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  1. Hi Phil, I'm simply someone who loves the game of golf. I pass along sound advice to those who request assistance. My hope is that the golfers seeking advice can improve and as a result, better enjoy the game of golf. My bullet D suggestion for Kirby12 was based on my opinion that he could attain a more repeatable backswing if he allowed momentum to naturally carry his arms and club to the top. I acquire my golf knowledge from extensive study and analysis from over the years. If you want to know more about me, please refer to my Sand Trap profile. Yes, if the club,
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  2. The Tour Championship is the only event airing on network television. In the comparing ratings battle, it's already won.
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  3. My goal when it comes to approach is to chip my ball within 3 ft of the hole (a la Phil). And of course single putt my way out. This should be an expectation of someone wanting to improve their game. You have to be confident in your short game to get you up an down the greens. I spend a large part of my time at the range practicing my short game, and putt a lot in my house (and the range). Focus on a consistent stroke and plant your chips in a three feet circle around the hole (start with 6 for a wider range). Then work your putting from 15ft - 12ft - 9ft - 6ft - 3 ft. This gives you a
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  4. If chunky, middle aged, and don't look like 30 lbs lighter and 20 years ago they were any more attractive is your definition of golf hotties, then you got me...
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    • Last night I had a 21 mile bike ride and, for the first time in a decade, I had a bike ride that wasn't basically flat and for which I didn't have to get off the bike to walk up a hill (I had to walk across one intersection because I haven't quite figured out how to stay on a bike at a red light and I didn't get on fast enough where I felt I would make it across).  There are still some routes in my area that I'm building up to. This morning, barbell exercises.  I evidently reduced my bench press from my last post?   Anyway, 3x8x115 lbs for squats (will increase to 125 lbs next time), 2x4x205 for deadlift (my goal is to build to an iteration of 1x6 before increasing weight), and 3x6x125 bench press (goal of 3x8x125 before increasing to 135). This morning's weigh-in (pre-exercise, also pre-eating today) was 159.5 lbs, down from 170 lbs mid-June.  Last two rounds of golf averaged 208 with driver despite some less-than-stellar pokes being averaged into there.  Weight and golf scores down, driving distance up, I need to write that next to the squat rack for next time I ask myself if I really want to do that lift today.
    • Really good Podcast on validity of the vaccine, and the non validity of those spouting praise for Ivermectin when the data is highly suspect.         
    • Good days please come more often Everybody's in the streets out coughin' Smog in the air gonna send you to your coffin Plastic everywhere down there with the dolphins Everybody was born to a Momma So everybody is connected like karma So disconnect yourself from the drama Everybody's trynna heal like trauma
    • Looks like a great feature, but unfortunately at the moment they don't have any courses near me that it will work on. I contacted them through the app asking if they had a current list of all supported courses. I got an immediate response stating they don't have a list available. 
    • Gringo, with Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried and a bunch of nobodies. Bogey. It was an okay use of time, with some "capers" and "escapades" and the ending was perfectly satisfying, but… meh. It was just fine.
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