bunker as either a LI or treat it by Rule as one? A safety conscious player could incur a penalty for being safe about a stone but not a walnut. 
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