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  1. BigEasy- Question: If your drive was on the fairway a foot from the rough, would you walk it out another 50-60 yards and keep it in the fairway or would it be in the rough because you based it on the line/angle the ball was travelling. Put another way if you are off 3.33% on a 230 yard shot, it should be 23 feet off line, but 300 yard shot would be 30 feet off line
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  2. I think by the third ball the whole thing had become a joke and the crowd's reaction was not unjust. 2 years ago he was playing bad, got the shits up and walked off during the PGA in QLD, so this is a repeat offence on the Australian tour, that's why his invitations were withdrawn to any other tournaments. A few weeks ago in Europe he was on the bad side of a rules blunder, cracked the shits and walked off. As for playing out of the wrong bunker, I think the green is somewhat blind from the tee, and Jon or his caddy probably couldn't have seen where his ball went. I love the com
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  3. Luke's brother. Was also a good golfer and is now a pro caddie. Carried the bag for Luke and Paul Casey and currently works for Martin Kaymer.
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  4. I will say this much as I put the finishing touches on our review: this may be one of the most amazing pieces of technology to come out in the past ten years. Seriously. Everything people are saying about it is true. It won't make a bad shot good, but it'll make an average shot pretty good and a good shot really good and great shots even better.
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  5. I once told a rules Nazi that following the rules is OK But only if we add one local rule: Calling a wrong rule or misapplication of the rules results in forfeiture of the match and a $100 penalty. He dropped the subject.
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  6. Quote: Nah, the rules of golf are open to any revision a person wants to make as long as they aren't using their revisions to gain an advantage in competitive play. After all it's their considerable time & money they are using to play the sport. There are plenty of players who keep a handicap without ever participating in formal events. Just because you want to play even 'friendly' rounds to the complete letter of the rules does not mean they want to. They are free to play however they see fit. Even if you are paying their golf expenses they are still free to play as they see fit.
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  7. I was at Bandon earlier this month. Here's a link to report and photo tour of the courses. (Scroll down on the linked page if you want to skip staright to the photos) http://golfcourses.weebly.com/bandon-dunes-resort-bandon-oregon.html
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    • 6:00 am morning workout 30 mins elliptical machine intervals moderate 15 minutes indoor rowing intervals   12:00 pm lunch break workout 30 mins elliptical machine intervals reverse 10 minute stretching routine   5:00 pm workout Circuit weight training 2x15 15 minutes indoor spinning cool down. I am playing 9 hole of golf tomorrow after work
    • Day 205: I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes work between rain showers. Just focused on transition feels and center face contact.
    • Yes, eventually you learn when to do it in order not to slow down play and still get it done without feeling hurried. I walk fast am am usually the first to the green many times, so that helps too. And by pacing, I simply walk to the pin and multiply by 3 ft/pace. Just in case anyone thinks otherwise. 
    • I did, too, but now they’re apparently trying to walk it back and scrambling to save face.   Deservedly so. Wilson should have gotten one, too, and suspended.   Just to play a little devil’s advocate, could their line of thinking be to hire these types of guys because they “understand” how to be rough without crossing the line? Or that they understand the difference between being physical and having intent to injure? Not saying I agree with it or believe it, but I’m just trying to see it from a different perspective.
    • I estimate first putt length. When I first took AimPoint, we practiced estimating distance because it was part of the mid-read technique. It’s pretty easy once you break the putt into sections visually. 
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