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  1. If an Open winner slept with my wife I'd only be upset if she didn't get me an autograph. (He'd probably birdie THAT hole, too.)
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  2. The key is to find clubs you like and hit well. I have followed posts here and on some other forums and it seems everyone has their personal preference (usually whatever they are playing at the time they post). I've seen posts that say Mizuno's are like "butter" and then someone else will say X-Forged or X-Prototypes are then the Titleist guys jump in. One thing I've learned for myself is that I don't like big SGI irons and I don't aim them as well as GI iron or what some might consider players irons. I foolishly let the sales guy talk me into the Diablo Edges when I knew during fitting th
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  3. Just to throw out my experience..... my Callaway X-22's were $78 a club. My Maltby TE Forged irons cost $32 a club (add $4.42/club if I were to have bought grips). The KE4's were $25/club with GP Tour Velvet grips. Yes (with the exception of wedges and putter..... for now), see my sig. Also consider a gently used set of heads that can be shafted and bent (if necessary) to your needs. If they aren't beat up badly, they can be buffed and polished and cleaned up to look practically new in most cases.
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  4. First ERIK , then MV and now MARIO ? You guys are ROCKIN it !!! You have my full attention... Kevin
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  5. I have one and love it. (rescue 11). have had hybrids in the bag since the hogan cft came out, haven't carried a 3 iron in god knows how long and haven't carried a 4 iron for probably 4 years either.
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  7. Just ran across this online and thought I'd post here. Good info
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