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  1. There are clearly two groups of golfers. The tournament guys (obviously, many of which are present here) - who are very serious & follow the rules to the T. And you have the infrequent, casual golfers who bend the rules and don't take it particularly seriously. I'm learning the game & more often than not, don't even score my round - I'm just working on all the various shots that comprise this great game, rather than focus on scoring. To me, scoring becomes an exercise in frustration at the stage I'm at. With all the time I'm putting into golf, I expect my game to progress & then scoring will become more important & like everything else I do, I'll play by the rules...
  2. ^^ Excellent post. It was stated earlier in this thread that golf really needs to be more 'friendly' as to entice new players. If a new player that can't break 120 is also saddled with playing it down & enforcing every rule in the book, it's too much. It's like asking a third grader to know calculus. And they'll quit. I'm not saying that rules should be optional...well, actually, I guess I am. To beginners or poor players, let them do whatever they want within reason - roll the ball, drop one at the OB stake, whatever. As they progress & play the game more, they'll learn the rules. But in the beginning, keep it as fun and enjoyable as possible. To me, the 'greater good' is being addressed if new players come away with their experience being fun as opposed to draconian.
  3. No - I do agree with you. That's why I only quoted the first bit. Sorry if it seemed out of context. I know that you followed up from that first bit. My beef with "rules" and people being accused of being "rules nazis" is very simple, and I've stated it many times in various threads. If you are not playing by the rules, you simply don't score. You should not be saying you had such and such a score. You are just having a hit. And when someone says "What did you score?", you say - "Oh I'm only learning. I'm not at that stage yet." It honestly makes no sense to me for someone to say they had 89 but didn't count an OB or were giving themselves good lies.
  4. I don't agree with that. No one is going to be demanding that people call penalties on a beginner if they think their ball may have moved one millimetre at adress in the rough, but what beginners need to know is that a score is not just an arbitrary number that you make up on every hole. New players need to understand that a score of 89 or 99 or 79 is totally illigitemate if they don't know and follow simple rules such as OB, that there is no such thing as a mulligan and that you play the ball as it lies. (See above post).
  5. First off, they're rarely more than $0-$5 more, and are almost never $10 except when someone's liquidating old balls or something. That's your opinion. The problem is you're stating it like it's a fact. So here, I'll "prove" it to you: for my game, and for Dave Wedzik's game (on this I can speak for him), no other ball has the best combination of spin, feel, distance, trajectory, and control as the Pro V1x. But that's not "proof" and nobody can offer "proof" because it's all opinion. Duh. It's also not priced head and shoulders above other premium balls.
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