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  1. I hit my 170yd club.............170. LOL
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  2. I recall a few people calling Stevie out as a thug and a facetime addicted douchenozzle - for years - which was seen by some as an attack at Team Tiger by Tiger haters. No, it was pretty much aimed directly at Stevie and it was right on the money. Tiger's looking like a better guy every time Stevie opens up his big yapper. I may actually end up pulling for the guy.
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  3. About a week ago I heard about Golf Magazine's recently released book "The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!", so I ordered a copy through Amazon last Tuesday for $20. With a bold title like that, I figured that the book would likely just be all hyperbole, but maybe there would be a little nugget or two inside. However, after receiving it on Thursday and reading it cover to cover that night, I have to say it is the real deal - the title is right! Basically, the book is a collection of ten articles from the reigning putting wizards and gurus today, and the sections dovetail togeth
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  4. Well, when you are at set up you should be as far away from the ball as you can extend your arms straight. Now that doesn't mean reaching for the ball but you shouldn't have you arms bent at set up. It looks like your arms are pretty straight at set up, but if you pause your swing at impact its almost like you are dipping down when you hit the ball. Your brain in turn tells your arms to bend a bit so you don't hit the ground. Look up Adam Scott's swing on you tube from the front. You will see that at impact his left leg is straight. If you pause yours at impact you will see that y
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  5. I think a lot just depends on the type of course you're playing and the weather conditions.. When I play on coastal courses that have predominant winds, my high loft clubs can give me fits at times.. Sometimes, if not most you want a low trajectory when you have winds to deal with.. But then there are times I play courses that high loft gives me an advantage because I'm able to carry hazards or go over obstacles like trees with no issues.. Do you play target golf or rollerball? It's all relative..
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  6. Nice free swinging. I agree you've got some good movement in your lower body, but maybe get a little more athletic of a stance for those drives.
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  7. Good lower body action, you get your legs and hips driving forward well from the top. Agree with Wallstreet on the arm/swing plane issues.
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  8. Two things i would say (from what I see in the vid's) You're a little too much inside at the takeaway. Do you slice the ball at all? Another thing, which might contribute to the last part....your left arm needs to be straight. You break your left arm as you take it back and too the top. Keep that arm straight. If you can go frame by frame on your new camera or on a program on the computer...you will see that at impact both your arms are still a little bent too which can lead to inconsistency. You want to extend fully at impact. But it looks like you are hitting
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  9. With this store credit to TGW burning a hole in my pocket I think I've decided to order a 13* Tour Edge Exotic XCG-4 3 wood. They have them on sale and if for some reason I don't like it I think I should be able to most of my money back out of it. Like with every club there are mixed reviews but I'm finding more good things about this club than negative. The titanium head along with the claim of more distance makes me thing it's worth a try. What have I got to loose? It's just money right? And I have lost plenty of that over the last 2 weeks in the stock market , what's another $100.
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  10. I actually started hitting it further. I think the weight loss helped me turn more and as a result the ball goes further now. I was 14 stone I'm now 12.
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  11. i would use it in a tournament. being beaten by a guy with a hello kitty putter has got to be demoralizing.
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  12. Then I think you should be giving some of your money to me, just because. According to the US census, only the top 5% of all HOUSEHOLDS in the US made over 167K. If you dont think one person making over 150K is a lot, then you watch too much Fox News.
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  13. If the girl is getting paid by the club for selling water, then at $2.35 a bottle they should be making enough profit to pay her properly. If she is buying in the water herself and selling it with the permission of the club, again she is making enough profit already. Caddys working for tips alone are a different kettle of fish, and if i am ever in the right job where i can afford to play these country club type courses, and they have caddy service then obviously, you need to be paying these guys wages yourself ... $15 dollars an hour seems fair to me .... more if they are good and you can a
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  14. At first, I agreed with you--$.30?!?! But then, after considering that your friend just paid $4.70 for 24oz of WATER, I have second thoughts. I think your friend was probably assuming (rightfully) that a couple of waters would be $1.50 - 2.00 each. Leaving the cart girl with a just-fine tip of $1.00. $4.70 is cart path robbery.
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