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  1. If you are playing the the remaining set of ping orange dot irons, I would measure your 8 iron and 6 iron, add the lengths up and divide by 2 and I bet that would give you the 7 iron length. My guess if its an orange dot ping, those are typically for shorter players and are probably 1/2" shorter than standard length. I too am 5 4" on a good day, lol and I currently use TM Burner plus irons. Standard they are 1/4" longer than Pings so when I was fit they took off 3/4". I was also fitted for Pings that day and they were 1/2" shorter and also adjusted the lie to 2* flat.
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  2. I think golfers (or other athletes) should tweet whatever they want. Free speech is alive and kicking for better or for worse. People who tweet should be aware that the more popular they are, what they tweet reaches more people and can have a positive or negative affect on their followers. Sometimes it could even have worse consequences. What's the big deal anyways? This has been happening for years, it's just that the communication platforms are changing and "the message" becoming easier to proclaim/receive. If you don't like it, then don't follow that person. OR, if you're into hating, which
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  3. Not really. A "CP release" (not the full swing, just the release) IS an "inline" release. It's on the plane. CP isn't really "under" or "left" of the plane. S&T; is a lot closer to an inline/CP release than a CF release (ideally).
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  4. I think the point of the OP was not that its a bad idea in and of itself, its just executed horribly. And he is right. Its either the playoffs or it isn't. You can have little carryovers like home-field in other sports (maybe a bye through the Barclays?), but the keep the points then play the playoffs thing is dumb. If its the playoffs, make it the playoffs. A certain number make it, and the winner is the winner. Thats playoffs, thats drama. This is in-between, and as a result unsuccessful. It might be pretty good to have a real playoff. Think about it: after you "make" th
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    • I lol'd at that video. I feel it's me at times. Thanks for the laugh.
    • Prior to 2019 Many clubs had the LR declaring them to be movable obstructions and if the ball moved you simply replaced it. Since 2019 they are now loose impediments but if the balls moves when you remove one, that is now a one shot penalty (the ball still has to be replaced). Was this really thought through?
    • I would say the Ace wins.  Hard to deny them the prize to give it to someone who need 2-3 shots.
    • If you know you are better, just get enjoyment out of beating them 😉 If not, mindfulness is a good way to try to not stay annoyed. 
    • So today I was paired with a couple of annoying golf partners.  I would guess they cost me a few strokes, but we know that’s not possible as only we are responsible for our shots.  But maintains focus with the guys who play only a few times a year can have you lose focus and you can’t wait for the round to end. A few of these guys are in this video, especially Mr. Mood Swing. Enjoy:   
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